ePhone Anywhere now allows free video and voice calls between PlayBook, PC and Mac users

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By Ryan Blundell on 25 Aug 2011 12:06 pm EDT

So last week, we mentioned an alternative to Video Chat on your PlayBook called ePhone. The service extended calls to nearly 60 countries, with free voice and video calling between ePhone users and monthly allotment of minutes for contacting those without ePhone. Check out more details here. Today, they made an announcement that extended their service even further; allowing people to make and receive calls from their Macs and PCs. This extension is - ePhone Anywhere, which is rather fitting.

Their offering now includes:

ePhone: Allows PC and Mac users to make and receive free local and long distance calls to the world for just $20/year, from any computer in the world. No software to install.

ePhone for PlayBook: The PlayBook App that allows you to make and receive free local and long distance calls to the world. For just $20/year, all from your PlayBook.

ePhone Anywhere: This includes the PlayBook App and PC & Mac combined for $30/year.

Many of you have requested the ability to place and receive calls from your PC & Mac computers. Well… we have listened and done one better, it’s called ePhone Anywhere. With ePhone Anywhere, you can make and receive calls from your ePhone PlayBook App AND from any computer in the world, by simply logging into www.comwave.net/ephone. ePhone Anywhere is just $10 more than our regular ePhone and as always, you get your own phone number and free local and long distance calling to 57 countries for a full year.

And more good news… if you don’t own a PlayBook, now ePhone is for you too. For just $20/year, anyone anywhere in the world can use ePhone to make and receive calls from their computer. So spread the word and tell your friends. Video calling is also supported between all ePhone users for free.

Still being in beta, Comwave has acknowledged a known issue in which phonebook entries which are not being saved as requested. They gave a resolution ETA of 1 to 2 weeks. Remember that they give a 3 day free trial, and 100 minutes, to play with before you decide if ePhone is for you.

More information/download ePhone for thr BlackBerry PlayBook

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ePhone Anywhere now allows free video and voice calls between PlayBook, PC and Mac users


Although I may be willing to pay the $20 for video chat on the playbook, its going to be tough to convince my friends and family to pay that when skype is free. Would be nice to see a free version for incoming calls only. Looks cool though.

I was under the impression that Skype is only free on Skype - Skype. It says in the information above that "The service extended calls to nearly 60 countries, with free voice and video calling between ePhone users". Am I missing something or isn't this what Skype offers?

Skype is only free to call others that have skype. If you call to a landline or mobile phone...you pay for those calls. ePhone is different: You get your own phone number so that even landlines and mobiles can call you...plus you can call for free to 57 countries. This turns your laptop or Playbook into a full blown telephone where you can place calls other people and they can call you back.

Hope that helps.

when you said 'turns your ... laptop into a full blown telephone"
I guess you meant the $30 a year Global ePhone. free ePhone is not supported on PC nor mac

NIce. I have friends in a couple of countries and Hawaii that don't have playbooks but we could video chat on this service until they get some playbooks. :)
$20.00 bucks per year is nothing if the service is good. I think I'll do the trial version and if it is as good as it seems I'll be happy to get it.

By the way, we got our Bold 9930's and they absolutely Rock!!! Being used to other BB screens, I feel like I'm at the movies with this wide screen. The pictures are awesome and it takes them fast. Love the keyboard. I liked my BB Torch1 (T2 might be even more awesome) but I love the Bold 9930.
World phone, NFC, supper fast, amazing keyboard, etc.

I used the 3 day trial on my playbook and it worked very well. Today I opted for the anywhere plan since I'm always in front of my laptop at work. The only thing I don't like about ephone is that when enabled on the computer the camera is on all the time (probably on the playbook as well), don't like it at all. It should only be on during a video call only.

Having a phone number for ¢8 a day is a steal. The call quality is superb, so download the free trial and give it a shot.

The mic is on all the time as well... Since it's flash based I figured I can always turn them off and on as needed.

definitely free for outgoing calls although so far I can't get incoming calls to my assigned 780 number.
When called from Telus, I get "the number....check the area code and number...", when Called from bell, " the number not in service"

Strangely the tech support told me that they used a land line to call me and get the message that no one answer. no clue what is the exact message I thought if no answer the phone just ring. they also try to tell me that I must be logged in the ephone app.\and ephone app ready and I was.

I would hold off recommending the global version ot my busness friends until the tech support can fix the issue.

also the ePhone app on playbook sometimes go into busy state (circling arrows)and had to be restarted

Did I read this right free calls to anywhere in the world for $20 per year??? How is the quality on the PB? My 85 year old mother doesn't like me to call her phone line on skype, she says it isn''t clear enough. I call on my BB..... expensive

OK I get it, but still pretty cheap. Just called my brother and he said it was clear. My mother will be the one who ultimately decides. Also hop money does not expire.

I would settle for RIM giving the PB bluetooth mouth and ear piece capability. That way when you get the caller id message on the PB, you can actually answer your blackberry call.