Evernote for BlackBerry 10 enters the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2013 03:18 pm EST

If you've been itching for a new beta app to test out on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone and are and Evernote users, you can now head on into the BlackBerry Beta Zone and see if you have Evernote showing under your eligible programs. At this point, it's not clear how many invites were sent out but it's certainly there for some folks.

Here are the already known issues for Evernote

  • Account monthly usage may not show the correct usage range
  • The Permissions alert popup may show if you change permission settings; restart Evernote to stop the alert

If you've received and accepted the invite, you will find the latest version of Evernote appearing in the BlackBerry Beta Zone app and readily available for download.

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Evernote for BlackBerry 10 enters the BlackBerry Beta Zone


I think the native reminder and calender does just enough for me. Evernote is added extra not really needed. Apart from syncing with desktop which link will some day do a lot smoother. :)

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I am so confused. Why is Evernote in the  Beta Zone? Doesn't Evernote still sync w Remember. What's the diff between this Beta and the Native one Evernote has in BBW?

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Oops! Someone else took that spot and I can't figure how to delete my comment

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You serious? It's like stopping the internet... You just won't be able to stop the first'ers. Actually it would be an honor to be part of your list! :)

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I'll avoid the beta. I don't do beta. I only do alpha or gamma maybe even theta definitely not delta

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Cool. I forgot all about that BlackBerry Beta app until this showed up. I opened that application up and there was the Evernote Beta. Niiice.

Awesome. Just installed it now on my way home from work. I'll have time to play around with it tonight hopefully.

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This is a great update. I use Evernote everyday and this is a welcome release. BlackBerry is really going some these days :)

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How is this different from the Evernote in BBW?? The one in BBW is developed by Evernote themselves...is the one in Beta Zone a BlackBerry developed app?

How is this different than the one in BlackBerry World? Is this now a native app rather than a port?

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New features in this update:

Organize notebooks in stacks
PIN lock the app (Evernote Premium only)
Experience Smart Links in notes (try web addresses, phone numbers, and more!)
Share content into Evernote from other apps with the SHare menu
Audio recording title
Performance improvements and improved initial sync

I enjoyed it as well, however a few missing components were missing such as flagging emails and having them upload to the cloud. And a few other restrictions I can't recall off hand. I love the interface of remember. Once it's up to speed with ever note integration. I'll probably stop using the official app. Until then, I tend to bounce back and forth. Depending on what I'm doing and need at the time.

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I never could log into Evernote & sync w Remember. By the time 10.1 arrived w Evernote I was happy & didn't want to be bothered.
I have been curious about how people use them together & why one wouldn't just use Evernote. I use Remember for simple lists & Evernote for complex organizational folders.

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Yeah I use it the same way when I really think a out it. Remember for quick, basic lists etc... ever note for everything else.

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Yeh. I'm with you on this one. When Evernote first came to BB10, it was supposed to be a standalone app, which had a plugin in Remember, that enabled specified Remember memos to be synchronised with Evernote. Problem is, synching did not work. What we were left with was two memo apps, one which synchronised with the cloud version, another which was largely just device side (although Remember can synch with the main calendar/email account associated with any given BB10 device.) Not an optimal situation compared to what was advertised. I've told the Evernote devs all the above in my feedback via BZ already. Yes sir. Let's see if they listen this time. Proper BB10 Integration would be great if it worked.

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BlackBerry should start opening up a section of the BlackBerry Beta Zone to third party apps so that users can download and test beta applications without sideloading! This will also lead to less 1 star reviews where people rate such apps badly even though it is stated that it is a beta. Also, it will discourage developers from submitting beta apps to BlackBerry World.

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They do do this. Then beta application is sandboxed and you can only access download or even see the beta if you've been invited by then developer to test it for him.

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I should clarify. Third party beta programs are done through bb world. If I'm not mistaken.
Either way, you need to be invited to do so.

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I made some comments on the beta feedback
1) check [ ] marks that were previously entered on a record can not be checked
2) there appears to be no way to make a new check block.
3) there appears to be no way to have tasks shown as 'open' then > checked as 'closed'.

I have received Evernote in my Beta Zone. Have loaded the same and will try it out. If there is anything of interest or beneficial will surely make a note for other CB users here in this thread.

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The Android version 5.5 seems to work fine on my z10 (Z10STL100-3/ ), so I don't see any point in downgrading my software to the beta version

I downloaded the beta. Some of the new features look nice. Currently, I still like syncing Evernote to Remember, and using the Remember app, mainly for the Universal Search functionality of Remember app. It remains to be seen whether improvements to the Evernote app will eventually convince me to switch from using Remember to Evernote app.

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Check your BlackBerry Beta Zone app. Although I didn't receive an email invite, the Evernote beta was in the Beta Zone app, and I was able to Join the Evernote beta from there, and upgrade to it.

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Isn't evernote already available in BlackBerry World? I thought it came as a native app with 10.2

I have it on my Z30 and am pretty sure it came per installed.

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Its an update to the version available on BlackBerry World. This is how the beta zone typically works..

Its an update to the version available on BlackBerry World. This is how the beta zone typically works..

There are some nice features in this app now. Now that it's in beta zone, I can only hope that new features will roll out. It is missing a lot. On-device caching, easy filter/sort by tag, and damnit, there has to be a better way to add tags than to scroll through a huge list. Should be able to type them in like in the PC version, it's so much faster with autocompletion.