Evernote for BlackBerry updated to v3.5.407

Evernote for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 14 May 2012 03:25 pm EDT
Evernote is one of the CrackBerry staff's favorite apps, and it's really no wonder why. It's versatile, easy to use, and cross platform syncing ensures that you'll always have your stuff when you need it, no matter what device you're on. Evernote also receives fairly frequent updates, and today's update brings the BlackBerry app to v3.5.407. While not a huge jump from the last version, this one does have a couple of important fixes.
  • Fix issue with BES blocking any connection
  • Fix issue on note loading blocking syncing

Make sure if you have the app installed on your BlackBerry you head over to App World and grab the update. And if you aren't currently an Evernote user, you can use the link below to rectify that.

More information/download Evernote for BlackBerry

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Reader comments

Evernote for BlackBerry updated to v3.5.407


The cover is very cool! lol but id like to comment on the lack of support for the playbook. Please evernote hook the playbook app up.

appreciate or look beyond the skin's awesome art covering the elegant 9900's housing. It's hot.

Don't judge anything by it's skin/cover. If you do, maybe it's your personality.

Evernote is brilliant, but please don't make us wait for BB10 to have it functional on the PB! I think the developer should take advantage of the support RIM is now offering.

What would be cool is to make the entire cover area part of the screen so that when you make a change to, lets say the wallpaper, then the whole front changes with it. Then you wouldn't have a need for a skin. Now that would be great! How about it RIM? Let's take the 9930 and 9900 physical keyboard style to the next level. Make the entire front cover part of the screen......

Ditto for wanting them to update the Playbook app. It hasn't been usable since OS2 updated the keyboard, and at that point my use of Evernote has dropped to almost zero. It was extremely useful to be able to make notes on my PB and have them on hand whenever I needed them. There's no good excuse for this, most of the other developers seemed to manage the transition just fine.

Side loading the Android App isn't a good enough solution. It was pretty unstable for me, so I stopped trying. And their web app doesn't seem to get along with the PB browser any more either. I'm looking for better cross-platform note taking at the moment.

Sideload the Android version to the PlayBook. Not perfect, but it does work for most notes functions. Will tide you over till the Evermonsters give us the workable native app.

Maybe these new api's coming out in 2.1 will make the android version alot better...who am i kidding i want the native app!!! Evernote plz fixxxxxx!!!!

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