Evernote announces an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon

Evernote for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Michelle Haag on 23 May 2012 04:36 pm EDT
We here at CrackBerry use Evernote quite a bit, and we know that many of our readers do as well. While the app is available for both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook, it is pretty well known that since PlayBook OS 2.0 was released, that version of the app has serious issues that makes it virtually unusable on the tablet, which is disappointing to say the least. There appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel though, as Evernote took to their blog earlier this week to update PlayBook users on the progress of the updated version.

First off, we want to thank our users for keeping us on our toes over the past few months with the PlayBook, in particular PlayBookUser and Metroside, for continuing to maintain the pressure and engagement with us concerning Evernote for the Playbook. The process internally has been a long one, and we know that we have owed our users official messaging concerning the Playbook for some time.

With regard to the bug that has been essentially hobbling Evernote for the PB, this will be fixed soon, getting us back to a functioning version of EN on the PlayBook. In the mean time, we will be pulling the app from BlackBerry App World until the fix is confirmed.

The Evernote staffer goes on to mention that in the meantime sideloading the Android version of the app is a potential workaround that may serve the needs of the PlayBook users until the updated version is available. 

We've always believed in developing native apps that work best on their intended platform. And while we think that sideloading is a workable option, it won't provide the full BB experience, and users with a sideloaded version of Evernote will experience a number of limitations, including lack of camera support and the maps API (places feature), amongst other deficiencies. In short, there are limitations, and we wouldn't want to officially release anything that has that kind of reduced functionality.

So there you have it, for now. Evernote says the new version is "coming soon". It's nice to have an update from the developer, however I think most BlackBerry users now cringe at those two words as we've heard them time and again only to either be let down or wait a lot longer than most would think when hearing the word "soon". Let's just hope that Evernote is serious and the new version will really be out... soon!

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Evernote announces an update to their BlackBerry PlayBook app is coming soon


"Let's just hope that Evernote is serious and the new version will really be out... soon! "

I think we already know the answer to that. An organisation who does not read customer reviews and leaves a broken application on an app market for two months is most definitely NOT serious. I'm not convinced of any respectable level of support from EN... if another update comes to the PlayBook and the application breaks again... another 2 months for a fix?

This would be nice. The Android native version is million miles ahead of the Playbook version. Hope we'll catch up. Please, bring the new interface with swipe gestures, offline functionality + sync, and predictive text. Just like on Android.

Thank you EverNote for abandoning RIM products like other companies.

The Facebook beta was updated... Posted here to let the Crackberry team.

lolwhut? How is stating they're going to be UPDATING the app, which they do quite frequently on smartphones just haven't done so for the PlayBook as of yet, abandoning RIM? Did you forget a "Not" in there?

Evernote failed for me. First they didn't even admit that there was a problem, then they didn't communicate (if they were going to provide) a fix for the next 3,5 months.
Deleted it from my devices and am using other tools.

I also use Evernote for everything, and keep integrating it more deeply into my personal and professional life. I have (barely) been limping along with it on my BB phone, and can't WAIT for it to work on my PlayBooks.

Meanwhile, people, have a little patience (or at least manners) and use your imagination. If I was the developer, I would have been curious to see if RIM could pull it out of the fire before I spent hours on furthering something for BlackBerry.

Now that it is obvious RIM is developing some stellar products, it is time for the developer to invest the time and resources in the PlayBook. That is just what they announced, and I, for one, appreciate Evernote reaching out so we don't get discouraged.

At the same time, Evernote, "soon" needs to mean soon. I'll buy the Diet Coke and pizza if you will put in the hours to get `er done! Don't forget to take advantage of the great support that RIM has been offering for just such situations.

You are echoing my thoughts here. Sure, I loved the application and the options it provided me. But, as a free-user, I can't really complain about it. And the developer seems to be working towards an update, which is good news.

Wish them all the very best and hope the PlayBook's version of the Evernote application matches or is better than the one available on Android & iOS.

It's been broken on the Playbook since OS2 dropped and yet it's going to be updated..."soon?" When is "soon?" And why is this "soon" news? Shows how much they care about the PB. As in not. #fail. I've found other tools to replace Evernote on my Playbook.

I use Evernote on my 9700 phone and my pc almost daily, and only intermittently on my PB, so I haven't been over concerned about it's apparent lack of facility on the PB.

Evernote is an excellent tool imo, and I thank the developer for maintaining their BB presence and realising that they needed to focus on a fix for the PB.

BTW .... even though I'm a consistent Evernote user, I've never reached my maximum monthly free use limit .... so I find this app to be extraordinary!!!!

Compared to what Evernote offers for other platforms, the PB app is a joke. And we still have to wait for a usable product. Not impressed.

After Evernote was mentioned on TWiT the other week I gave it a go on the Playbook.. it's actually quite usable for what I'm doing, which is purely taking pictures of certain documents & entering a short title. For that, it's pretty decent & works ok, syncing across all my devices & the OCR is brilliant.

It'd be good to get an update to fix some of the bugs, but in general I can live with it as is.

Sigh...Evernote. Sorry, the Playbook app was junk and took way too long to fix. Even the BB app took ages to save/open.
I've already jumped ship to Groovy Notes which has voicenotes, Dropbox backup and sync. The only thing it doesnt do is images.

I'll give the updated Evernote a look whenever it shows up but I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.