Evernote for BlackBerry 10 updated to version

By Adam Zeis on 7 Oct 2013 08:46 am EDT

Evernote for BlackBerry 10 hasn't been out for all that long but today received a new update with some added features. The native app is slowly getting all the necessary features to make it a top BlackBerry 10 app. While the integration with the Remember app is awesome, having a native app is definitely clutch in some cases.

New features of v5.1.0.144:

  • Ability to add photos and screenshots for notes
  • Ability to create checkbox lists
  • Support for two-stage authentication
  • Performance enhancements

The Evernote app is a free download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Download Evernote

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Reader comments

Evernote for BlackBerry 10 updated to version


I tap on the link and get a white screen that never goes to the sight to download. Anyone else having this problem?

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

Great to see improvements coming. Still can't open attachments though :(
How do you create the checklists - can't seem to see that either

Haha! Feel so foolish...
Just seen how to add a checklist... you need to scoll along the bottom row to see numbered bullet points, checkboxes, font size and colours...

This had me stumped too ... but then I realized you can scroll the editing bar at the bottom of the screen. To the right of the icon for bulleted lists are numbered lists, checklist, font size and color. Too bad the app doesn't do landscape mode to fit all these on your screen at once.

Checklists created in Evernote also appear and are actionable in Remember :)

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That's interesting! I'm not a big Everynote user and none of my pre-existing notes that were sync'd to my device used checkboxes. I guess check boxes were already baked into the Remember app and it knows how to process them ... I wonder why they don't appear as an option when editing entries, only bulleted and numbered lists?

They don't in my Remember app? In fact they never have--native or sideloaded android app. I sideloaded the Evernote app as it has a lot more enhancements than the BBW version does, but also does not sync with Remember. Am I missing something? I use Evernote much more than Remember and in fact, my Remember app only has a list of folders from my "Notes" folder on my Outlook 2007 desktop client. I like this as it contains stuff I use daily, buy if I could sync from Evernote, that would be a plus. So, am I missing something? Thanks!
PS: Adroid app conversion app allows for syncing whereas this downloaded one from BBW doesn't have the option. Syncing is one of Evernote's strong points. You can add something no matter what device you are on, and hit the "sync" tab, and in seconds (maybe a minute) its in your Evernote cloud.

Syncing is integrated into the native app. In the main screen, slide down from the top and there is the option.

Great app keeps everything updated between all my devices. Even my iPad.

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Can someone explain to me what is wrong with the stock remember app integrated with Evernote? Why is the stand alone app so popular? I think remember on BlackBerry 10 integrated with Evernote on my laptop is great and I'm wondering if I'm missing something

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There's nothing wrong with the built-in Evernote account integration. It just doesn't offer as many features as the stand-alone application. If the built-in Remember integration meets your needs, then there's no need to use up additional memory to install the app. If, however, you would like the ability for checkbox lists, different font colors and sizes, bulleted and numbered lists, etc., then the stand-alone app might make your Evernote experience even better.

For me, the built-in Evernote has never, and still doesn't, sync all my notes as the actual app does.

Great new updates. One question, does anyone know if their is an option to open the app to your books rather than all your notes?

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Thank you Evernote Team for recognizing our Berries are worthy of updates! Can't live without Evernote. It keeps everything organized so my brain doesn't overheat.

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Would you guys recommend Evernote as password keeper now that it supports 2-stage authentication?

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No but they are bringing out better encryption by the end of the year. No idea how this will work but it was mentioned in one of their podcasts.

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I'm glad updates are still being released with everything that is going on with the company

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create a new account as if you would create a new email account, just select account type Evernote, enter your Evernote login data and all folders will show in Remember

Remember folders / Evernote sync is what i use , and pay $75 for GIG storage and Evernote PC usage, I live in the HUB and Remember / Evernote and love my Super Notes ( I wish Super Notes was Hub integrated ) and Integrated Noted apps ok ok and Lists

Still not on par with the OS integration plus you have to sign-in to the app which is redundant. I'd prefer to have a single sign-in option from 'Accounts'.

Definitely a required update. Still, I'm disappointed there's no support for the Page Camera feature with the Evernote Moleskine product. To me, that's an essential missing feature

For some reason with the Evernote application it won't display all my notes properly. After there is a space inserted like paragraphs the rest of the entries are removed.. any advice?

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Forgive the elementary question but....... are the Remember built in App on the device and the Onenote downloadable App able to Sync???? if not, what does the Remember Sync with??

Maybe I'm missing something...
Say I flag an e-mail... it goes into Remember's "unfiled entries".. Is there a way to move the entry to an Evernote folder.. or, even better, make an Evernote folder the default target location when flagging an item?

I am using the "flagging of emails" alot and need this before going full into Evernote.

That's the one thing that's missing.
If an note is created in the Remember "unfiled entries" folder, it can't be moved to an Evernote folder.
If they incorporated that, then it would complete Evernote.
I can't see how to make an Evernote folder the default folder for Remember entries.

Thanks. To me, they are still 2 separate apps then. Hopefully this will happen soon so that I can use Evernote.

Checklist were already available in the remember app. Just start typing inside a note and press the + key after your text will create a chechbox. Until now it was annoying that Evernote didn't offer that option

Ok, help me here. I have created a list with check boxes, how can I make them check : it can only be done in Edit mode. What about yours Evernotes?

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very useful app and it makes me more efficient to do my daily tasks timely and with more structured manner

Great, this update brought some missed features. But what's about shared notes? They're still not available right?

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I find it very odd that you can't share an Evernote note. A very big drawback in my opinion. Or am I missing something? Does10.2 address this?

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Any idea when the page camera feature to enable functionality with Moleskine smart notebook will be available ?

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