Evernote finally comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 8 Sep 2011 01:31 pm EDT
I know a lot of people have been anxiously waiting for this app to come to the BlackBerry PlayBook, and it has finally released today. Evernote is a really popular app for BlackBerry and other platforms, that allows you to take notes, save voice recordings, pictures, and more and sync them from your smartphone to computer or other devices. Everything is kept in one place, and one of the coolest features is that all the bits are searchable, so you'll never lose that important piece of info again. Best of all Evernote is free!

There are tons of ways to use Evernote for your personal and professional life. Here are some ideas:

  • For research and class notes
  • For client and sales meetings
  • To stay in-sync with your desktop notes, web clips, and files
  • To snap photos of whiteboards and business cards
  • As part of your GTD system to help you stay organized
  • To record quick voice memos
  • Share an account with your spouse to keep shopping lists and more up-to-date
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Reader comments

Evernote finally comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


Sweet! It's about time! The other ones like it that I've tried have either nice layouts, but missing features, both or just something else that doesn't work.

This is good news. One app down, just a few to go and I will be a PlayBook owner once again. No hurry, however, as I still have to wait for AT&T to get the 9900. Ungh.

Save your money... I guess I'm the only one that's dissapointed... 99% of the apps on this thing are pointless...

Why the heck would you buy a PB if apps are what's important for you? Go try an iPad and be locked down to iTunes for everything and you'll be crawling back to the PB.

I have an iPad, I'm not saying the grass is greener on the other side, per say, all I'm expressing is my frustration. I do think its cooler than the iPad (if they can get it to function as intended). We don't even have fantasy football support from yahoo! Lol, but its alright, the playbook handles the site well as it can handle Flash.

"99% of the apps on this thing are pointless..." for you, 99% of the apps on this thing are pointless for you.

thanks for sharing though.

i have my playbook since it was released and im really patient on it speciali that i moved from an ipad, and till now thats the first app that become available from my wish list

Haha, you and I are on the same boat... I love my blackberry, but the playbook is sucking. I guess I'm just really dissapointed because I thought it was going to be the coolest toy ever, hah. Bridge, looks Fn awesome on paper, but man does it blow! Bbming sucks, email is sluggish... The only part that is alright is bridged browser, but even then... The tablet doesn't even have native apps like bbm, email, or freakin twitter... No skype, nor netflix... I guess when I get the verizon 9850, my playbook will become absolete. Ok, enough bickering, *end scene*

Pity...I lost patience and went on to Upvise - the sync on that baby across all my devices is almost instantaneous! This PB version looks well made though....

Am i doing something wrong. None of the notes i make will save. When i hit save it just has a loading circle and wont move beyond that.

Nope, the same for me see above.

Hopefully they will update soon, not good for the PB but similarly embarrasing for evernote I would think.

Too bad, I have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 would have loved to have used this product.

I have been waiting for this, one of the essential apps to really make the PB a productive tool, unfortunately, is it just me or is there no offline access, this would be a major shortfall!

I just downloaded it. Tried saving a picture and a note, and they both saved fine. However, it takes excessively long before it saves.... I wonder if it has to connect anywhere to the internet to save? I get the spinning circle for at least like 25 seconds before it saves, so maybe you need to be patient. Still, that's not acceptable. It needs to save instantly.

Aggreeded. But i still can't save a note even after waiting for more than a minute! Should go back to Bridged MemoPad till Evernote has straightened it's thoughts. LOL :D

Maybe Evernote should also add in an auto sync/save in the background to improve the saving speed.
Plus IMHO, my friend's iPad's Evernote interface looks way much cooler than our PBs.

UPdate. I got it to save at home, but still not saving at work, although I am logged in to it at work.

Maybe there is something to do with security of the network??? Anyway they need to fix it, soon. I want to take notes at work not at home.

True for me too. This gives a good work around since I just need to save some template memos before meetings. However I do hope the bug is fixed.

I have contacted Evernote support and they confirmed that there is a bug in their software that prevents saving a new note.