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Want to keep up to date with the news? Check out Euronews for BlackBerry 10 - It's free!

By James Richardson on 16 Sep 2013 10:25 am EDT

Another quality native news app has made its way to BlackBerry 10. Euronews clearly focuses on Europe, but it's an awesome way to keep up to date with what's going on - both with text and video. 

Once you launch the app you'll be presented with the most recent stories. Select the one you want and you can either read the story which is shown with white text on a black background, or above that will be the video. The video works in both landscape and portrait and the streaming seems to work perfectly. With all stories you'll have three tabs at the base of the screen. Two of these are a happy and sad face. These allow you to almost vote if the story is good news or bad. I'm not totally sure why this feature exists but it does. The third option is 'share' and this can be done via any accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub. 

Back to the home screen and as well as a search tab at the bottom you'll also have an option to watch the news channel live, which is a real sweet feature. 

Pressing the 'Home' tab will give you a bunch of categories so you can just view the stories which are relevant to you if you so desire. As well as a map in the main menu - which shows you where the good and bad news is - there is even a quiz if you get bored. It's kind of random having it in a news application but the more content within the app the better. 

Euronews is free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. With that in mind go and give it a try - it's quite a beauty. 

Euronews app will be available in 13 editions: 

Already available: 

  • French 
  • German 
  • English 
  • Russian 

And soon to come: 

  • Arabic 
  • Greek 
  • Hungarian 
  • Italian 
  • Persian 
  • Portuguese 
  • Spanish 
  • Turkish

More information/Download Euronews for BlackBerry 10



Nice one.. my father will be happy with that. Keep growing BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Never thought that they would bring an app to BlackBerry 10 but I am very glad they did. I regularly follow Euronews. Subscribe to it though Telus Optik TV service.

Posted via CB10


Me too happily surprised +1

Posted via CB10


Just downloaded. Very impressive. Good video, and loads quite quickly.

I like the map feature and the various videos available, not to mention the "live" option.

Great app. This is NOT a port. This is native.

Pete The Penguin

Not an Android port? That's great news! :dancing:



I installed this app yesterday. From the first view, I like this app very much. It is native, it runs smooth, it has a nice and clear design, but there is enough to improve. I really liked News Republic on Android and I'd like see them bringing some more features for personalization (e.g. scalable fonts, favourite topics) to this app.


Very impressive. This one's a keeper, even though I live in Canada.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on


Best native app, best design. I was blown away.


Don't get much Euro news here. Will download for sure and see how it compares with the Guardian.

Posted via CB10


One of my favorite app! I was waiting for it!
Very well done! Great job!


Impressive native app.

Posted via CB10


Excellent app. All news apps should be this good!

Posted via CB10


Beautiful app. Love the built-in video player. Screenshots lend me to thinking this app looks much nicer on the Z10, but it's running great on my Q10. Good find, CB gods

Posted via CB10


Often watch Euronews when out of the UK so have downloaded. Only had a quick look but looks really good from what I've seen so far. Another thanks to CB for highlighting the availability of this app!


Like this app a lot. The 'Live' button doesn’t seem to do anything though. Anybody having the same issue? What is it supposed to do?

Posted via CB10


The description says it doesn't work in US but i think they meant North America - I'm Canada and it doesn't work

Posted via CB10


Awesome stuff, looks great on my z10

Posted via CB10


Really high quality native app.

Ka Nos


Posted via CB10


New favorite news app!

Posted via CB10