Evernote 3.3.333 Beta now available with offline notes

By Adam Zeis on 27 Sep 2011 11:40 am EDT

Evernote BlackBerry

Evernote has released a new beta version of their BlackBerry app that is now available for testing. The update sits at version 3.3.333 (that's a lot of 3's) and brings along offline notes as well as various minor tweaks. The offline notes feature allows Evernote to download notes to your device so a network connection isn't required for viewing. This means much faster load times and the ability to load notes when your device has no service. Mixed in are some various tweaks and fixes as well. The Evernote beta is available for download for most devices. Hit the link below for more information and to download. Thanks @Pr1mo!

More information/download of Evernote 3.3.333 beta

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Reader comments

Evernote 3.3.333 Beta now available with offline notes


Good to see! I have Evernote on my Torch 9000 and PlayBook. Offline notes and a cleaner looking interface are steps in the right direction!

That's great to know. When it gets out of beta and those features make it to the PB, the app will be much better than its current form.

Hopefully the godawful PlayBook version (that locks up when trying to save a note) gets updated next.

Can someone let me know if they successfully installed this on a 9810 and which version you used? I am not going to be able to test it out until later and it looks like there is only one OS7 version but it lists the 9900 and its resolution .


This is a really nice app! Other Blackberry developers should take note. BB apps do not have to suck.

A new update of the Beta is out 337 and works alot better for me personally than 333 great to see a App that many use being actively supported and developed for.