Evernote Now Available For BlackBerry Curve 83XX Series

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2009 08:21 am EDT
Evernote Now Available For The BlackBerry Curve 83XX Series

We covered the intial launch of Evernote on the Bold, Storm and 8900 series devices and Evernote left us with the promise that older devices would indeed, soon be supported. A few upgrades later,a few kinks worked out within BlackBerry App World and we now have a compatible version for ALL 83XX Series devices. Be sure to check it out via BlackBerry App World or direct from the Evernote website.

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Evernote Now Available For BlackBerry Curve 83XX Series


I just tried the OTA download for my VZW 8130 and it works great. The connection time on the Pearl is very quick and the communication to the website is equally fast.

I like it so far.

I tried to find it (search in App World), but can't find it. Is it possible it's not available in Canada yet?

It doesn't work for me. It keeps trying to authenticate, but nothing happens. Permissions and APN are set, but still nothing.

I still can't find EverNote for the Bold in AppWorld. Is it supposed to update the list of available apps on it's own or am I missing something here?

I downloaded it from App World and it is up and running fine for me...I'm using an 8330 (Verizon).

This will become one of your favorite apps...I've been using the web-based version on my MacBook for quite sometime and having synchronization with my Berry is gonna make it even better!

got it a while ago for my 8330. pretty smart idea. i like how it uploads to account on evernote and can access that. pretty sweeeet. would be kewl to make a note on pc and access it on phone.

I use Evernote on my MacBook Pro, my Thinkpad, my iPhone (it is a business issue) and I have been aching for EN for my blackberry. Hurrrah! But I can't seem to get it to work. I always get the error message " Error communicating with Evernote servers: HTTP response code:403".

Any ideas?