Ever Feel Like You Have A Map Following You Around?

By Bla1ze on 19 Feb 2010 09:31 am EST

We've all seen the commercials. Some of them are funny and well..some are just plain dumb. The whole Verizon vs. AT&T thing is seemingly far from over but at least one guy out there is having some fun with the situation. Have a look at the above video and enjoy the lengths he has gone to get some reactions from people. Now, if only I could think of something as cool to pull on Rogers, Bell and TELUS and get it on film like this guy.

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Ever Feel Like You Have A Map Following You Around?


That was very gutsy of him to waltz into an AT&T store like that. And they were jerks about it too. You could tell the manager was offended and tried to insult the guy in his own way.

First let me comment about this statement: "That was very gutsy of him to waltz into an AT&T store like that. And they were jerks about it too. You could tell the manager was offended and tried to insult the guy in his own way."

If someone comes to your house and they did something to offend you, you would be a jerk too. This guy better be careful since the at&t employees didn't know they were being recorded.

Now, as a employee of at&t I think this video is very funny. This guy does have a lot of guts. But here in Texas, if I tried something like that in a verizon store, they would call the police no question.

I think it's stupid that he was asked to take it off in the mall because they have "a policy against suspicious behavior", the guy wasn't being suspicious at all, he was just being a goof.

Keith, if you're saying that if you tried something like that in Texas and people would call the cops on you, it's time you thought about getting out of such an uptight state. People have simple liberties to express themselves - even if that means being a goof, as long as they aren't being destructive. That being said, do you think the police will really care if some guy is walking around with a map on his head? I'm sure the law enforcement in Texas have better things to do with their time.

So did you read the whole comment? I thought it was funny. Calling the police is not being uptight. Its about a manager taking control. Verizon will not let me come in a Verizon store wearing AT&T logoed clothes. After a while they would ask me to leave and if I didn't (simple liberties to express themselves) the police would be called. Everyone has a right to their opinion but businesses do not have to entertain that right. Times are still a little tough and most businesses will not put up with something that we might think is funny. You have so much to learn youngling.

Um, if you watched the whole video, it was the mall rent-a-cop that approached our helmet friend, who at the time wasn't in any store at all but in the mall hallway...

Your original post said nothing about being asked to leave, you had said that if someone walked in to your store with a helmet on their head like that, the "police would be called, with no question"... Which, yes, I do think is uptight and ridiculous and I think a lot of people would agree with me.

I highly doubt you would be removed from a store if you wore your AT&T clothes into a Verizon store and were asking simple questions. If you went in there with the intent on being malicious then you would probably be asked to leave due to your behavior. I do, however see how you would get in trouble if you went to your job at AT&T wearing Verizon clothing, but last I checked, for us customers and potential customers, AT&T or any sales business for that matter doesn't enforce a dress code amongst the public that would warrant a phone call to the police.

And how do I have much to learn? I'm self-employed, so I think your intended condescending remark is really out of ignorance. What does "times being a little tough" have anything to do with businesses putting up with harmless pranks like in this video? If anything times being tight would deter businesses from turning any potential customers away and do whatever it takes to sell their product.

I guess you're the one with much to learn.

The mall cop said they had a policy against solicitation. Granted, rent-a-pigs are tools, but I did wonder if this isn't a viral marketing campaign - if not, it'd be a brilliant one.

If you listen to the ATT guy he said "The iPhoen has great 3G coverage" since when do phones determine coverage.... Its their network that sucks not their devices.

The big 3 all have network issues. Lots of people say that at&t network sucks b/c its at&t. And that map does not show any partner covearge. But hey its all good b/c by the time v and mo get the iphone at&t would have moved on to better things...oh yeah tell verizon to change thier 3g technology to something useful.

pardon me, but last I checked, 3G is only useful if you are in an area where you get 3G... something that, unfortunately, AT&T and T-Mobile don't roll out quite so far and wide as Verizon and Sprint do/did. I personally have loved having my lovely 3G coverage from Telus and/or Bell (when I had bell) up here in Canada in places where friends of mine on Rogers could only wish they'd had coverage.... let alone 3G coverage.

Yes, HSPA lets one do things simultaneously, is marginally faster in most cases (in some markets, yes, it is significantly faster, I acknowledge), and is a slightly more penetrating signal over EVDO or EVDO rev. A. But to this point, until HSPA coverage vastly improves across all of North America, I'll stick with my unitasking EVDO that is practically everywhere I ever go.

Well Keith, you've been brainwashed by being a at&t employee. AT&T got the speed but not the cover and not the consistency in speed. Sprint and Verizon have the coverage and consistency in speed.

The day at&t will move on to new things its when they stop hugging all their cash and actually start spending.

Last time i checked t mobile wasn't one of the big 3, sprint is the third. I have sprint and got to say the coverage is pretty good. Even if I roam, sprint doesn't charge you for roaming so you could go into a low reception area and pick up some of verizons network without paying for that outstanding monthly data fee.

The bottom line is most people don't like AT&T b/c its AT&T. Verizon has the technology to have their 3G just like AT&T but they won't do it b/c of their efforts of getting into the iphone. People its not about working @ AT&T its about giving the customer every option. And look @ how Verizon bought up Altel to become the biggest carrier in the U.S. The last time a big communication company bought up everything the courts got involved (AT&T-Baby Bells-Cingular-at&t). Why should you, the Verizon customer, have to wait until 4G to get the same multitasking result as 3G? Again i say Verizon needs to step it up. Why would you even want 3G coverage in an area where 3G is not a sound financial investment?

I never see the videos until the end... this was great... really funny and creative... hope that crackberry post day 2.

This guy is a jerk. Free ad for Att/Verizon map crap...oh atleast he has sense of humor? and yes sometimes i feel like am followed around, just by demons

well with all the carriers' 3G maps you probably could do something along that line... would be really funny in/around some cities in Canada for each of the carriers...

You gotta love when people think outside of the box and make a hilarious point. For anyone on here to start posting huge editorials about this? Get a life. It was funny and I know you cracked a smile.

It's a shame that he didn't go to the Apple Store in Green Hills Mall (located in the most high-class area of Nashville near the homes of many country music artists, Al Gore, Reese Witherspoon, etc.) and ask them some questions... I agree that the iPhone is neat toy - but AT&T's network is truly pathetic. I laugh every time I see one of AT&T's Luke Wilson commercials that use their voice coverage map (the orange one) to compete against Verizon's 3G coverage map. Why don't they every show their actual 3G map, I wonder? Hmmmmmm...

Please explain. Why do you say AT&T's network is pathetic? And by no mean am I trying to be funny. I just want to know your honest take on the network. Do you have Verizon?

that is just awesome i love my at&t coverage in my are but i would love to do this with a friend who has verizon and just see how people react lol. Awesome idea this guy is a genius!

I love how every person who works for ATT is offended by this!! Then wants to give a long synopsis as to how and why ATT is what it is and all that blah blah blah....

Accept the fact that Big Red is what ATT aspires to be. Thats what happens when you throw all your eggs into the iphone basket!! I can see the beancounters @ VZW saying...wait for it....wait for it....wait for it....SINK UM'

It's good to see how the local crowd reacts. Nashville has great 3G coverage for both providers, but he is correct in saying that surrounding, rural areas are a bit lacking. The AT&T store associate went with the safety, "Extreme rural areas with no cell coverage whatsoever...". LMAO!

AT&T's "Maps" commercials are a joke. They don't even mention the 3G coverage. Verizon is also exaggerating a bit in their commercials, too. When they show AT&T's 3G coverage, it's not really THAT spotty.

While planning a trip to a Jeep Jamboree in Hardin, KY, I checked AT&T's mobile broadband coverage and found that 3G service would be available at the campgrounds, but a little spotty when I'll be on the trails of Turkey Bay OHV Park. Good thing both my Storm2 and Droid are on VZW, and I'll only be using AT&T for a broadband card provided by work. ;-)

I give the "star" of the video a standing ovation.