Evernote For BlackBerry Released

By Bla1ze on 12 May 2009 07:26 am EDT
Evernote For BlackBerry Released!!

Here is a great application that has been used on many other platforms and finally is now available on select BlackBerry devices. Evernote allows you to create notes containing text, snapshots, voice recordings, and file attachments. Once created, the new content is automatically sent to the Evernote Service, making it available across all the versions of Evernote that you use. You can also access your existing notes, search by keywords, filter by tags and notebooks, or simply browse.

Evernote is one of those applications that if you are a person that needs to keep track of a lot of different resources, then it is a must have. If you are new to the Evernote service be sure to check out their full line of videos and tutorials on example usage to get a better feel for how Evernote can help you. Currently available for BlackBerry Bold, Storm and 8900 devices through BlackBerry App World, Evernote has stated more devices will be supported soon.

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Evernote For BlackBerry Released


Followed the links. Caused me to download App Store again. So updated that software. Evernote is not in App World yet.

The fine print explains why you can't find this in the app store. It is only for devices running 4.6 and higher. The app store knows what you are running, so it is excluded from searches if you don't have the appropriate OS.
I have been using evernote with my Curve 8310 running 4.5 by bookmarking the web page and putting my evernote email into my address book so I can send anything I want there. I'd like the cool icons and all, but I am pretty much doing the same stuff manually. It's Fantastic software. I LOVE it.

Finally showed up last night in the App World (I have a Storm) and have been experimenting with it.

I love that I can do stuff right from the app, but some of the very first few things I did took me straight to just a plain old BB Browser page :(

I know this is the first version of the app, but the BB Browser is slow and awkward to use, I hope for v2 they write these parts of the Evernote experience INTO the application.

That said, I love the Evernote service and am happy they did release a BB client!

I just downloaded and installed from App World with no problem. After first run, program upgraded from 3.0.141 to 3.0.145

The desktop & web based bits work fine but when I try to use it on the Storm it goes to the BB Browser 'Requesting...' page and then fails to get a connection. Anyone got any idea why?

I wonder how I can download it without Appworld. They don't offer Appworld in The Netherlands yet...

Why limit the release of an app to a limited number of potencial users!? You want traffic for your app then let us dl it from your site, there is no Appworld coverage for Europe and Asia, and no sign that there will be any time soon...grrrr

Could someone really really smart give me a valid reason why BlackBerry limits Blackberry World App to US/UK/Canada? It's like Apple iTunes store only wants to sell to Anglo Saxon music lovers... And could BlackBerry perhpas tell me why they named their service BlackBerry "World" App?

I found out I couldn't view or edit saved notes via the app. I have to go to the mobile site which requires JavaScript which I like to turn off because it slows the BB browser down. The app is really just a portal to their mobile site, not worth it IMO.

i have a bold and cant find it in app world by searching for it and i cant find it when looking through some of the categories!
is this a usa only app?> is app world different for the uk?

what category is it in so i can find it??

Got it installed but keep getting connection errors to the server both over WiFi and AT&T 3G on my Bold. Anyone else getting this?

Sucks that 8330 users don't get love. Supposedly they are working on it but I'm sure it won't work the same until we get a 4.6 update leaked!

Won't load, even after a battery pull. Crashes with:

"Error starting Evernote: Error loading module 'Evernote'

I have more than 20MB of Application Memory free, so that's not the problem.

I've got a Bold and downloaded from App World just fine. I started it up and it wanted to download a newer version right away. It hung up in the BB browser so I canceled that. Tried to do a simple text note, the app froze. Had to pull battery. Went in a second time to try to do a text note, froze again. Had to pull battery. I am now uninstalling. Great concept...if it worked.

could not find Evernote on the blackberry App world. I tried the Evernote website and it directs user to BAW. a circle of nothing. Any ideas.