Evernote for BlackBerry updated to v3.3.342 bringing offline notes, better sync and much more

By Michelle Haag on 18 Oct 2011 07:23 pm EDT
Evernote for BlackBerry
I'm super excited that Evernote has just announced a bunch of awesome updates for the BlackBerry app. I just started using Evernote on my BlackBerry, PlayBook and computer, and it's helping me stay organized like never before. This update brings a ton of speed and some super cool new features.

When you launch the app on your BlackBerry, the first thing it's going to do is a Sync, pulling down thumbnails and basic info about your notes (titles, tags, etc). This allows you to browse your note list, even when offline. Since more of the note content will be stored on your device, browsing and opening notes is way faster now.

A feature that was missing all this time is the ability to create notes without a network connection. Now you can do just that, creating new notes with text, audio, and photos. Evernote will pin these to the top of your note list and mark them as pending. Once you are connected to the network again, they will sync to your account like normal. Another part of this, once you create or view a note on your device, it is stored locally, so you may view it again, even offline.

More app enhancements include:
  • Better Sync: Exiting the application during sync will pause the sync. It will pick up where it left off when you return.
  • Attach any file type: Free and Premium users can add any file stored on the device or SD card (as long as it falls under the size restrictions) to a note.
  • Better use of the SD card: Evernote makes better use of the SD card so that you can store more and retrieve things faster.
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Evernote for BlackBerry updated to v3.3.342 bringing offline notes, better sync and much more


Wouldn't it be easier to just use the notes, tasks, and calendar already built in the BB and sync to mic outlook? That helps me a TON for work...(Has saved me countless times) I'm happy with this method, but I'll give this a shot.

For personal users, EverNote is great if you like to edit a note on the computer and automatically sync to the note pad. This is much easier to work sync with than the Outlook. Also there are additional options in here that is not available in regular built in native app.

I never used this app before but now I am going to try it out.

The native apps work with flying colors... I have my BB connected to my work laptop all the time in order to keep it charging and its on autosync so anything I enter on mic outlook, its synced with my phone and vice versa... But I'll check this app out for kicks

LegenJERRY, we're not talking tasks and appointments. There are browser extensions and the ability to email info to your Evernote account. So, you can copy info off the web and have it accessible anywhere. You can email info to your account so that it's available on the work laptop you don't have with you on vacation. You can make notes on your phone and have them equally accessible there, on your laptop, on your tablet or log into your account on your boss's computer so he can see what you included. All without having to transfer that data to each device or do a broadcast email, because the info is available wherever you want it, on as many devices as you want, simultaneously.

Excellent app. I've been using it for several years across several different platforms. I'm really looking forward to any improvements this update brings to my 9650 version.

Unfortunately App World does not have the update showing for me yet :(

This might solve my annoyance with Evernote. I abandoned using it as my note-taking option for PlayBook because it would just have the green spinning circle for a while when I tried to save. I ended up just having to close the app after over half an hour of nothing. Presumably in those instances it wasn't connecting to the network well so if it can save offline now, problem solved.

Ya it really is a great program. I used to live by the memo and tasks but this is amazing for the remote syncing and the multi-media support. I love being able to take voice notes or photos and have them as part of the notes. On the run being able to take a picture and comment on it and come back later. The offline notes was the missing piece for sure. The app should be near perfect now.

Sometimes you need to reset your AppWorld cache. You need to press alt "rst" (without the quotes) while in the MyWorld portion of AppWorld, restart AppWorld and log back into your ID and it will show up.

If you check App World online (on a pc), it shows up, and it is indeed the full release. Connect your phone to the pc and you can update the application that way.

And yes, it appears - so far - to work much better (on my 9650, that is)!

@rasball4 Had the same problem with the playbook version. Disabling GPS in the application permissions fixed it.

While EN don't always get every build right. Really like the amount of constant development that is done to try and improve the product. This latest version is much better than previous versions. Still finding some bugs in the way that it syncs notes though.

There are a number of EN developers posting on Evernote forums frequently. Found if you provide feedback about bugs or feature suggestions they will try and implement them into future builds.

I use Evernote for both business and personal use, I'd be lost without it!