Evernote updated to include support for BlackBerry 6 devices

By Bla1ze on 5 Nov 2010 05:27 pm EDT

One of my favorite, albeit basic apps for BlackBerry just got a nice little update. Evernote now sits at version 3.0.271 and the biggest change within the app is that it now fully supports a wide array of OS' including BlackBerry 6. Personally, I use Evernote for a lot of things. Keeping track of URL's, note taking, voice memos and just simple reminders. If you find yourself torn between stuff on your BlackBerry and stuff on your PC/Mac then maybe give Evernote a try and see just how easy it works.

Source: Evernote Blog

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Evernote updated to include support for BlackBerry 6 devices


That version shows in App World as released 04.11.2010. So is this November 4 or April 11? I've already tried Evernote a month ago on my Torch. It looked fine at first and seemed to use the touch screen without any trouble, and then when I tried to use one or other feature it froze my BlackBerry.

Curious whether this is really a new update.

** UPDATE ** I just checked a few other apps in App World and it does appear to be showing the date in DD.MM.YYYY format, so I guess it's new. I may actually try it again.

BlackBerry 6 support had been added before to Evernote. I know this as I closely monitored the development progress. Difference now is that development is nearing a stable prerelease, which is why the version at App World was updated to the current version available directly from Evernote. To check out what has changed and some more in depth stuff related to Evernote development (I warn you of some technical jargon), go check out the Evernote User Forum: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=46


Can anyone here send me the Evernote COD files or OTA link ? I can't download it from appworld because i am in an unsupported country :(


Just downloaded 3.0.271 from App World and doesn't seem to support touch screen (Torch OS6) within the note for panning around. Though touch screen works in the list of notes.

I use notes several times a day, this was a great idea for an app, I'm sure everyone will enjoy keeping notes on their berry on a shinier interface :D

Just a quick, un-related comment. Look how much sleeker the Torch looks with that lighting (I'm almost sure that was intentional).

The Torch would have looked awesome with a black trim like the 9780.