Even Puppies Love BlackBerry

Puppy Love
By Adam Zeis on 28 Jul 2009 10:17 am EDT

This is probably one of the biggest fears of the dog-loving BlackBerry owner. Leaving your precious device along during the night, only to have it destroyed by mans best friend. Forums member michaelbrandonw had this happen. Check out the pictures if you think you can handle them. If you have a story of your own, send it to editorial(at)crackberry.com. 

I know these stories can be a little bit of comedic relief and heartbreaking in the same respect, so naturally I felt the need to share.

After a typical NYC Saturday evening, I found myself on the couch waking to the sounds of my Tour's alarm. I didn't remember actually plugging my Berry in the night prior (not sure why), but found it sitting on my bed, detached from it's charger. Not detached as in unplugged, but detached as in, chewed clear through the cord detached. My first reaction was, oh well, time to buy a new charger, but my second reaction came moments later when I picked it up to dismiss the alarm.

No need to elaborate, the pictures speak for themselves.



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Even Puppies Love BlackBerry


Why do the buttons look funny on the top picture? And get an otterbox for the replacement. I wanna see how tough those things are.

Your lucky he didn't get to the battery (granted probably wouldn't be that bad)...
When my vizsla was a puppy he chewed once into a C cell battery... a midnight trip to the 24/7 vet and 400 dollars later i had to spend a month giving him antibiotic and squirt a liquid into his mouth to remove the dead skin....

It is beyond me why people have dogs. That thing would have a new home before the pictures were even posted!

If you have a dog, you treat it just like having a toddler. If something is within reach, it's going to get played with and possibly destroyed. It was an unfortunate accident, but it happens. Would you be making the same awful comments if it were a 2 year old child who destroyed a Tour instead of a dog? I for one an just glad the dog didn't hurt itself with the glass from the LCD or the battery.

Look at that dog's face, and try to tell me it doesn't have feelings. You don't think those feelings would be deeply hurt if it's owner gave it away? Dogs get attached, just like people do.

I think the real solution is don't get a dog and don't have kids. Since I'm not a cat person (and I don't like children) if I do get a dog, I'll keep the Berry well out of reach. I do agree that it's not the dog's fault. He's so cute, how could you get rid of him?

1. I am certainly insensitive, that does not make me a dick.

2. As for the comparing the dogs to children comment, you're probably right on. Which is why I wouldn't want either. Would I give away a child? No, I'm not a monster. And that's precisely why I choose not to have kids, or animals--cause I'd want to give them away when my stuff got ruined.

It is beyond me why people have kids. That thing would have a new home before the pictures were even posted!

Some how when you put it like that kids seem so much more disposable lol.

Maybe the dog was trying to hit the snooze button or hates the phone's alarm music. See dogs and kids are alot a like they both like to sleep in.

There's a thing called tough love and I would make this kid go in the back yard and get a switch off the tree.

Oh I feel the pain. One of our puppies ate my new glasses (which cost more than replacing a BB) then the other pup started chewing at my husbands BB storm. Luckily it was in the case and sustained no damage. We both have the tours now and keep them in cases and out of reach. A case can be a great first line of defense.

For those who comment about getting rid of a dog because it ate something... If you take on the responsibility of a dog/puppy then you need to be prepared to dog proof the house. They are chewers and puppies just do not understand about Blackberry and BB addictions!

Good luck and I hope you get it replaced without too much hassle!

Im sorry but this is the main reason i dont have pets...they chew things up, and manage to destroy anything of value thats at their reach...and they make your house smell...not my thing... but hey to each their own...hope you had the full coverage insurance on VZW so you can atleast say you dropped it and a car ran over it or somthing...

had the same thing happen to me. my storm was rendered useless after a nibble or two. I laughed rather than scream at my dogs .

Ringer kept going off from emails one night. Thought i got in on the night stand but didn't. Picked it up off the floor and put it up. Next morning the alarm was going off and it was missing the battery cover. Puppy chewed it up and left it on the couch for me.

Umm just for the record pets and kids aren't the only ones who break things.

Things break. I agree that when you have kids or young pets you have to be a more careful. I think my dog chewed a phone once when she was a puppy and that was three years ago.

As for myself I have dropped my cell in a toilet, left it on top on my car and driven off, dropped it more time then I can count...etc.

I'm a much greater danger to my phone then my dog is...guaranteed!!!


Yes but on the flip side, you paid for your phone... so if you want to destroy it then so be it but when someone or somthing destroys your phone or anything else for that matter then it hurts a little more...

He's just a pup (and quite the cutie). My pup chewed through two phones and three cords. That's not his fault we left them where he could play with them. That was my excuse to get a BB, ;-P. Humans need to be more responsible (y'know, top of the food chain and all that). Wow, I couldn't imagine harming a living creature over a piece of technology that will become outdated in a year.

I am not a dog person. I have cats and one that has a special attraction to my tivo remote. It's full of teeth marks. He's gotten gotten hissed at for going near the phone. I keep hoping he leaves it alone during the night. Maybe someday I will be posting cat damage pictures and a naughty cat.

being a veterinary student, dogs are my weak spot, and so are blackberries. that picture is just too cute, he definitely wasn't done with his new found chew toy!

I feel for you man. Three hours after my roommate bought his new laptop my 1yr old Puggle chewed through his power supply. It did suck because I had to do the responsible thing and go out and buy him a new one, but at the same time (at least in my case) I should have kept my eye on him. Puggles get into everything! He is getting better though as he gets older. The training has certainly helped too.

I feel your pain. I have a himalayan cat that does the same thing to my phone and all the cords to my computer!! Guess they taste good to animals!

Similar thing happened to me, but with less expensive technology. I was playing a comp game and all of a sudden my mouse and keyboard stopped working while I was in an intense fight. I looked down and my puppy is chewing on my cables behind my computer. LOL!!!

She is a 4 month old puppy... thats what they do. She didn't ingest anything so thats good, and my replacement already came today. $50 claim from Asurion... and it was brand new in sealed box as apposed to referb. NICE!!

I have been lucky so far that my puppies have yet to eat my 8900 or my wifes. However, one of them got a hold of my xbox controller and had a grand old time. But it is just a by product of having mans best friend. LOL.

Eh i know how that feels and some. I got my new Alienware M17X 4 weeks ago, and my puppy touie decided to pee on my lapto[ while its on!!!

I had a dog that managed to chew a couch, outdoor carpet, and through the power cord of a Kirby vaccuum. She was not on the top of anyones list for awhile, but once she grew out of the puppy stage, she was the best dog ever. You have to be a dog person to let that kind of stuff go, She meant more to me than any inatimate object.

Awe! Well not to the phone, but you can't stay mad at that face!!

My parents have 2 goldens, I have 1 and we just put one down (he had a tumor on his heart)...

goldens and yorkies are all i've ever had. i love goldens.

good luck on getting your phone replaced though. goldens have weird chew habits sometimes. our late golden had a fetish for money. never credit cards or anything else, just cold hard cash. that's why i never kept it, always just carried a debit, he wouldn't eat that.

I have to honestly say I've been very fortunate. A few nights ago, I used my Blackberry as my alarm. I also have two Australian Shepherd/Lab mix dogs (they're known for being rambunctious and a little high maintenance), and well, anyway I had to plug it in and leave it on the floor beside my bed...my dog Chunky came in and laid on the floor on my side of the bed - right beside my Blackberry. Not once did she try to chew my phone or the charger cord as everything was normal when I woke up the next morning. Although, I think she had a mishap with electricity recently and learned her lesson well. I was lucky - but I train my dogs well. Sorry about the puppy situation - they grow out of that stage eventually, but it takes a while. Yes, a case for your 'Berry is a must when there are pets/children in addition to keeping it out of their reach.

the poor little pup is probably trying to say "I'm soooooooo sorry" and you don't even know it. I agree with a lot of people here who say that when you have a dog you have to make sure you keep things like that out of reach for the little fellas, they just dont know any better, just like when we were babies. Like last year when my niece was 2 years old she somehow managed to destroy my curve 8320. she must have thrown it around about 1000 times, and spilled a bunch of breast milk on it... My sisters defense was "I thought it was one of those dummy phones, even though i did find it weird when it started beeping"..... Now i keep my 8900 safely covered and out of harms way....

I hope you are perfect 24/7 if not your families should shoot at dawn and put the rest of out of our misery or your negativity. Didnt anyone ever teach you if you cant say anything nice dont TALK? Puppy is absolutely adorable and he is just that a puppy and like a baby who needs his area puppy/baby safe.

It's sad it happened! I hope Verizon is sympathetic with their insurance... I know our canadian companies wouldnt do much (As I sell them :S)

Funny thing tho, when I first read this, right under your picture in the add was an OtterBox.... hmmm, great product placement! I think it's a sign... Otterbox is your friend... more of man's best friend then the puppy... Should get a iPhone chew toy or something, so it values BlackBerry more. lol

You need to get some chew toys, your pup is teething. Dogs are the most loving and forgiving animals. The one's cracking jokes about giving them away, once you bond with them it's easier said, than done.

Haha man that's too bad. Look how sorry he looks though, I'm sure he won't do it again. And as loyal as that dog will be to you in the long run versus the reliability and durability of a stupid phone will never compare!

I have a dog and she just knows better. My three years old daughter play with my old 8320 all the time. She is always asking me to hit her blackberry(so cute). But life does go on.

Sorry about your phone. In the end you'll have a loyal friend and companion whose value has no price tag attached! Very precious pup ;-)

I'm so sorry - insurance is a wonderful thing. I have two Labs, 7 cats, a husband and a 10 year old son. I really think my beloved husband has damaged more stuff then any other living creature in my house!

I really don't understand the people who would hurt an animal for something it didn't understand. If it looks chewable, then a puppy will chew it to learn more about it. It's the same with a toddler, they put things in their mouths to learn.
Dogs are probably more intelligent than some of these animal haters.

Well maybe if you played with the dog instead of with your blackberry this wouldn't have happend. Its retaliation.

My dog would be well on his way to someones stomach at a shady chinese food restaurant if he harmed my BB.

I been there man. My dog destroyed my 8525, that I paid full price for, and chewed on the screen to my laptop, and destroyed a $200 logitech harmony. He's outgrown that now. They are just things though. The dog has brought me way more joy than anything he's destroyed would have.

A little over a year a go, Merlin, my otherwise well behaved Golden Retriever, did something similar, adding 2 little details: My 8800 was brand new, I literally got it out of the box and put it to charge that night; and that I found it inside his waterbowl. It was a company issued phone, insured thankfully.