Even More BlackBerry Javelin Photos Emerge

BlackBerry Javelin on eBay!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Sep 2008 09:04 am EDT

In case you are contemplating tossing a bid at the BlackBerry Javelin that's up for grabs on eBay, we have some more photos for you that nicely show off the device you *could* own in less than seven days from now (don't forget to add a day or two for shipping before it's actually in your hands).

And if you're not making a bid (that would make you a normal person!), these are still some sweet eyecandy images to check out. More picss after the jump. I wonder what RIM will eventually call this device? I hope they don't follow the KickStart's naming pattern and and call it the Curve 8900 (a la Pearl 8220). It deserves something new and fresh and WICKED.

more eBay BlackBerry Javelin Pictures...

eBay BlackBerry Javelin

eBay BlackBerry Javelin

eBay BlackBerry Javelin

eBay BlackBerry Javelin

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Even More BlackBerry Javelin Photos Emerge


The Jav is totally SEXY!! By far the BEST looking Berry present or future. Definitely a must have!! Also, puts into perspective just how BIG the Bold really is. ;)

is it wrong that I'm already contemplating the ColorWare paint scheme I'm going to give my Javelin when it gets released and I buy it??

I'm thinking ALL Black on this baby. Will Look HAWT.

I sure hope this is out on CDMA networks by next year. I am upgrading my phone in April and Verizon is the only carrier which services my area.

will just disable the pin on the Jav, just like they did to the BOLD Kev got on ebay. The Jav kicks A**, and I will have it if and or when at&t gets it, but I just dont understand why someone would spend all the money for a paperweight...

There is absolutely no way any company could have as many "leaks" as Blackberry seems to. Their marketing paradigm seems incredibly effective if they are intentionally letting their phone models and features be "leaked" to the public before launch. That's a really smart way to get feedback from customers online before new products are released, minimizing potential problems with less liability ahead of time. It would also save them a TON of money that other companies would spend in focus groups and surveys and it generates more immediate and honest feedback from a wider consumer base. I have to wonder if these Blackberry sites get kickbacks from RIM for being their PR/Marketing mouth piece. I do admit that I'm as interested as anyone about new product offerings, but am wary as always of being marketed to and remain skeptical of most things that are said before any product hits the market.

I have not been keeping up with the Javelin talk. Is there only difference between this and the Bold is the 3G network? Looks nice and just as big as the curve. Any word on release date. I really need to keep up I guess :)

I think the red on black looks pretty nice. It has enough contrast to immediately focus your attention to the numbers without distracting from the overall design.

I think the javelin is a better deal except being not 3g. I heard that theres to be a sort of blend of two, does anybody know of this?

If you could colorware this one all white would you switch from the Bold? or keep the bold as your workhorse?

Sorry I should read first. you already answered my question.

I was looking forward to the USA release of the Bold... Now I don't know.... I'm not going to be switching phones anytime in the very near future, so I may just have to hold out for the Javelin... :)

I like it. I currently have a Curve and am still wondering why the shift keys are sooooo small not only on the Javelin but the Bold too! It's leaves much wasted space that could've been used to widen them - See Curve. And am I the only one who wonders why in most pictures the trackball appears to be BLACK!?! I would love to get a black trackball for my Curve but don't have the desire to remove the housing and Sharpie the led beneath... Anyone else into the black???

Yep, I'll get one since I love the Curve. I like the replaceable battery, something the Bold doesn't seem to have. I'm a sucker for aftermarket high capacity power cells.

Black trackball? Looks fine by me.

But atb376 has a good point, the shift buttons are too small! Right now on my curve it is so easy to get NUM lock on with just my thumb. On this thing, it might be a little more annoying. I don't know.

I also do hit the NUM key with my thumb when going for shift sometimes - however I believe this new shift key will actually correct this problem, as your thumb will be forced to be pressed down more to the right. After a day of use, you will know there is no shift under the ALT key and your thumb won't even come close to hitting it. Does that make any sense?

I could care less about the bold.

But the Javelin!!!!!!!! Now there's a WINNER!!!!
It's like the best of both worlds between a curve and a pearl.
Please, please, please come to Verizon

the Javelin will come to AT&T still? I've read up on the matter on CB and just can't find the info or solid opinions.If it's been answered, can you tell me where? Also when?

Talk about an awesome looking device!!! I can't wait to get my hands on one! I believe that this device will be the next Curve, as far as being the most sought after device by most people. I don't think it will come to AT&T because AT&T only wants phones that have 3G capabilities, and unless RIM makes one with 3G, can you say T-Mobile? These are the best pics of the device I have seen to date! Gonna be a good one!!

Des anyone know if the Javelin will use the same charging cradle as the Curve, or will there be a new cradle like the Bold?

Is this keyboard the same as this one?


Maybe it's just the picture but I like the keyboard of that one much better then this one posted today. I think it's just the picture quality though, but the one in that link I posted is the sweetest keyboard period.

What you guys think?

P.S. I hope we can get more info on bb 9220 which is suppose to be 3g version.

I must have it! I hope tmo gets it by Christmas time. It will be a sweet gift for myself. I've been a good girl this year.

Hi Y'all,

In due course, probably Q1 of '09 - maybe Q2, rumour has it that the NIAGARA will be released. It will be like the Javelin, but will be a CDMA BlackBerry; have 3G, a better camera, better screen resolution, and a more advanced OS.

In the U.S., Verizon and eventually Sprint will be the carriers. In Canada, Bell Mobility and Telus will likely carry it.

Definitely worth waiting for.

- CB

"BlackBerry for Life"

Yo Carbob your a freaking dingus man. Verizon and sprint u.s carriers? They don't get blackberries till everyone else has them. Cept the storm. Tmo will have exclusivity on it first just like the 8220. That's what I heard from my girlfriends dad. I'm just hoping gay tmobile gets RIM to make them a 1700mhz bold like I've been hearing. I hope they don't take the javelin instead. The javelin is for ppl that don't live in 3g areas. Yea I think vodaphones going to be the first in the world to get it.

Javelin is pretty sexy, may just because it's new and shiny...but I like it anyway.
Would prefer the Thunder though
Germany: need 3G, Javelin=no 3G, Niagara=only CDMA-EVDO, doesnt count :P we dont have CDMA in germany, so the only 3G is over GSM, 3G devices=Bold & Thunder, prefer Thunder of the two)

Hey the screen says Rogers, but on the back it says vodaphone.

Must be official pics from RIM or a total scam!!!

They both look awesome, however, the bold is a little too large for my taste. That is why RIM needs to bring the Javelin over to T-Mobile when they release it! I'm def. looking forward to it!!