Everyone's favorite bean curd is back in Tofu 2 with new levels and more!

By Kerri Neill on 6 Apr 2012 05:47 pm EDT
I first fell in love with the Tofu game by HotGen Limited back in October of last year. Now with the release of Tofu 2, we get 100 new levels and some other really fun features.

My kids and I fought over my PlayBook once I introduced them to Tofu. We’ve all had some grand times slinging that little piece of curd all over the place. Since beating the game we’ve all been a little sad. Unlike most games where the developer release an update with new levels, ToFu 2 is a game itself. With the release of this sequel (which I only discovered by accident) and the great additions, my family and I are all happily flinging Tofu on a daily basis.

Super Ping

ToFu 2 is all about the Super Ping. With all new levels and fun extravagant costumes, our little hero is back and ready for action! You can customize Tofu’s look as well as his Dojo with fun themes.

Golden ToFu

Another added extra it the “Golden To-Fu”. This is available for use every 4 hours by simply pausing the game when you’re stuck on a level. Also included in the game is a special Halloween edition with 5 extra levels, Halloween costumes and themes.

ToFu 2 is available for $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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So are these 100 levels in addition to the existing levels or are they replacing the existing levels?

Michelle Haag

"Unlike most games where the developer release an update with new levels, ToFu 2 is a game itself."

It's a new game, so neither really. :)


I think he's just wondering because this game has been out for a while now... Its not really new


Lol, I was thinking the same thing when I saw this article. I was like, "dude, Tofu 2 has been out for months..."


Old game with new level, isnt it?


100 of them according to the article. ;)