eReader For BlackBerry Now Available In Beta Form!

By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2009 08:46 am EDT
eReader For BlackBerry Now Available!

A few days ago Kevin dropped information about a new BlackBerry application called Shortcovers, which essentially allows you to buy, download and read books on the go all from your BlackBerry. Now yesterday, eReader, an application that has been available for Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices for a long time now, has finally been ported over to a BlackBerry version, albeit in beta format. And while eReader has been getting rave reviews (video review here) from jkOnTheRun about how well it functions and how great it is, I found some things that I truly hope they improve upon.

The biggest drawback that I can see from the service is the fact that books cannot actually be purchased from within the application itself, you physically need to open your browser and head to the eReader mobile site, purchase your reading choices and then access them from the application, a major drawback as I see it. But it does have some finer points as well to go along with it, such as being able to access already purchased books from Fictionwise and being able to store said purchases to the media card. All in all a cool application, worth a look if reading on the go is what you like to do. And they scored brownie points with me for offering up White Fang for free! ;)

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eReader For BlackBerry Now Available In Beta Form!


This is very interesting and it shows there is a market for e-readers. It will be interesting to see in a generation's time if they have overtaken their traditional paper rivals.

This is pretty cool. I used to be a big (their name before becoming eReader) user when I had PalmOS devices. Looking forward to checking this out.

The mobi pocket Reader is also free and ported for the Blackberry. They have a similar link to their store and they have an additional Free application you can put on your computer to convert any pdf, text, or word document to their format. There are also several sites that offer free books in text format that you can convert and read on the go. It is kinda cool if you are looking for ebooks. The Mobipocket "store" also has free ones ready to go as well.

The only thing about MobiPocket right now is that I find that it doesn't play nice with my Storm. It's an ok app though.

It's about time that eReader supported the BlackBerry platform.

It seems as though while the book will rotate to landscape on the Storm, it's impossible to switch to a different page while in landscape. Am I missing something? Works fine in portrait. It also looks like the table of contents will come up in both landscape and portrait, but clicking the sections only actually works in portrait.

I want some kind of solution for when I travel and don't want to lug around a bunch of separate books for the airport... but I'd like the flexibility to use landscape. If anyone has a suggestion that works better for the Storm do tell.

Hi guys does anyone know if this plays .pdf files that are on your memory card or device memory??? I've only been able to open .pdf files that are attachments thru email... Of course without purchasing the Premium docs-to-go...thanks...

After a development period longer than the fricking Manhattan Project, I was expecting a little more polish.

But, I am pleased that I can now read again some of the 30-40 book I bought from these people during my Palm days.

I think the prices for eReader seem a little better than pricing on Shortcovers. I still don't know why these service s are more expensive than PB editions. I do think these types of services will only get better. I would like to see their prices come down a bit though.

I've been using eReader on the Palm for about 6 years now. I've converted over to a Storm just recently, and just assumed this was available for the BB platform. This is excellent news, and after's one sweet app compared to the Palm version.

Hi I just download the ereader on my BB Storm. I LUV IT!
clean, easy, and I can download from my ficitionwise bookself. Mobipocket only let u see 65 ebook. On ereader I can view all ebooks (close to 500) from online bookshelf.
I tried Shortcover didnt like it. I used Ereader when I had my treo. Please take it from me who use my Storm to read ebooks, EREADER is the best so far!
Thanks :)

I'm a Bold user coming over from Palm and I could not be happier to see this on the BBOS.

Also, for those comparing this to Mobipocket, the DRM used by eReader is the least intrusive I have ever encountered.

Mobipocket Reader for the Blackberry Storm is my personal favourite application. I read from it every night after the wife has turned her bedside light off.

You can lock the screen orientation, change pages with the silence of a swipe and it has a neat coverflow interface!

And you can change and edit any ebooks you may find on the web with their ebook creator. Awesome!

That was good news. Finally I can read on my BB the books I bought once for my Palm. But I'm a little dissapointed. The app uses more than 1 MB of memory! That's rediculous. So we better use the Mobipocket e-reader. Is also a free app, and only 400 kb strong. And as was said further down, there is a free app available from the Mobipocket website that let's you convert pdf's and html's into the ebook format.All for free!
One thing is missing on all ebook reader I have seen so far, that is an autoscroll function. Everybody ever used iSilo knows what I'm talking about. It should be an absolute MUST!

This is something I've been hoping wouldmake its way onto the BB for a while. One of the major MobiPocket datahouses closed their doors at the end of the year. It's not a huge deal for books I've already downloaded and can read in MobiPocket Reader, but if I ever got a new BB, I wouldn't be able to read those books anymore.

I would buy books at Fictionwise, Their MicroPay rebates helps with affording ebooks. They also support eReader format, so even the pre-purchased Mobi books are now available through eReader format (they are replacing the Mobi ebooks with eReader formatted ones). This is really good news. :-)

This is great. I had an account at peanut press when i had a sony clie and then went to fictionwise for my ppc units. this program downloaded both accounts and combined them in my online library. The reader is ok, best feature is ability to turn pages with a click(one handed). Much easier than mobipocket

Ereader was Peanutpress and was an okay reader. The only thing that it had to distinguish itself the ebooks were encrypted but also having ereaders on other platforms on the PC/Mac, Palm OS, PPC, iphone and now the BB which ebooks purchased could be read on any of these platforms.

Fictionwise purchased Ereader a few years ago. Fictionwise distinguished itself as selling multiformat (unencrypted) ebooks, mobipocket, ereader and adobe ebooks.
Fictionwise has a reputation of being one of the largest selection of ebooks to purchase with discounts and special offers. Recently (Feb 09), Fictionwise was purchased by Barnes and Noble.

As to the questions related to "doesn't ereader read PDF files". Read carefully! They read "PDB" files (Palm DataBase) which is a Palm format document file.

People migrating from Palm OS devices would be aware that there are only a few readers (ereader and Isilo) that could read PDB files. Isilo can also read straight text files.

I had been looking forward to ereader being made available on the BB. However, I would like to see an "ereader lite" with just a reader without the download/wireless facility to read ebooks stored on the memory card.

After testing out the application a bit, I think they are on the right track, but still needs some work to do. But hey, it is a beta.

The 1MB file size is way big for the {small} amount of features included at the moment. Additional features are supposed to be coming in future releases. Hopefully this just means they need to optimize the code in the final release, and additing additional features won't bloat the code even more.

There is no way to completely exit the application. Selecting Close from the menu just sends it to the background. Once it is running, the only way to exit the program is to do a battery pull. At least with MobiPocket, Shift-Q will completly exit the application. Hopefully this is something that they are aware of and will be added in a future build.

A former Treo user before I moved to my Curve, this was one major missing piece. And it looks to be just as good as the app on the Palm. Despite the size of the application, I'm a happy camper. I can read the e-books queuing in my Fictionwise library again.

I downloaded it to my BB Storm, and I have to agree with what Xopher said previously: once you start the application, you can't turn it off. Whether you close it with the "Escape" key or select "Close" from the menu, it still shows up in the "Switch Applications" list. Their web site claims it is an early release, and that they have already scheduled new releases in the coming months. Hopefully, the next release will take care of this problem.

I had high hopes for this one. It is in beta, but I'd not yet consider it ready for use. I am usually oK with beta software, however this sucked up a ton of memory. So much so that I was getting locked up all the time and would get that BB clock (hourglass) thing often. Missed many calls because of that too (waiting for the BB to unfreeze). Often when synching with the desktop I could get messages about "not enough free memory". Others have mentioned that the app does not ever shut down. I would get these problems even after a battery pull and wouldn't even start eReader, yet still had the memory problems.

I uninstalled it today and my phone is all back to normal. Too bad, I was looking forward to this one :-(

(On BB Storm 9530)

I downloaded the app and opened it up. I get the icon showing eReader and then it closes. I can't open anything. I've done a battery pull and I still get the same thing.

Am I doing something wrong?

On my 8330 the eReader Pro app loses all my books (and my place in them) each time I shut down the app. I have to re-download them every time, which just isn't practical, even though I can see them on the memory card when I attach the 8330 to my MacBook.