Even iOS users want BlackBerry 10

By Michelle Haag on 31 May 2012 06:22 pm EDT

We know everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, and eyes are peeled hoping to get a glimpse of the new OS. Unfortunately, all we've seen so far are mock-ups and some really early demos shown to developers at conferences such as BlackBerry 10 Jam.

The latest images to pique our interest showed up yesterday and sent people into a frenzy thinking they were seeing a leaked video of what could be BlackBerry OS 10. Upon a bit of examination and research, we learned it's nothing more than a theme for iOS devices. Yes, that's right -- a BlackBerry flavored theme for iPhones.

While it looks pretty sweet, nothing will turn an iPhone into a BlackBerry 10 device, so we'll all just have to keep waiting for the real thing. Let us know in the comments if you install this theme on your jailbroken iOS device, we know a few of you out there have them!

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Even iOS users want BlackBerry 10


IOS will be the oldest OS on the market within months. It's no longer sexy as it once was...many iOS are former bb users and would jump ship for bb10, I did my own study!

That's a theme? Why aren't blackberry themes for blackberrys that functional? I hope that stuff is actually somewhere in 10.

As far as I know, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, you can modify it if it's jailbroken. As a theme developing and bb10 enthusiast, I'm glad as frak to see a bb os represented as a theme for another is instead of the other way around for once
BB10 is the future.
It will assimilate all
Resistance is futile.

This is stupid because this proves that Apple Inc wants full control of their customer's lifestyle. You can modify, if Apple God say so... you can only have iBooks because Apple God say so.. so on....

It is interesting how jailbroken iDevices are so much more interesting than the stock ones.

Sucroid.com - Sweet apps for the fans

That's very true, iOS is actually pretty awesome IF you jailbreak your iPhone.

But, that's why BlackBerry is even more awesome, because I can tinker to may hearts content with my Phone and sideload android apps all I want on my Playbook without the need to modify the software and sacrifice the security by going to android. That's why BB 10 has to be a hit and RIM has to stick around, because it really is the best aspects of all the other leading platforms along with all that BlackBerry sweetness baked right in. If BB 10 takes the best of BB OS plus adds the modern smoothness and shine, then it will be the best platform out there without any comparison. Windows Phone is ugly, and even more restrictive then iOS, Android is a security nightmare and you have to hack your phone to get the latest updates, and iOS is like vanilla ice cream, it's great and its the best selling single flavor but it's really not to many people's favorite. Come on BB 10, and come on RIM, let's Rock and Roll this!

andddddd the copying of BB10 continues...first the predictive virtual keyboard now the UI.

Here's to hoping RIM/BB eats Apple's and it's iSheep following of twits' lunch.

so basically they took the playbook and rolled it with the dev alpha such a compliment to an OS that is only in alpha stages <3 thanks apple

iOS users absolutely don't want something that only exists in theory and mocks ups. Plus who wants an OS that may not even come to fruition? Oh and theres apps for BB10? Developer support? I'm sure there are plenty envious iOS users

Nobody wants Blackberry 10 except for Blackberry users....PERIOD. Blackberry 10 isn't even out of beta stages and its already behind current Android and iOS systems. RIM, just throw in the towel...

I don't know who's job it is to ban people on CrackBerry, but whoever it is, they're lazy as s**t! I'm not asking to live in a bubble where we pretend everything is perfect in the BlackBerry world, and I have no problem with people posting constructive criticism, but worthless negative comments like the two above and those who write them should have no place here on CrackBerry. When someone writes "RIM, just throw in the towel", that should be an instant ban from this site!

Anyone who posts an entirely negative post, or calls for the end of RIM without even providing the slightest of educated reasons why... should be banned.

CrackBerry is NOT a device agnostic website, it is a BlackBerry user and enthusiast site. Because of this, there is no need to keep the comment sections open to all. If a user's comment is clearly anti-RIM/BlackBerry, there is no room for them here... ban them.

Did you even read the article bubble boy?

Michele wrote:

.... Let us know in the comments if you install this theme on your jailbroken iOS device, we know a few of you out there have them

She's asking iOS users to respond to her trolling, what do you expect?

How about an actual and appropriate answer?! In the comments I referred to, where do they even hint at answering the question asked? You must have better vision than me, because I can't see an appropriate answer through all the hate.

It's not really "better" vision, you just need to be able to see it from both sides. Try reading her post from the perspective of an iOS fanboy. Viewed in that light, the responses ARE appropriate. (hate begets hate)

I'm an iPhone user (have been since the 3G, plus 3GS, and 4). I've never once owned a BlackBerry device, and I cannot wait for BlackBerry 10. It's a brand new OS. Any company would lack some features when comparing to one that's been out for much longer. I think BlackBerry 10 looks amazing.

@carraser891 - How do you know that BB10 is already behind current android and ios systems? Do you have some secret info no one else has? Have you come back from the future?

Blackberry users want something more than a little toy. Go play with your little toy. The rest of us want a world class business tool.

Is this a news story? Come on CB, you used to be my must-check blog first thing every morning. Now I go a week without reading and when I do eventually drop by, the articles are meaningless trash like this. Please, for the love of god, bring back the stuff we like: rumors, REAL news, accessory reviews, app reviews (not just games), and just overall quality tech reporting. And quit it with the "BB ain't dead yet" editorials. I'm here for information, not opinions.

I am failing to understand how a BlackBerry-ish theme on iOS makes news. The title of this article seems to ignore the sheer number of iOS and Android like themes available for BlackBerry. If there is a group in the "wannabe" category I'd have to say BB users beat iOS users by a mile.

They troll on here and insult bb10 after they get bored of their talking cat and fart apps, because their devices respond really fast in forums and blogs. Why would an IOS user try to surf anywhere else, they know their toys can't support the true world wide web. I also guess the ones who spend their left arm to buy a "take it as it is device" are afraid to jailbreak their toys and lose their warranty (which the second they jar it wrong will crack the glass and need it) so they come here and mock and criticize it knowing full well it would look awesome on their toy. BAHH BAHH!

That is a misconception if I cracked my iPhone, I can restore it with iTunes and it wipes the jailbreak. Warranty back. My playbook can simulate/initiate android apps does that mean I want the android os entirely?

I want to see BB10 ASAP. I can't wait for it to come out. I'm anxious to see if it will be as big a failure as web OS was and die just as fast.

I'm excited to see you stop hating on RIM.

How would you like it, if someone said that about your family or company?

Arrgh, BB10 looks so good, but we have so much pain to go through before it comes out.. Wake me up when September ends.....

You guys are way too black & white about this. Including you Michelle, people looking waaaay too much into this. This is not "iOS users wanting BlackBerry 10" it's just one geeky guy (or a team of geeky guys) trying to recreate one OS on a different platform.

Not everything done in the tech world needs to be to the sound of the drums of the smartphone war. I think it's kind of a cool project and I wish the developers luck in making it so.

Edit: when I got my Torch 9800 (back on release day, I now own a 9900), one of the first themes I installed was the playstation portable theme. Does not mean I wanted my BlackBerry to be like a PSP, I just liked the look of the theme, people always hunger for new and fresh designs in the smartphone world.

That theme SHOULD BE the new BB10 interface! I like the app tray at the bottom, not at the top. And for heaven's sake that browser icon needs a remake!