Evernote for BlackBerry 10 updated with bug fixes and dark theme

By Bla1ze on 11 Aug 2014 12:08 pm EDT

If you use Evernote on your BlackBerry 10 device, you'll want to load up BlackBerry World right now and grab the latest version available. A new update appearing as v5.3.1.467 has now arrived and is noted to bring bug fixes and improvements. I know, not a whole lot to go on but that's what they listed.

In a quick run through of the updated version though, it seems as though they added a dark theme for supporting devices such as the Q10 and Z30 this time around. Normally, I love it when the dark theme gets added to apps I use but on Evernote, it just seems to clash so I won't be using it. Give it a go and let us know if you see any further improvements in this release or if you're like me, avoid it until they fix the dark theme.

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Evernote for BlackBerry 10 updated with bug fixes and dark theme


The dark theme is unreadable here: gray text on black- ugh. Is there an option to continue using the light theme? I looked and didn't see one.

Other than that, Evernote is one of the best apps in BBW.

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the dark theme is a complete mess! Evernote turned from a great app to a disaster!!! Can someone tell me how to switch to light theme as indicated in the thread???

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I read your comment and opened it up (downloaded it when it popped up). You are correct, it is VERY hard to read. I went to the page in BlackBerry World and sent feedback to the developer on this. Note that if you do this as well, you may want to do it from your computer. They have a field that does a topic search and effectively frustrates your ability to type in that field when you're on mobile. It was difficult enough on my laptop; I gave up on my phone.

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It's on the free version as well. But hold on to your light themes. This dark theme isn't exactly easy on the eyes.

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Yeah its tough, not too bad with minimal lighting though.

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The Dark Theme is only available for BlackBerry Devices with AMOLED Display such as Z30 and Q10. There are no settings and no chance to get it at on Z10 or Q5... BTW, it's very hard to read the text with the dark theme.

That's what I thought, because I was like "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis??" when I looked for a dark theme on my Z10!

Ah man! I was wondering if that Dark theme was new, but for some reason I just couldn't remember. :D

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Can't seem to access dark theme on my Z10, so it must be for the OLED phones only.

Not much else has changed, and no horizontal support... :*-( The life of a Crackberry enthusiast is a difficult one...

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I don’t think it’s an option, but rather the default theme for AMOLED devices (Z30, Q10). That’s why you don’t see it on the Z10 or Q5. Likewise, I assume that the Z30 and Q10 cannot switch back to the bright theme either.

Overall, the app has a flatter look, probably for the impending 10.3 release.

Dark theme is unusable on my Z30! Where is the QC from BlackBerry before allowing this release!
I use EN constantly and this destroys it.
CB, please send th a strong message to fix this blunder!

From my Z30...Awesome!

Needs white text instead of gray. Also change the dates to black or gray with a different text color. The white/black/gray is distracting and hard to read.

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I just want the option to use the light theme again. Why remove something that wasn't broken, and worked well?? Right now the app is unusable for me - and I was using Evernote all the time too. :-(

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That is "human nature".
When I was a kid my dad told me there were 2 groups of people: the single and the married; they each envy each other and wished they belonged in the other group. " general rule" ( That is why advertisement works so well)
There are always exceptions of course. My dad also advised me to be "Prudent".

Actually, those who want it haven't tried it. Anyone who tries the new version will instantly notice that it is difficult to read the text.

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Thanks for the file. I'll keep the new version until the next update, though it is more difficult to read. However, I'm running an android version from Amazon, as well as the BlackBerryWorld version.

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Dark theme is pretty badly implemented. The UI team seems to have phoned this one in.

I like the dark themes in other apps, but will go with the default theme for Evernote (once I figure out how to do it).

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I'm expecting that lots of devs will be "phoning it in" now that it's been announced that Amazon's AppStore is coming to BB. Why put all that effort into a BB only app if the Android one will work just fine? (Not saying I like it, just that I bet this will be what happens).

There are still some of us that don't and won't want any Android apps in our BlackBerrys (personal choice), and very much appreciate all the work the "devs" are doing.

First off the native app sucks big time compared to the android version.

I have been using Evernote for a long time and I have both versions on my device.

Second this update truly makes it unusable on the z30.

Third. Don't get me wrong I would rather have fully functioning native apps, but I really don't understand this "I don't want android apps" argument.

Yes it's personal choice, fair enough, but what justifies the decision?

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What justifies it?
My choice....enough said. Your choice does not concern me in the least, but I'm glad you have one, and I am truly.

Ok let me rephrase that without you taking offense, cause there was none intended.

I'm just curious as to what it is you have against android apps and why you will not put them in your device.

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I am so sorry for my reply and my intention was not to appear upset or to be rude and I truly apologize.
I have chosen to not install any Android because so far there is nothing I have seen that I need or live without.
When I originally posted that it was my personal choice It still is and I don't question the reason that other people have for doing it; to me is a no brainer, it is pretty obvious.
Also I was not offended, your comment was very respectful, honest and mature. Again I do apologize.

I would definitely prefer to stick with native apps. For example the flow of Evernote BB is much better than the Android one, however it's missing quite a bit of functionality. Not sure why you'd feel the need to make a "personal choice" to avoid an Android app though, especially once AppStore is native with 10.3.

Isn't whatever choices I or anyone decides to make a "personal" choice?
How else can I make a decision if is not personal?
Am I missing something or misunderstanding your question?

arTie's berry "Q10"

Unfortunately after the update I cannot find a way to switch back to the old theme on my Q10. The dark theme is a complete mess! Using the Q10 outside with this sunny day is crazy. I want back the white theme! Please help!

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Updated my app and I have the correct version but I don't have the option to do the dark theme present. Any thoughts?

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Me, too. My Z30 has the update, but no dark theme. From the sound of things, I'm a lucky man.

Z-30/STA 100-5/ USA

Don't have the dark theme on q10 I don't understand

Reboot maybe ? Please someone post pictures and details

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Did someone realize that it is faster to open than before?
Everyone talks about dark theme.

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It is usable for me, but if the text was white instead of grey it would be much better. It seemed to load much faster and otherwise works smoothly for me. Good thing since I use it a lot!

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Thanks very much for posting the screen shot. That is downright terrible! This is a case where a picture says more than a thousand words!

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Lol, so you can't switch back to an usable light theme without sideloading? That's so amateutish.

Q10 user - Dark Theme is HORRIBLE and not easy to read..... the default start page of "All Notes" is very difficult to read - especially the titles (Doh!) - what idiot in the Evernote UI team signed off on this?

BUT - when you click into an individual note it is still shown the old way (eg black type on white screen)



Freaky! You are right that the individual notes are in light profile. I hadn't gone that deep. Still an issue to be fixed with the other screens and avoid adding the problem to the individual notes. Will advise if EN provides a solution.

From my Z30...Awesome!

Dark theme spoils the usability of the app. Not at all impressed and can't revert to previous version. Please get this sorted quickly.

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I'm on the 10-3.0.296 on my Z30 and it didn't switch to the dark theme when I updated so perhaps the dark theme isn't compatible with 10.3?

I prefer Android version on bb.... it does not drain the battery and works perfectly offline. no way this version... remember is widely better

The dark theme seems only half done. The green is ugly with it and the text is too light. But when you open a note it is still a white window with black text for the note itself. It just looks awful. Try again Evernote

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To be fair, the update on my Z30 is a bit jarring on the eyeballs. When you open the ap you are presented with a pitch-black background with quite dark, dull-grey titles in the notes section. You get the same when you pop into the Notebooks section. When you open an individual note it is normal Evernote business as usual, white background with black type on. I think I'll be using Bla1ze's bar file (thanks a lot) to roll back to previous version, going to give it a try in daylight tomorrow and if I can't get on with it switch back in the evening. Shame, always got on well with Evernote, hopefully they'll fix it soon...

Also, I can see how this would significantly reduce the battery drain of the app but without clearer type-face I think it's probably dead in the water

Quite glad I didn't jump on this right away... Evernote is one of my most heavily used (and expensive) apps. Amateur of them not to, at the very least, provide the option to choose light or dark theme.
I love the dark theme overall for other apps but I tend to not use it for everything because it can clash at times (like BBM and the rest of the Hub - looking forward to 10.3 for this). Favorite dark theme implementations so far are "Reader Mode" in the Web browser and, of course, the Crackberry app.

You really have to just go all in. Everything goes there. Any bit of useful information, photos, contacts, etc. The more you rely on it the more you will love it. Little bits of information that I was sure I had lost, are quickly found again because I had instinctively put it in here. And instantly synced to my computer too. Love it. Fix this dark theme issue!

I use an android app converted over to bar for my Playbook - not amazing but serviceable as long and I'm mainly using it for reference and not inputting a load of stuff...

It takes a bit of getting used to but I think it may, possibly, work ok. Maybe. A bit. Gonna try it for a while before diving back.

Yep, I have scanned all my docs into Evernote and with the tagging it keeps it all super organized and easy to retrieve. Great program once you make the leap and way better than a silly box ;-)

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There is also a bug when trying to create a new note. The 'Done' button has no text on it, just a white block. I'm guessing the text colour is white, on a white box


Wow what a mess.

It's grey on black not white on black and the "done" (save) button doesn't display

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I can't find the option to revert to white theme. Is there even such an option?

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I've also been in touch with EverNote and the have elevated the issue. (See below). They are asking that other BlackBerry users file an issue report on their support site, so they can get a idea of the magnitude of the problem.

[B]PLEASE FILE YOUR ISSUE REPORTS, so they give this appropriate priority.[/B]


Email from Evernote:
Terry O. (Evernote Support)
Aug 11 14:10

Hi Brian, Terry here.

Thanks for reporting this to us. I can see how that screen is hard to read. I have created an internal issue report and sent it up to the QA team to review. They will work with the developer team to look to see if this can be changed.

It sounds like you have seen others with the same issue. Feel free to ask them to also open a support ticket. I'd like to get an idea of the scale of users affected by this.

Thanks again for reporting the issue. I have added the issue report number to the internal comments of this ticket in case you would like to reach back for an update.

Thanks again Brian, for letting us know.


Terry O.

Wish you could revert it. They didn't add a dark theme, they changed the app to dark only!

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Wow, the dark theme is terrible on this app. I guess I'll just continue using the Remember app linked to Evernote.

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Dark theme is hard to read and can't be turned off. Hope for a 2nd update soon. :(

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I wished that they had fixed the bug that prevents it from working via a corporate proxy server. My workaround is to side load the android version, which conveniently allows communication via the proxy.

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They still didn't add the possibility to access shared notes, as with the Android version. It hurts to say it, but I uninstalled the BBW and kept the Android version.

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What a load of guff. Poor choice colours on the main list of notes, and then when you view a note it appears in a white box. What's the point?

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Contacted tech support and advised them of all my known bugs and also linked to this thread. All I've received is an auto generated reply. Hope they patch this soon because it has taken 10 steps back. Farm themes are over rated.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Impossible to use for first timer coming fresh in...not clear what the white box is for, random titles inserted in notes, text underneath headers not displayed .. what is going on?!?

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Did the developer test this on a Z30? The latest dark theme is almost unreadable, hopefully further updates will give you an option for which there you want. Until then sorry Evernote I will be looking for and alternative app.

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Can't seem to get the dark theme on my BlackBerry z10 any suggestions or us it Is the BlackBerry z30 and the q10

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After playing around with this, I've concluded that they really missed the mark with this update. They need to tweek the colors so it's usable again. Grey font on a black background... what were they thinking?


I'd really like to see them add sketch, that would be swell, and the ability to upload files into existing notes, instead of having to create a new note, or even attaching files to notes from the note.