Epic Applications For Storm $0.99 Sale Today Only!

Epic Applications
By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2009 03:35 pm EDT

I just got word that Derek of Epic Applications has made all his Storm apps $0.99 for today only.  We have checked out a few of his creations like Word Shuffle and Berry Wars in the past, and had nothing but good to say about them.  You can get them both, along with Bartender Pro and Call Blocker (all for the Storm) for only $0.99 today.  Keep in mind these are all for the Storm only.  Head on over to ShopCrackBerry.com to pick up these and all of Derek's other apps.

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just downloaded bartender pro what a great app everyone should have this.


how about some sales for us non-storm owners


Sorry, I only develop for the Storm, or else I would have sales for you!

Enraged Medic

you would be making more $
I guess that's your loss


bought it and after a few rounds i started getting the same letters over again. not much variety there.


i was just about to download call blocker until i saw they were for storm only.


What time do these kind of things end cause I was going to purchase a couple items and noticed that the price had gone up. Its only 11:53pm pst right now. Whats up with that.


Yeah... when I went to check on 'em about 6 minutes ago, it was 11:54 PM PST and now all the prices have gone back up. It must be EST I guess.. sucks though. AND I was going to check out CrackBerry.com earlier today.. wish I had now. Maybe they'll go down in price again in a few weeks or something.


that was a quick sale....


Dang... missed it... Was gonna buy all of your apps, too. :(


was gonna buy all the apps too! they should DEF go back on sale for just 1 more day! who agrees??


i agree...thoguht about picking up word shuffle for .99


Me too.. that was a very quick sale. hopefully they will have the sale again.


Isn't the application still .99? When I add to my cart is shows $2.99