Epic Applications Updated For Bold, Curve 8900 And Tour

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jul 2009 10:52 am EDT

Epic Applications

Derek at Epic Applications, maker of Berry Wars and Bartender Pro, has just let us know he has updated all of his apps to work on the Bold, Curve 8900 and Tour.  Previsouly all of his apps were only for the Storm, but now you can get your hands on them for all of the latest devices.  You can check out Berry Wars, Bartender Pro, Call Blocker, Word Shuffle and Golf Scorecard all in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Epic Applications Updated For Bold, Curve 8900 And Tour


Crackberry App Store says it is not compatble with the 8900
....am I missing something here? and Word Shuffle, no free trial. not good.

I will do my best to get a free trial up for the apps asap. I wanted to first make sure they were available.

Call Blocker relies on a feature in 4.7 only, so this is not compatible with earlier devices.

If I had a storm and now have a tour, can I get the tour version of berry wars without having to pay again?

If you had a Storm and now have a Tour (like me!), simply go to your Mobihand My Account page and update your device, then download again. No need to pay again!

It still says "Berry wars for Storm" even though my device is switched to tour :( Will it work on my Tour?

Just wanted to be clear that not ALL my apps were updated, but the following are now compatible with the Tour, Storm, Bold, and Curve 8900:
- Berry Wars
- Word Shuffle
- Bartender Pro
- Golf Scorecard

and for the Tour and Storm
- Call Blocker