Evernote rolls out a small update for their BlackBerry 10 app that fixes a big problem

By Bla1ze on 25 Oct 2013 04:07 am EDT

Although the majority of folks out there have been using Evernote on BlackBerry 10 without any issues, a small number of users have had problems logging into the app in order to even use it all. After finally hunting down the bug, Evernote has now rolled a small update that should fix the issue for those who may have been experiencing it. The update is live in BlackBerry World right now and readily available for download.

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Evernote rolls out a small update for their BlackBerry 10 app that fixes a big problem


Evernote was working for me.
Nice to see that update are coming quickly for fixing bugs, many will appreciate.

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Thanks, I can now take notes... I was concerned: Log in worked, then freezed.
Now everyth is ok!

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Let's start a new community challenge call "Beat the First".

Rules are easy, simply post something valuable related to the subject before someone post the "First thing".

-> You'll be a champion!

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I DO enjoy people posting First and seeing the reaction :)

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Although a good idea, it will likely just encourage the "Firsters". There are many annoying things in life that I simply choose to ignore and move on, "First" comments make that list (and they're rather far down on the list of annoying things, I must say).

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I've had an issue with my notes not fully showing. The first line shows but the next few lines don't. Anyone have any similar issues? :/

Don't use it. Suppose I should start. But I only use this smart phone to search Porn. Oh my did I say Porn? I meant crackberry. Lol. I don't even make calls from it. I prefer wired lines. Let the spies spy on me properly :).

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I just wish you could choose fonts when making notes. Evernote for Mac has a different font that Evernote for BB10 and it drives me nuts!

I deleted Evernote because of that bug, so I may give it a try

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I am still trying to find the advantages (differences) between Evernote and Remember. I have used Remember much more than Evernote. Maybe my learning curve is somewhat left behind,

I like the Remember / Evernote sync then use my PC Evernote to manage the rest, but the app is nice

I have an odd issue where only some characters show up on some notes in the BlackBerry z 10 app, but the note will display properly in "Remember " and every other interface. Just a text note too with a standard font. Was hoping this update would fix it, but Evernote seems to be proactive with BlackBerry 10! Should be resolved in the next update!

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They even added the 2-part authentication code prompt. This is the first BB10 app I've seen that actually deals with 2-part authentication properly. Good job Evernote.

I deleted the app due to login probz, I might have to try the hype and download it once again...

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It's a notepad where you can store text, pictures, PDFs, Office docs, etc... in a Cloud. Then they are available anywhere you have a client. Create a note on your BB10 and have it available on your computer, tablet, etc...

I could indeed not log in and therefore not try it at all. I'll reinstall just to see why so many people love this app.

Good to hear! I moved back to using Remember, but if I ever decide to use the native Evernote again...

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The Evernote app wiped out 90% of the content in my most important note. I have no idea how. I opened that note to see it almost entirely blank. I was hecka angry. It had important info. I complained to them and they gave me one week of Premium for free. Did not have any problem like that when accessing mt notes via Remember.

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