Evernote updated again to remove dark theme

By Bla1ze on 13 Aug 2014 04:26 pm EDT

In what is probably the fastest turn around for a BlackBerry app in BlackBerry World, Evernote has updated once again. This time it arrives as v5.3.1.469 and really only serves one purpose. It removes the dark theme that the app was given two days ago. If you weren't pleased with it, never updated or sideloaded a previous version, it's safe to update to the latest now and take advantage of the bug fixes that were included previously.

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Evernote updated again to remove dark theme


I haven't had a chance to download the update but the other day people were complaining that it was very hard to read the fonts with the dark theme enabled

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As long as we have a choice to either use the dark theme or go back to the original. That would have been the better approach IMO.

I hadn’t downloaded the first update after seeing everyone in an uproar but it must have been pretty bad as it seems like they completely removed it altogether. I wanted to see what all the fuss looked like but the option is nowhere to be found.
In a very minor gripe, I did prefer the old shade of green used in the headers. It was more vibrant and just looked sharp. Just my opinion though.

IMO it was too dark. I was not able to easily read my notes. It would have been better in a charcoal grey background with black lettering and ability to customize the intensity and colors.

I would love to see a return of the dark theme, but with white fonts instead of grey. IMO the black background is great; it's just that the grey font made reading difficult.

In theory, nothing. In practice, it made everything absolutely unreadable.

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The problem was not with the background, but with the font colour. There was not enough contrast and that made it hard to read.

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Damn, that was fast... Honestly, guys, for those of you who use this app, what is it good for (I assume most of you are familiar with the BlackBerry calendar and the Remember app) ?

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Desktop sync is the key here. And cross platform, and available anywhere. On your phone, work PC, home etc. Being able to start, stop etc any time anywhere is why I use it over remember. I use remember for personal things that I keep solely on my phone.

Desktop sync and larger documents than simple notes. I use a combination of Evernote and Remember, and Corky Notes for quick things

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Let me give you an example of how I use it.

I want to cook something, so I go online, search for a recipe. I use the clipper extension for firefox to highlight the bits of the recipe that are important and save it to my Evernote cloud account. A couple of hours later, once I'm ready to start cooking, I pull out my phone in the kitchen and the recipe is right there in Evernote on my phone. It's also available on my PC. And it's still there (automatically tagged in the recipes category I added since Evernote is smart enough to figure out that's what it is) a few months later if I decide to cook the same thing again.

Yes, I could do that with a browser and bookmarks or some other combination of notes but Evernote allows me to only have the bits of the webpage I actually want on my phone with all the other bits removed with the greatest ease.

I use Evernote the same way. One of my favorite apps that gets a LOT of use.

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It's great for adding to notes, reading etc online. When doing a larger project I'll log in from laptop and create larger notes from there. Can't do that with Remember.

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I still have the 2 day old version. The notes are black letters on white background. The landing page background is black, the letters are very light grey, very hard to read.

Don't update if you want a proper active frame on Q10...The new one is (still) a mess!

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Whatever happened to giving users the option to change themes? I'm sure plenty of users are okay with a Dark option, it's just that the complainers are always more vocal.

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I agree with this. Using an LED screen it only makes sense to want the option for a dark theme. Is Evernote paying for the battery when it no longer charges in my Z30? No. Granted I don't really use the app, but I love options.

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I provided a screen capture and communicated with EN with the issue. Wonderful fast response from them. +1

Looking for the update now.

From my Z30...Awesome!

That's the whole point of this update... it was an accident that the dark theme was enables.


Really? Over a theme?
Granted I haven't used it in a while as I've been using remember lately. But no dark theme wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.

Also, I didn't have a chance to download the update but I read people were saying it was very hard to read. Grey text on black. Hopefully they're Just waiting and going to re-release it with the black theme again when they fix it.

Though not a deal breaker, options are very nice.

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Perhaps it was in violation of legislation is certain jurisdictions? Grey text on a black background wouldn't pass an AODA audit here in Ontario.

Why couldn't they just fix the dark theme instead of removing it & give us the option for light or dark theme? Having a well made dark theme is fantastic on my Q10.

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I like it and am going to keep it, but I just figured out why. I run the dark theme with tweet deck on my laptop's second screen all day so I guess I'm used to it.


It was horrible. Glad they reacted fast. How could QA testing not see it was difficult to see text?

I only use it to replace Google Keep since I migrated back to BB from Android. If Blackberry Blend ends up being a similar "cloud service" for notes/calendar, then I'll have no need for Evernote either.

Bad implementation. I was expecting a settings option to switch between the two. Glad it's back to normal though

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I wish that Evernote would fix the startup time for the app. It takes a long time to load up. I was hoping this last update would fix that.

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I keep saying that BlackBerry needs a bright, dark, AND a grey theme. The grey is in tune with the current trend, and provides a very neutral and eye strain reduction.

BB, how about a slide bar that goes from white to black, and let us decide!?

Well done putting up the update that fast. I love the dark theme for both CB app and the blackberry theme. But the one on the Evernote app was aweful; looked incomplete. If they put some more effort into it, I'm sure it will be awesome.

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Much better. Thank you team Evernote. Sometimes some apps just aren't meant for dark themes. Functionality over aesthetics all the time. Now it's functional again. The done button properly displays and the unreadable light grey on black home page is gone.

Personally when I use an app in which I extensively type in I like to have the white background. Not that the flawed update didn't have a white background in the main note entry screen but the home screen with the list of notes was un readable.

Thanks again Evernote team. Sometimes beat to leave good enough alone.

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Great - they can work on features like "dark theme", but still can't make the application work though a http proxy server, while on WIFI. Really!!??

Glad they quickly pulled it. I'm sure that another update will be coming soon with the fix and possibly the opportunity to choose.

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