Evernote for BlackBerry updated

Evernote for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 22 Feb 2011 02:01 pm EST

Evernote for BlackBerry has received a pretty big update. The app now resides at version 3.1.286 and along with some tweaks it sports a fancy new overhauled UI. The homescreen is much cleaner now and way easier to navigate. Premium users can now attach files to notes as well which is a huge bonues. The app now has a more powerful search as well as some bug fixes and enhancements. Evernote is free to use (a premium subscription is available as well) and is definitely a great app to have across all platforms. Check more at the Evernote Blog and download from the link below.

More information/download of Evernote for BlackBerry

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Evernote for BlackBerry updated


Can't download. When I sign into Evernote, it won't let me log in.
Last week, I downloaded the last update and it froze up my Blackberry email.

I think they need to get the bugs out of this before they release updates.

Based on the user reviews, this sounds like a horrible experience. Too bad, because people on "other devices" praise Evernote.

I use it and love it. I've used many of the various note-taking apps out there, and I do think this one is quite good. Others have reported on this in the past, but I would say the Evernote BB app does need local/on device access - meaning, the notes need to be stored on the device itself rather than in the cloud. Offline access in other words. There are reasons for and against this, but I would ask the fine folks for offline access - their Android app has this, and perhaps their iPhone app as well, so let's bring it to BB, Evernoters!

I love this app and it has never given me any problem at all. Must have for those who like to be organize .

While I use Evernote on Windows, Mac, and iPad, it runs very slowly on my Torch. Takes forever to authenticate and then takes more time to get access to your notes. You should have the option to store your notes on your blackberry to speed things up.

Have been very frustrated trying to use Evernote on my bb bold 9700. It takes too long to load and authenticate. I can't edit notes, only append them. And it frequently crashes and locks up the blackberry.

It is also quite stingy on the amount of notespace that you are given. I've only created 2 notes and I've used 20%. Bit silly.

I have OS6 and have tried the latest versions that this link offers.

I'm now fed up and looking for an alternative