Ever wonder what is inside the insides of your BlackBerry?

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Dec 2010 11:12 am EST

Tear down videos are nothing new for smartphones - we've seen most of the newer BlackBerry device models get ripped apart to their bits, but have you wondered what actually is inside those bits? The folks at Kidela.com, a communications company with connections to rare earth miner Stans Energy Corp., produced the above video which gets into some of those details. Check out the video above! In the video they focus on rare earth elements (see wikipedia page) which are the metals actually used in specific components within a BlackBerry. It's pretty science geeky, but also pretty cool to know that it's Europium that makes the color red in the LCD screen (Terbium makes green and is responsible for the backlighting in the phone) or that Yttrium is used in the camera. So the next time your teacher yells at you for snapping photos of your friend on your BlackBerry in chemistry class, just let the teacher know you're doing an experiment with rare earth elements. ;)

Source: Kidela.com

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Ever wonder what is inside the insides of your BlackBerry?


Lol. The week after Christmas before CES (the biggest Electronics Consumer show of the year) is always quiet for news.  I figured this was actually kind of an interesting one. :)

Should be a ton of news next week. We'll be there live in Vegas covering the show.

Awesome! Can't wait to see/hear what you bring back for us Kevin - hopefully RIM announces official release dates and prices for the PB!!! :)

HA, I had to find out the hard way after my Curve 8900 fell in the toilet. Took it apart in under 120 seconds. It was thankfully rescued in a bowl of white rice! It's quite interesting what's under the hood however.

Thanks for posting, Kev. Just proves that a lot of work goes into some of the features we take for granted for our Crackberries and other smart phones.

Speculation today that the playbook is being delayed, hope not. What do the crackberry sources say on this?????

Actually, this is very relevant, given that China has just announced significant cuts to their rare-earths exports, of which they provide approximately 95% of the global supply.

yeah, other countries have many of these rare earth minerals. But why bother mining and exhausting our own resources to extract these when China had them so readily available?

It just simply means the the mobile penetration rate per person is more than 1.. which means to say there are people in the UK where 1 person owns more than 1 cellphone.

When was the last time you saw a cellular device with a NiMH battery (3:10)? They are all Lithium Ion, or Lithium Polimer now. I think my last one with NiMH was in 2004.

I really don't. It's not that I don't like informative articles by you guys (I love them, actually). It's just that Blackberries just have such sub-par hardware, who really cares? Show me the insides of a Blackberry with specs that are better than the competition. Playbook insides maybe?

The video doesn't mention specs at all. It talks about how cell phones, especially smart phones, use and rely on rare earth elements. The Blackberry just seemed to be a random example, though. Other phones use the same elements too.

I thought it was really interesting. Nice trivia to know, at the very least.

anyone else notice that the picture is a prototype Bold 9700 (Onyx) that never made it to production? That is the 9700 before it had a trackpad. Notice the trackball. Some carriers got that model during field testing.

I saw a program on APTN some time ago about an exploration company looking for rare earth elements in Northern Saskatchewan. It was a pretty basic camp but they figure if they find success they will make millions.

I am in Petroleum Geology at University of Calgary. My prof told me to go to to rare Earth elements exploration in the North as a research project. Apparently it has more money than Alberta petroleum. Wired uh?