Even those on the Apple Board of Directors understand that BlackBerry people do

By Adam Zeis on 28 May 2012 11:29 am EDT

Since I watched the new round of BlackBerry ads I'm all about saying "BlackBerry People Do". Anytime anyone has questioned my BlackBerry use, my response has always been "it helps me get s@#t done". It's totally true and is still the best communication tool on the planet. Perhaps that's the reason that J. Crew CEO Millard "Mickey" Drexler chooses to use a BlackBerry Bold 9900. If you don't know who Mickey Drexler is (and you shouldn't really) he has been sitting on Apple's board since 1999. So you would think that would make him more prone to use an iPhone, no? Well as spotted by Paul in the video above, Mr. Drexeler is all about getting things done and because of that, he chooses to use a BlackBerry. This isn't the first time we've seen someone rocking the competition either - remember Google's Eric Schmidt? We applaud you for your BlackBerry use Mickey! BlackBerry people do!!

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Even those on the Apple Board of Directors understand that BlackBerry people do


Seems like you're pulling at straws here. The reason that executives use Blackberrys is because of security and that's likely what the IT departments give out (although that's changing). Everyone knows Blackberry can barely do anything. I had a Bold 9900 and it was garbage compared to the iPhone 4S that I upgraded to.

For general consumers, like myself, iPhone seems to be a better option. Lower security than BB, but still beat Android security. The apps, the data speed (no slow BIS) and the applications makes iPhone a powerhouse.

If Apple is not trying to control their customers, more people would buy iPhones.

iOS is just as much of a security train wreck as Android. The web-based jailbreaks prove that.

Apps on iOS are often (not always, but often) a patch to cover over a less-than-robust web browser.

If Apple is not trying to control... is a non-point, since that is what Apple does and always has.

@BurleyShells: You're clearly a confused and lost troll if you think BlackBerry is useless and yet you still come here. Read the article, the author is talking about getting $h!t done. Do you understand or are you too confused? BlackBerry is THE BEST communications tool. Period.

I didn't say it was useless. Of course it's great for execs: it can call, text, and send email. It's a good communication device.

Can barely do anything. Your funny.

Not going to turn this into a flame war but just because there's no netflix or skype app on the blackberry doesn't mean its usless.

I use all the same apps my ios friends use for getting things done like garmin,poynt,pandora,twitter,scoremobile etc.....

Go back to imore

Damn trolling sheep.

Yes, Blackberry does have some apps that iOS does, but nowhere close to all (and I'm talking actually useful apps). And the same apps that are on iOS and BB7 are way more polished, more appealing, and easier to use on iOS. This is fact :/

and how many of those apps are useful and how many do you have?

i have an android SGS2 LTE and yah it has fun games and a big screen to watch movies..

but when it comes to writing long emails and to get things organized i love my BB..

actually right now i love the free 3D pool game on my BB, which i play way more then any other games on my Galaxy..

i only have time for games when i'm taking a shit or waiting around at a doctors office, or just waiting in general.. other then that i'm doing meaningful things like email, bbm, stocks etc which i can do much more securely and better on my BB..

andddd how do you like using itunes for everything?? being locked down like a little bitch to apple?? the closed everything, the joke of multi tasking, and not being able to add apps and songs without ituns or even ur own computer!? no menu options and having to go to the settings app to access anything..

i had an iphone 1 + 4 .. and i chose to never go back unless they make some changes and open things up a little and maybe change their 5 year old UI.. by which i heard TAT built and TAT is now part of RIM..

I don't really play games on my phone that often so I can't comment on that.

But I've used the Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Bloomberg app no name a few on both devices and the Blackberry versions feel like Windows 98 applications. Not a great user experience at all.

I'm not a huge fan of iTunes especially since I use Windows and it's not that fast on my machine. But having used Blackberry Desktop Manager I can tell you I'd take iTunes any day over it. It's the slowest piece of sh*t I've ever seen and has no little options, I wouldn't be surprised if some highschooler wrote this program.

Desktop manager is not useless or written by kids, or highschoolers. Get over it. It's the best utility to backup, restore and update a blackberry.

Stop lying. Where's the offline garmin app for OS7?

Oh, right, it doesn't exist.

Damned shame there's no offline navigation app for BB for huge swathes of the earth.

Please try loading a student grades table from University of Calgary. Let me know how it goes on Bold 9900!

Quote: "Everyone knows Blackberry can barely do anything. "

I could easy say "Everyone knows iPhones are just toys and not for anything serious"

Reality is, not one phone fits all.

The interesting factor here is that it is one of Apple's board of directors. Trust me, after dealing with the board of directors at my work, what they want, is what they get.

IT departments, whether they just want to give a blackberry or not will not matter!

Agree with @menaknow. When someone from this position wants something, thats what he / she gets. This Blackberry wasn't provided to him as part of an IT policy, I bet he wanted it and he got it. When I was an IT manager for a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company, this happened to me everytime. I had to adapt policies to them.

Actually you do use the phone that your IT department gives you for all business related things. I'm sure the CEOs have personal phones, they're not going to use those when representing their company.

"iPhones are just for toys" is the weakest value proposition and marketing efforts I've ever heard from this website and the BlackBerry commercials. "We need tools not toys" oh god, I've never laughed so hard in my life when I hear this. Twitter just lights up with jokes especially during the NBA halftime shows earlier this season.

How many so called "successful people" are using BlackBerry today? How can you identify who the successful people are to target? It must be a very small niche of successful people today using BlackBerry based on how rapidly RIM is losing market share. The whole value proposition of BlackBerry is for people who like to get sh*t done is very weak.

5 years ago, having a BlackBerry USE to be the cool factor, because everyone thought you were conducting serious business back then. RIM's biggest mistake is they are still stuck in the past glory days and trying to align their brand with "success". The smartphone market is all about apps, superior hardware design, and an OS that provides a great user experience. If I recall, successful people always want to show of their "success" by having the latest "toys" if that's what you want to call the iPhone. You're suppose to market based on the emotional experience of consumers.

The market has totally changed and I hope RIM never takes the advice from the writer of this article. Nothing is facts, just BlackBerry fan boy type of stuff.

I use to be a Blackberry fan boy before I woke up. All I see is business guys carrying an iPhone and iPad. The only thing on the BlackBerry that might help you get something done is the physical keyboard. Most senior guys like Mickey have to use BlackBerry for it's security and physical keyboard. A-lot of senior guys need a keyboard because they struggle with the touch screen.

Your article is a far stretch... RIM is 3-4 years away from possibly making any comeback now because of this article.

Actually, the whole value proposition of your comment is very weak. That's because it only sounds like someone who is speaking from emotion and nothing else. The reason you even talk about cool factor shows that you prefer cool phones. Not necessarily what is proper for your use, but what looks good to impress people. Right? Here's a tip: cars and fancy phones don't impress girls. They never cared about that $hit (at least not the good ones).


This article set RIM back 3-4 years? What are you retarded?
Let's be honest, you were a fan boy until you took your first sip. Other than siri what is new? Ios is an outdated polished turd. BB10 is right around the corner. I'm sure the next fruity offering will be the same as the last with maybe a better home button.

Maybe all the trolls have os envy.

If BlackBerry can barely do anything why would CEO still use it.
CEOs can pick what phones that want to use even if the IT department does not want them to.

...people like you who 'claim' to have owned a BB7 device and then go on to 'claim' it can't do anything, or it's useless either have had such a device and are too stupid to use it, or have never used one in the first place. I own a Torch 9860, and my wife has an iPhone 4 and I can tell you that my BB WILL do anything her iPhone can, as well or better...sure it won't 'fart' or 'crack' it's screen, but I don't want that trash on my BB anyways...and before you go and cry that I compared my BB to her iPhone 4 and not your 4S, the difference between the 4, and 4S are moot...but you're probably one of those suckers who thought there was a huge $500 difference...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I'm claiming a fact, I used a Bold 9900 for about 5 weeks. Nice fart app joke, all app stores have them and no one really downloads them anymore and I've never cracked or broken a phone so it's a non issue for me.

You can stick to your device and insult people who give you facts all you want, but I've used Blackberry OS and iOS and I know that Blackberry is nowhere as smooth and functional as iOS.

Ps: I got my 4S for $40, so no it's not a $500 difference for me, but when it's that cheap why not get it right :P

$40 maybe your not as dumb as I thought. At that price I would buy it as well, just to practice replacing the screen, battery etc. I know a bunch of people with broken hardware.

Fellows, let the troll be. He hath merely words of foul to spew of no value and does not pose any threat to the real truths of Blackberria.

Be on your way foul troll. There be no followers in your rank bile and putrid misery.

Be gone!

It is obvious shells that you are a paid basher and a poor one at that. There is nothing you can say to spin the fact that even apple executives use blackberries since iphones are for IMO the weak minded masses. You can smell the fear from the paid bashers that BB10 will offer the masses something new and when it comes to phones people will change them in mass. The game is still in the early innings. Sent from my playbook.

A paid basher? Lol not really, just a bored uni student on summer break.

I will probably try BB10 like I tried BB7, hopefully it's a better experience.

Kick and scream all you like but you can not spin away the FACT the some apple executives use blackberries. This is very telling and proves blackberries are more useful as a productivity tool then apple will ever be.

"more useful as a productivity tool" ? How exactly? It's given to executives for security, that's really the only reason.

All phones can call, text, and send e-mail. How exactly is Blackberry more productive than that?

The security alone is reason enough for me even if BlackBerry email is faster than most or iphone seem to drop a lot of calls and sound like crap when they stay connected on a call. And BBM....oh that's right, you only have text. At least you can copy and paste now.

I have a new iPhone 4S that sits in my desk and gathers dust because I use a Torch 9810 to get things done.

I also have Android phones that don't get used.

Tools for men that do or toys for boys who can't. Be Bold.

"Tools not toys" is a false argument propagated by the former CoCEO's, and in a big part is what's wrong with BB right now. I have an Android phone (the Galaxy Note) that I originally bought because I needed tools I can't get on my 9810 (Skype, Oovoo) and things like Logmein are easier to use. There used to be tools I could only get on the BB - that now work better on Android and iOS (ICE Live). I have switched the SIM's on these phones because the Android has been everything I could want in a phone - guess what - I get tools AND toys. On this big screen with SwiftKey I have no trouble writing long texts and emails, and with the Exchange compatibility I get calendar and contacts over the air without connecting to the DM because I had BIS.

Blackberry finally seems to get this working WITH developers on BB10 and I expect that many of my problems with BB will end when the new BB10 comes out. I am enthusiastic seeing RIM partner with the likes of TomTom and hope to see more of these partnerships.

I see you have tried other OS's and continue to prefer BB, I expect to lose of of these devices going forward, we will see which one once I can put hands on BB10.

In what way exactly was the 9900 garbage compared to your iPhone 4s? And when you say BlackBerry can barely do anything, what was it you were trying to do that you couldn't do?

I disagree, my BlackBerry is essential in my day to day and I'm just a tech, not enough exec. Barely anything? Are you sure you've owned one? Who's pulling at straws? If a CEO wants an iphone I'm pretty sure the IT guys would get him one. Albeit a compromise.

Garbage is a locked down os. Garbage is being tied to a pc. Garbage is what's in the Kool-aid.

Just another sheep straying from the herd.

I love the fact that they just can't stay away.

burleyShells, you're telling me 2 of the top cell companys give away blackberrys cause their IT department uses the competition? Has to be one of the dumbest comments I've ever read on this site. You sir fail. Take your 4s and shove it. My 9930 is great and helps me get $hit done.

LOL Adam, I love that you caught this, and put it into a Blog post,
THIS is the fun kinda thing I like seeing on CrackBerry.

What I find best about this is that he is using the Bold 9900, it isn't a 9650/9780 he has upgraded to a BlackBerry Bold 9900 in the last year, with all the doom and gloom about the company going under, He and possibly his company still choose BlacKBerry.

Would be fun to find out if they employ a BYOD program for employee's that require smartphones.

It is true. You get shit done on a bb. The other day I sent 3 messages to 3 different people in the span of about 30 seconds and then set my phone back down. After I did it that's exactly what I was thinking.

The fact that we have to say it is *STILL* the best communication tool sort of shows that we know its demise has already happened. Yesterday it took about 5 minutes before a sent MMS picture showed a checkmark beside it. I am in WATERLOO and I had H+ with 3 bars. It can't even do that quicky?? That is the one last ditch front (messaging) that people keep defending and that is even slow.

I have been finding even the most basic nessesities are becoming a problem. CONSTANTLY have "SOS" or no signal in areas where I know there is a signal. The "SOS" stays until I turn off conections and turn back on. No matter what anyone says (it is just my device, it is software related, etc, etc) it is happening and causing me not to be able to make PHONE CALLS, TEXT MESSAGE, and EMAIL.

I had a similar problem a while ago, as well. I have a 9800, so no H+, but otherwise identical. I contacted my carrier and let them know I had a problem, next day I got a text telling me that they had updated my services, and to restart my phone. Only problem I have now is that orange UK happen to be rather popular, and so once in a while I have to wait 10 seconds before a webpage begins to load. More often than not there are no problems, though.

A delayed MMS - does it even have anything to do with the fact it's a BlackBerry? Who are you with? Rogers, Telus, Bell, Wind? I can tell you Telus basically doesn't do MMS at all but dude, it's a f**king text message. Sort that sh*t out with your carrier.

The SOS is thing is OS/user-error. Just because you're in the tri-cities doesn't give you carrier immunity when you're using a BlackBerry and it's where it came from.

Just cheer up please! I don't even give a flying f**k what kind of phone you use!

Just sending some humid, humid love from down the road in London!

This is good to see. The Bold 99 feels like a necessary work tool. I know it's extreme, but an iPhone/Android/WP7 in the office looks like wearing shorts to the workplace to me.

While I do love my 9900 there has been many times when I wanted to throw the damn thing as well. In the bank trying to pull up wire records from a pdf (wouldn't download the PDF stuck at 0%) even though I had full bars and H+, luckily my PlayBook was with me bridged and allowed me to open it. Not to mention the random hourglass that decided to appear while searching for the damn email with the information in the first place.

If the next iteration seamlessly opens attachments and stops the most ANNOYING feature of the blackberry the HOURGLASS then I will be more than happy. But judging by the PB I am quite pleased. I do hope they continue pushing out stability fixes (prevent those random crashes/memory hogs) clean up native applications so they are less choppy and more fluid. Add requested features!!!

If you haven't already done so, update to OS, 3xx or 4xx and then, you'll have better performance. 7.0.0.xxx is skeptical with some carriers, 7.1 blows it out of the water.

Consider updating, but only restoring the data you need (in your case, skip all but Messages, Address book, Memopad, Browser Bookmarks, Options, Calendar.) And it should be faster once you've cleaned all the junk out. Trust me, it works. Mine is so much faster.

Hmm... May be iPhone is better than BB in terms of Apps. But in term of getting things done? Doubt it.

And, I don't think Apple will be happy watching the video. May be they will ask CNBC to pull the video and replaced one with iPhone :D

Seriously, I had an iphone 4 and I got things done. I love my 9860 despite its lack of apps, lags and glitches and rare battery pulls. I guess I can consider myself a fanboy, but my bb does not run as smooth as the iphone used to, it does more or less the same, I just like it better the way my 9860 does it.
"For people who want to get stuff done" I do not think that is the different factor that RIM should be promoting.
I know people with iphones and androids and all of them get things done.
And it can not be the best communication device when you can not use skype or reliable VOIP, sorry to say.
A friend of mine asked me yesterday to "communicate" with her via words with friends and I had to go to my pc and do it through facebook. That is what is drawing customers back, as stupid as it sounds.

Sorry, mate, but my friend has a Galaxy S1 as work phone and keeps complaining about not getting sh1t done with it - constant freezing, random reboots, lags, no real productivity. The same for all the people (= a lot of people) who got all the Samsung Galaxy derivatives from the operators free, you see these people all the time tapping the frozen screen. That is not getting things done at all.

My phone freezes and hourglasses constantly, specially when using third party apps (and native). I do not know about your friends, but my friens get sh1t done pretty well.
Some senior executives I know are very happy with their i"toys".
I am a 100% dependant on my BB and will get a playbook soon, I am just saying "getting shit done" is not going to attract customers, neither is "people who do and people who don't", because nowadays people on android or iphone do a lot more than we do: videochatting, free voip, words with friends, netflix, more banking and services apps...
BTW why is linkedin not supporting 9860?

All I meant to say is that specific friend of mine was so stoked to get the galaxy s1 back then and now won´t say a single positive word about it. BTW, my 9900 does not hourglass at all, while my previous 8900 did quite a lot.

Better at getting things done? That's such an old and baseless claim. Plenty of successful people use devices other than BB and manage to be highly successful. Steve Jobs did pretty ok using an iPhone.

It's a slogan, much like "If you don't have an iphone...", which was nonsense. Everything they advertised in those commercials, I could do on my 9650. Did I think, "I don't have an iphone and i can do ALL of that"? Yes. Did I switch phones? No. Was it effective in racking up new iphone sales? I'm sure it was.

Can you get stuff done on an iphone? Yes. As much as a blackberry? Maybe - maybe not, but that's not the point of the "Blackberry people do" ad campaign. Every ad is trying to grab your attention and get you to believe in said product enough to go buy it. They're trying to sell products & services, not win arguments.

Do you mean how had the old advertisements worked out for RIM? I think we all know the answer. If you mean how is replacing top management including the Chief Marketing Officer? We'll see won't we.

I agree, I just do not think that it is a very good slogan or positioning.
You need to appeal, not to state useless facts that people associate with boredom, obligation, and not being cool.

You nailed it - it is about appeal. We just disagree on the appeal of this approach. As someone who is not cool, boring and obligated, it appeals to me, because what I have to get done is generally not cool.

Yep, I agree, I just do not want RIM to dissapear, and promoting the brand as boring and not cool, apart from not being the best will lead to a certain death.
Gone are the days where smartphones where just to get professional things done. Now they are needed to get personal sh1t done.

Not the best communication device, just more secure. I have a Torch 9810 and an iPhone 4 and I agree I am far more "productive" at getting $#!t (not work) done on my 9810 than on my iPhone 4.

Each OS has its pros and cons and I find that I have less ability to get "work" done on the 9810 than the iPhone 4. In today's world, work needs to be done not $#!t. Keep that for the bathroom.

Oh, if you consider work as answering an email and texting than yes, BBOS is maybe the best. If you need to do more, than no, understanding that BB10 is on the way and I HOPE it rocks.

Again I state, I need to get work done, not $#!t.
Character is easier kept than recovered.

I can see CB Adam sitting back in his chair twiddling his thumbs laughing maniacally at this conversation... No, I don't think he intended to start a fanboy war but I'm sure the comments are entertaining to him.

As others have said before me, there's a certain device for everyone. Generally speaking, those of us who frequent CrackBerry tend to enjoy BlackBerry devices. Others, who may be every bit as successful and/or driven as we are, chose other devices. Because that's what works for them.

The hardest thing for me from day to day when talking to other people about mobile devices is not necessarily explaining why I "still" like BB, but what has me so excited about RIM's future that I'm still sticking around (and this question typically stems from the fact that the average user does not follow tech blogs). Ultimately I resolve myself to the conclusion that people are going to think what they want to think and I just continue to (patiently) wait for BB10 to drop. I'll let the new phones speak for themselves.

I think I stick to BB because it is an amazing business story of true innovation, success, creation of a new market reaching the top and screwing up altogether.
I will get my BB10 phone, no matter what, it will be an incredible device for sure. If RIM succeeds I will show it off, if it does not, I will be one of those saying how much I loved my BB. (You remember the Beta VCR system?)

Perhaps I'm too young, but I've honestly never seem a Betamax machine in real life... But I know all too well of the format wars. Speaking of which, it's unfortunate how quickly HD-DVD fell into obscurity.

On topic: I think that with the way Android devices seem to be progressing this year, it'll take another revolutionary release from Apple to diminish the advances that BB10 promise us. From just the features shown at BB World I'm excited to have the next BlackBerry phone, and RIM almost certainly have a few more tricks up their sleeve!

Wow ! This place stink up really fast. Always arguing your sh#t versus my sh#t. I'm surprise there's no yo mama jokes. Get naked and bring out the measuring tape already. Even if you own these companies shares, winning an argument is not going to increase your profitability. Nor losing your shirts off for another. I got an Imac computer and Ipod touch and I love them. I got a playbook last year, that leads me to Bold 9900, my first cell phone ever. And I love them as well. Simply because I want them. It's my choice. Who knows when BBX or IPhone 5 come out , I might be attracted to their shiny new covers and go for it! Why do I need to justify what devices I use to any one? If you are straight, I'm not going to turn you gay. And if you are gay, I'm not going to turn you straight. Who cares if you are either one or both? All these feces flinging just going to stink up the place! That is of course you are into that kind of sh#t!!

Send from Imactouchmyblackberries

Perhaps it's my personality, but I don't give two hoots about which phones some competing executives, or celebrities for that matter, use. In fact, I think stories like this speak much more loudly about our own insecurities of our Blackberry purchases in that some people on these forums seem to need to see these types of stories in order to justify and validate their purchase of a Blackberry device. Are you really that insecure? Does it really matter to you that Drexler uses a Blackberry device? If he's spotted using a different phone, are you going to be heart-broken and then angry?

I bought my first ipod touch shortly after downgrading from my old bb curve to a dumbphone due to trying to save 30 bucks a month. Dumb decision I know. But wow, I though that device was amazing, and for a short time wanted an iphone. But then due to work, and needing immediate e-mail and missing a physical keyboard I went bold. Fastforward a few years, and here I am sitting with my second torch, and the newest ipod. And comparing these two as like devices is a joke. Speaking only of os's, it's ridiculous to think that these two devices could ever fill the same gap. I-stuff is popular, wanted by many... But I think, and I've seen on a few occasions, that if someone went from iphone to blackberry, they'd become fast believers. Having to hit the home key and get out of one app to go into another one to do anything is horrible. On my bb I can do anything from any screen I'm in. Settings are right there within the app. I can send anything to facebook, twitter, email, sms, from anywhere. Web browsing that people say is faster on ios... I don't see it, and much prefer browsing on my torch, and if people are so concerned about this unoticeable time to load, why aren't they concerned with the time it takes to do something as simple as e-mailing a photo from ios. Or the time you lose having to plug your phone in 4 times a day. Ios does beat bb on apps, but the apps I have on my bb are useful. The apps I have on ios are mind numbing addictive games. I know there's productive apps on ios, but nothing that beats what I need and use on bb.

Call it what you will. He uses a Blackberry at the moment and it works for him. Not sure why people need justification in their device of choice by what others choose.

I imagine this means that Steve Jobs and Tim Cook and all the people at Apple who use iPhone, don't. That is the stupidest argument and editorial on Crackberry ever. Shame on you.

Yeah I agree. It's like when Google was firing on all cylinders and Eric Schmidt was kicking a$$ using his Android ph...

Oh wait. Sorry.

Dude, RIM marketing should jump all over this... The camera even zooms in on the dude's Blackberry at one point. This is the kind of marketing RIM needs: showing people using their Blackberrys to get sh@t done! Makes a heckuva lot better sense than the "tools not toys" crap they've been running.

I have to search wikipedia for "Millard Drexler" because I honestly don't know him and I don't believe in the article at first. Myth Confirmed.

He uses a Blackberry because he is the CEO of JCrew, and *their* IT department no doubt has BES and BBs company wide. I'm betting he rolls up to a directors meeting once every few months (if he is lucky) at Apple.

A lot of people seem to confuse being a director at a company with someone who is involved heavily with day to day running of a company. Its not uncommon for people to be directors on quite a few boards.

This home has four ipods that used to be iPhones. EVERY one of them got tired of having to be tethered to a laptop or have to be confined to ONLY what the iOS offered. My Daughter swore like a sailor while her new Samsung G "searched for service". The twerp now owns my Torch. Daughter 2 uses her ipod for tunes and BEGS for the new BB-10 while she uses her Storm 2 until release day. Last but not least, my son is saving to pay for his ETF for the new LG he just "HAD TO HAVE!!" Having tasted the kool aid, I am MORE than content with my Curve (OS7) & my Playbook combo. And yeah ... I DO get my $h!t done!

My boss uses apple products. He is one of the most unorganized people I know. Not sure how he holds it together. When I question why he doesn't use his calendar, notepad, tasks, his docs apps or any other productivity utilities, he answers "they are too time consuming and difficult to use." Don't get me wrong, he is intelligent and competent, but so unorganized. Is the kool-aid really that strong?

Umm yes they can. I do so with my 9800. I'll give you another try.

Actually forget about replying to emails. The iPhone won't even allow for attaching documents in the middle of composing an email.

Wow, this sure turn ugly pretty quick. I never got why people feel the need to argue about personal choices. Especially that this obviously a blackberry fansite. hahaha. This is like me saying, "My wife is prettier than yours, so you should divorce yours." or "My pants looks better than yours, so yours must be lousy." haha. Everyone has their own choice and preference, there is no single perfect device for everyone.

This is like a civil war within Mobile Nations, why not everyone just live and let live and move on from all the hate. You may not like the company's product, but show some respect. Every company has brought something to the market that brought mobile technology forward, which benefitted all consumers.

I may not be a fan of android but i respect google for bringing forward a smartphone which is highly customisable, with insane specs for high end phones, and making smartphone cheap enough for everyone to own. They challenge the size of mobile device and fitted insanely huge and pretty displays on phones.

I used to use an iphone, not anymore though. But i still respect apple, for bringing forth the next generation of full touch screen devices that isn't a pain to use like the old resistive touch panels. They made tech, accessible and easy to use for people of all ages, including people with disabilities. A brilliant ecosystem too.

I recently used a Lumia 800, and i respect Microsoft for bravely introducing a brand new concept to smartphone with the Metro UI. It is frankly brilliant looking. They took a vastly different path as compared to other platform, and they did a great job with it.

My personal preference is a BlackBerry, and i love how RIM placed productivity on top of all else. Their attention to detail on their handset. They made things that i didn't know i need before. Bedside mode, notification lights, even the turning off radio when battery is too low feature. How they still forge forward with physical keyboard phone by putting the best keyboard i've used on a phone. Push, excellent speaker phones, excellent call quality.

These are just a few of the things that i like about each company. They each of course has alot more things that they brought to consumers. So frankly i want all of them to succeed with their platform, i want all of them to still be around 5-10years from now. I like having choices. To quote a Black Eyed Peas song, "Where is the Love?"

Wow, the vitriol this post provoked is astounding, though not unexpected. People really seem to have brand and device loyalty and attachment. iOS fans seem to be very devout!

I have used many devices over the past 10 years, including the iPhone. I currently using a Bold 9900 and a Playbook, I'll say this - I NEED the tactile buttons of a physical keyboard when composing email and texts. Touch screen keyboards just never worked for me. I picked up the BT keyboard for my Playbook for this very reason.

Both the Bold and the Playbook have amazing build quality - far superior to previous BB devices. They just feel very sturdy.

Corporate standard here at the software shop I work for is Blackberries and PC's, but this is changing. We are introducing "choose your preferred device" which will allow employees to choose what computer and smartphone they want to be issued. Android devices were excluded as too much of a security issue though. We are also introducing BYOD so that employees without company issued smartphones can connect their personal devices (phones and tablets) to the corporate WiFi in meeting rooms and common areas.

RIM not only needs to knock it out of the park with BB10, they need to make sure they focus on what they are good at. Security, physical keyboard, multitasking - all strengths for them. Continue focussing on doing those things well and they will be able to stay ingrained in many corporate environments. They just never have managed to be as appealing to the fickle consumer market.