Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook updated to verison 1.1.1

Evernote BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 1 Nov 2011 11:31 am EDT

Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook has recevied a small update and now sits at version 1.1.1. No sign of a change log to go along with this one, so if you notice anything fancy and new be sure to let us know. It does seems a bit snappier when navigation around, so we're assuming just some behind the scenes tweaks. Evernote still stays strong as one of my favorite mobile apps so hopefully the updates will keep coming. I was overjoyed when it finally landed on the PlayBook and can't wait to see more big name apps follow suit. Head to BlackBerry App World to grab the update.

More information/download of Evernote for BlackBerry PlayBook



Hopefully this update addresses the issue where you can't save a new note on the PB.


working great on PB now. Saves new note right away.


From the Evernote forum (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/21419-playbook-update-111-published):

Evernote PlayBook Version: 1.1.1
Minimum PlayBook OS requirement: 1.0.7

Release Notes:

* Fixed a problem with saving notes when GPS location cannot be determined
* Fixed a problem when saving/editing notes with Tags that generated a RangeError: Error #2006
* Improved performance when opening a new note
* Added notebook and tags to the information section of a note


Can you free hand write notes to a blank page with this app?


I don't think you can free hand write notes in the playbook. I mean you might be able to do it in some apps, but not well. Hopefully this is something they put in OS2 although I'm not holding my breath.

This is the feature I wanted from day one on PB. It's note pad size. This would be a killer app. The only pen I've seen for a tablet is the iPad and it sucks. It's like a big finger.

I think Windows 8 is going to have real pen-style input.


Exactly why I ended up not keeping my PB.


Yes - at last !! Saved note now works.


Still can't open sub-notebooks.


Still buggy. Can't play audio notes that were recorded on a different device (in this case, iPhone).