Eufloria HD brings beautiful, abstract strategy to BlackBerry 10

Eufloria HD on BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 18 Feb 2013 01:42 pm EST

Another gem in BlackBerry 10's early game selection is Eufloria HD, which recently made its debut on PlayBook as well. This is an absolutely sublime abstract strategy title where players have to fertilize asteroids while protecting their own against competing life forms. Every asteroid has its own unique resources, which determine the strength and speed of the seedlings it produces.

The haunting music sets a very calm tone, though the gameplay can become quite frantic, especially if you flip on fast forwarding. Eufloria has been around for awhile, so you can count on it being well-balanced, plus those that have played it elsewhere may already have a soft spot and will end up grabbing it again. Eufloria is really elegant, and for $2.99, it's hard to go wrong. 

Have you guys found any good strategy games on BlackBerry 10 lately? What are you playing mostly?  

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Reader comments

Eufloria HD brings beautiful, abstract strategy to BlackBerry 10


I'm not usually that into mobile games but I do like this one.

Since I paid for it on my playbook a few months ago, do I get it free on the Z10?

this is one of the best games ever ! I bought this on steam some 3 years ago and said to myself "this needs to be on a touch screen device!". Props to the devs for making it happen.

On a side note anyone notice the game is noticeably faster on the Z10 as compared to the Playbook LTE ? BB10 sure has some sweet optimizations :)