Evernote to be deeply integrated throughout BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 08:19 pm EST

With the BlackBerry 10 SDK's now having gone gold, a lot of developers are running through the code and getting their apps prepared for release. Over at 89 Apps, they've made note of some finer details about the "Remember" app that will be loaded with BlackBerry 10. The app appears to offer system wide integration with Evernote through the PIM API that uses the Notebooks services:

Notebooks let you create, store, and manipulate lists of actionable or non-actionable items. For example, you might create a notebook that represents a grocery list, which contains items to purchase. Or, you could create a notebook consisting of gifts you’d like for your birthday. You can use the Notebook APIs to add, remove, or update items in notebooks, create new notebooks, and so on.

You can essentially create four types of Notebooks:

  • Generic: notebook stored locally on device
  • ActiveSyncMemo: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Memo (note)
  • ActiveSyncTask: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Task (a todo item)
  • Evernote: synced to your Evernote account

That's a nice touch, create a note and then optionally have it sync to Evernote. To add to that a little bit further, if you dig into it a bit deeper you'll find it's all part of the system settings meaning, when you set up the device you can create the relationship alongside your Email, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Makes you wonder what else is baked into BlackBerry 10 as a core function that has yet to be revealed.

Source: 89 Apps

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Evernote to be deeply integrated throughout BlackBerry 10


This is very awesome to hear.. I love how integrated so many things are in BB10... This OS is going to be phenomenal.. so anxious to see what else they have up their sleeves!

THAT will be so awesome, as I already use Evernote instead of the built in Memo pad.

RIM take my money already!!!

"Makes you wonder what else is baked into BlackBerry 10 as a core function that has yet to be revealed." ... nice tease Bla1ze

Awesome! Pure conjecture - though as Bla1ze hinted... We can expect other products to be deeply integrated. Looking forward to it.

We know Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are at the heart of HUB, and Contacts apps already. One can let the mind wander, and suppose apps like Skype (if they arrive) could also receive special integrated treatment like this.

Nice! I've always liked using Evernote on the basis of having my notes backed up aswell as having them on internal memory. Good stuff..

PS fix these threads: News & Rumors > List: Confirmed Apps coming to BB10 (115) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page) AND News & Rumors > Apps coming to Blackberry 10 (80) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

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We have to add EVERNOTE to those lists.

Now that is the kina flow I have been hoping for. Devs with multiple apps can also create an app eco system on BB10. Thanks to that invoke function thing.

P.S You are a great man BLa1ze!!!

I hope that means that we can expect a better interface. The BlackBerry version has always been crap compared to iOS and Android.

I hope the BB10 Notebook has a clipper tool baked into the browser. my favorite part of evernote is being able to capture Web content easily. Either way this is freaking awesome.

I am REALLY looking forward to some Google Drive integration. When I have my physical QWERTY, I type a lot, if I could easily sync it to the cloud... EVEN BETTER!

I've never been a fan of Evernote though.... :-/

WOW...JUST WOW......This is going to be something...being an ardent ios follower (and a blackberry lover inside) ....these killer features are definitely going to change my priorities pretty soon........

RIMpire strikes back.

Awesome! i'd jotted this idea down a while ago (in Evernote, coincidentally) and I'm glad someone else thought of it as well and made it happen. Hopefully the integration is solid...

Can evernote keep the formatting of a word document? ...and keep it on the phone and cloud sync'd? If not, I'll still want to cloud-phone sync solution that can word documents. This, I would think, is a common need.
Perhaps dropbox or some other system can get nicely integrated like this with BB10

I'd take a few quality usefull apps like evernote deeply integrated into the OS over 1000 shitty apps that collect dust in the back anyday

WIN. A huge step up in my eyes. I use Evernote frequently, and having it "closer" to the device should remove the issue of poor EN apps, especially on Playbook.