Epicue for BlackBerry 10 to help users figure out restaurant wait times

By Simon Sage on 2 Oct 2013 09:24 am EDT

Epicue is an interesting check-in app that aims to make sure the restaurants you go to don't have a massive wait time, and we got a sneak peak at BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013. Users check in to establishments with the app and give the place a red, yellow, or green wait time rating. They can also check into Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, and BBM at the same time, as well as upload a picture. Similarly, you can take a look at the wait ratings for restaurants in your neighborhoods.

The major caveat here is that the data is only as good as the userbase; having one dude submit last week that there was a long wait time doesn't necessarily help you today. Over time, these places could gather decent average wait time scores, and if partnerships are struck up with chains, maybe real-time data could be farmed up based on how many orders they're processing.  

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Epicue for BlackBerry 10 to help users figure out restaurant wait times


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I am using this app, and it has a neat and smooth UI. I've the beta and I think I got this because this is only available in the Philippines for now? The developer is Filipino, I guess.

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McDonald's isn't a restaurant, remember that. It's a junk food place and that's it, nothing more, bottom level in the chain.

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We are actually working on how to push more restaurants to our server. And also planning on when we are going cross platform and supporting other countries. So stay tuned to our twitter @epicueapp and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/epicue

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