Evernote for BlackBerry smartphones updated with bug fixes

By James Richardson on 7 Nov 2012 01:54 pm EST

It seems that the popular application Evernote for BlackBerry smartphones has received a small update in the last day or so to version 3.5.423. I'm not seeing the update just yet in the UK but I'm sure it will prompt users later in the day. While the changes in the update seem to only be bug fixes it always gives us BlackBerry users a good feeling when we see an app get updated - or is that just me?

If you missed our article some time ago why you should use Evernote it well worth reading. The features within the app are quite outstanding and with the application syncing between the BlackBerry smartphone, PC/Mac and PlayBook it has to be the best note taking app on the market - although it does so much more.

You can grab the download below and if it is still showing as version 3.5.419 just be patient and the update will hit you soon. If you haven't given Evernote a try before I would highly recommend you do. It's kind of addictive.

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Reader comments

Evernote for BlackBerry smartphones updated with bug fixes


Got an update notification on my 9700 yesterday arvo (Wed, Aus).

Dowloaded and installed no probs ... and subsequent walkthrough no probs either.

I had a problem editing a note the other day that I share with my wife that has an iPhone. She could edit on her phone, but I couldn't on my 9930. I was the one that made the note originally too. Hopefully this fixes that bug.