Escape the Zombie Apocalypse with Rebuild for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Rebuild for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 21 Mar 2012 12:09 pm EDT

If you're into brushing up your skills on surviving the zombie apocalypse, then the newest zombie game to hit the BlackBerry PlayBook, Rebuild, may just be something you're looking for. The idea behind this game is that you're trying to defend your town, but you can't do it alone so you've convinced other locals that have taken refuge in surrounding buildings to team up against the zombie invasion. I must warn you, if you've started to play the game and are thinking that the first few zombie rounds are a walk in the park just wait till you have successfully reached day ten and eleven, that's where the fun begins.


  • Unique turn-based strategy gameplay
  • Randomly generated cities
  • Customizable characters
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • 7 endings to discover

    One of the coolest things I wanted to point out isn't even a part of the game, it was the experience this developer had working with RIM and the BlackBerry platform. In this case the developer originally worked solely with Apple and their iOS platform, but was lucky enough to be giving a PlayBook from RIM during the GDC (Game Developer Conference), and this sparked interest within the developer. She quickly got started on using the Adobe Air development platform to bring Rebuild over to the PlayBook. When I read the developer's email it came with a piece of text that I just had to put into this post

    "I'd like to let other developers know how easy this was and hopefully it will help bring more apps to the PlayBook."

    So I guess there's another myth busted for the BlackBerry platform, it is easy to port your games over and build success on the PlayBook and future BlackBerry 10 devices. Now my question is, which developer will be next? If you're feeling like you could hone in your zombie fighting skills than I recommend picking this game up from BlackBerry App World for $2.99, because you never know when you'll be face-to-face with the undead.

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    Escape the Zombie Apocalypse with Rebuild for the BlackBerry PlayBook


    I bought this game when it came out because it looked interesting. Big mistake.

    It's simply one of the most addictive games I've got on my playbook now.

    Waaaaay too much fun.

    Honestly I don't mean to be complain about this... But why In order to enjoy a cool game on playbook they are always paid versions?? Why if rim struggling having costumers for the playbook still charging for every single thing.. Or at least make a free version,just like other platforms do!! Not every one budgets are the same.. so if you're poor or have financial issues and owned a playbook you wont enjoy most of the cool things so far on the platform.. I'm a faithfull rim fan.. But they really need to think about everything and everyone. I'm glad that little by little things are getting in place but come one.. Thanks

    I would rather pay $2-$3 for a proper build that people worked hard to develop than have a sluggish free app that has limited features and is bogged down by ads, especially after that recent report that says ad-supported apps are a drain on the device's battery.

    Ive got a free app for you. It's called, "Mow My Lawn". It will provide you with hours of entertainment and it won't cost you a penny.

    Ive got a free app for you. It's called, "Mow My Lawn". It will provide you with hours of entertainment and it won't cost you a penny.

    I'm not buying your "poor/financial issues" strawman. If someone is poor, more than likely he or she doesn't have a tablet or a phone capable of running apps like this. If said individual is indeed poor, and he or she owns a tablet or phone capable of running apps like this, then I understand why that person is poor.

    Either way, its not up to RIM or the dev. to provide an app gratis so someone who buys a tablet or smartphone costing hundreds of dollars and opts for a data plan/cell plan that approaches $100 dollars can continue to live beyond their means and plead poverty.

    Please list free apps on the iPad/iPhone that do not have ads, sell your personal information, or make you spend $$$ on in-app purchases to make the game enjoyable. I have a PB, Kindle Fire, iPad and iPhone. Amazon will give some good games away on their "free app a day" promo on Marketplace. Apple sure doesn't do that.

    I agree with what has been said below. I'd gladly pay $2+ bucks for a well designed app that is fun to play and doesn't push ads, is buggy, appropriates my personal information or requires in-app purchases to be truly fun.

    For the poor playbook owners out there, download asphalt 6, Need for Speed Underground, Tetris and Modern Warfare 2 for free. You won't get games for free on an iToy that are anywhere close to the quality of these four.

    " If said individual is indeed poor, and he or she owns a tablet or phone capable of running apps like this, then I understand why that person is poor." I am okay with the rest of your comment except what I highlighted in quotes. Maybe they received one through a donation or the parents saved for him to have that one good gift he/she will have for a long time. Stop being so dam heartless.

    You should remember that making apps is an aquired skill and it takes a lot of time (and sometimes money) to make a game or app to this standard. I don't think you are being particularly "heartful" yourself expecting all that hard work to be given away for nothing.

    Save up some pocket money, get a job in a shop. Or better still learn to make you own apps: Playbook has probably the widest range of developer tools on any device and its FREE to make AND upload your app and start selling - unlike most other appstores. Making apps is easily as fun as using them (and more rewarding), especially on such a beautiful device. You don't need a new computer and most tools are free or very cheap.

    I don't want to get all political but (I can't help it) the "everything for nothing" internet culture that has arisen might be what has so many young people out of work right now. All the things they seem to want in life have become free: the music, the apps, even the gadgets (free on contract - paid by mum/dad) they don't even feel motivated to earn money as a result. The loss of demand in so many sectors has fed back into the employment arena and resulted in far less jobs for everyone. It's ironic in way.

    I stand by my previous post regarding poor people and tablet ownership. I called out the OP regarding a ridiculous strawman, to which you rebutted by narrowing said "poor person owning a playbook" strawman into a "poor person who owns a playbook by the grace of charity" strawman. Subdivisions of the strawman make the argument less and less persuasive.

    But I'll bite. Here's what a person in such circumstances can do in order to enjoy games on his or her PB without having to fret over the price of $2+ USD games:
    A) downlaod the four free games I mentioned in my post (or any of the other free games available on the PB),
    B) play free flash based games available online while you're mooching off someone's wifi, unless whoever gifted/donated the PB was gracious enough to also give/donate a BB phone w/ a data plan for bridge capabilities,
    C) beg whoever donated/gifted the PB to donate/gift an AMEX prepaid card, like the ones advertised to prepubescent girls at shopping malls, loaded with enough money to buy as many games as one may wish, or
    D) make enough money so that he or she doesn't feel the need go on a tech blog, pleading poverty and whining to everyone on the blog, about having to pay $2+ USD for a GAME that runs on a tablet that costs hundreds of dollars.

    Sorry for being so "heartless"...HTH

    I don't know about you. But I would rather paid for an app than a freemium app. It seems to be free, but you have to pay for virtual goods that may cost you lots of money.

    I'll buy it - what's a few bucks every month. I don't drink coffee so I figure this IS MY "coffee fund"!!!

    Thanks! Looking forward to many more playbook games. Every month since launch my playbook seems to get better......It's a slow slope but it keeps getting higher :)

    Hi @Crackberry-Hammer,

    Alex from RIM here. I’ll take battling zombies over a cup of coffee any day of the week. Thanks for supporting our developers, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying gaming on the BlackBerry PlayBook. We have new apps rolling out every day, so keep a close eye on BlackBerry App World for all the latest games:


    Alex, RIM Social Media Team

    If selling games that are otherwise free on other platforms is what it takes to have them come over to the BlackBerry, so be it-I guess its better than nothing.

    I will take the same leap of faith that this developer took in investing their time to bring something to BlackBerry, just hope that they realise that we don't just want ports.

    That's sick news! Awesome!! The PlayBook is a great gaming device.

    Glad to have great developers on board like her. I don't know her name, but I love her attitude! :) Other developers will hopefully take heed.

    This game reeks of awesomeness. If you like zombies and/or turn based games this is a must buy. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that funding on Kickstarter for Wasteland 2 makes it to $1.5M USD so I will have turn based goodness on both my PB (Rebuild) and Mac (Wasteland 2).

    Here's the link for those that may want to donate to help the cause:

    looks like lots of fun! I don't know why people are complaining about the price if the game cost the same on other platforms. There are plenty of free games on PlayBook, I download them all the time. I just got this zombie game The Walking Dead from AMC, it was FREE. Lots of free games on PlayBook, stop complaining.

    this is OT and i'm not sure if it's already posted somewhere but i always get my playbook news here but i haven't seen any post about the official release of the playbook keyboard. i happened to google about it and found out that it is officially coming out next week and if you pre-order it from (which i did), you save $20. =]

    ps. OS 2 is awesome. my playbook was basically an expensive paperweight until OS 2 came out. now i use it every day. =]

    just purchased. Well worth 3 bucks to get such a great game on Playbook. Gaming on my Playbook is infinitely better than on my wife's iPad. For gaming, it's absolutely the perfect size! I'd really love more great games from EA though :-(

    BlackBerry PlayBook May Receive an Update Soon; Probably Add More Languages Support

    Seems like RIM is rolling out another impressive BlackBerry PlayBook update soon with additional International languages support. Absence of many highly needed languages like Arabic, Chinese etc. are still missing out on the tablet but not to surprise these are on way to arrive maybe in the next update or later with the release of BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+/LTE devices. Stick with us for more updates