Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!

Cygnett PlayBook cases
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jun 2012 08:08 pm EDT

The free cases from Cygnett have been flowing this month, and this weekend we're going to round it out with cases for your BlackBerry PlayBook! These cases are great for keeping your PlayBook safe while still looking stylish, and are versatile enough to allow you to take pictures, watch videos, play games, and generally use your device as you normally would without removing the case.

From the Lavish Earth line we have 3 color choices in earthy tones that are soft to the touch: Black, Sandstone (tan), and Purple. We also have the Ultra Glam black case which comes in a shimmering high-gloss finish. These cases are all well crafted, featuring concealed magnets to hold the cover closed and a velcro tab to ensure a secure fit. You can easily turn the case into a stand with three viewing angles. Cutouts allow for access to the ports and camera, and the bezel is open for gestures. I really like the look of these cases, and the ease-of-use makes it one I know I will use again and again.

Contest: To enter the contest for a free case, leave a comment below. You must indicate which color you'd like (Black, Sandstone, Purple, or Ultra Glam) or your entry doesn't count. We'll keep it short and sweet and wrap this up Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!



Black! Looks like a pretty sweet case and my first one like this is starting to show wear for sure!

Black, Black for the colour of my heart, Black for the days ahead, Black for delays of BB10, Black for the lies from RIM, Black like the shadows cast by competitors who function on time, Black like the hole your sinking in, Black like the dark void of profits, Black

Just talked my mom into getting a Playbook over a Kindle Fire! She would LOVE the Sandstone case!

Most definitely black, it's the best look
It's the perfect case, to protect my playbook.
Love your website, always so much fun,
That's why Crackberry, is number one!

Color choice = Black.

TYVM to Kevin and all at CB.com for the updates, reviews, and overall BB Nation information. Keep it coming. Two thumbs up! b^.^d

Black for me. Crackberry. I must say. Things like this makes me keep faith in RIM. Makes me realise that they still have support from their corporate accessories partners. So we should have faith in them too.

Black would be my first choice but I'll be happy with sandstone if you have any spare. They all look very classy and very well made.

I wouldn't mind having the Sandstone. It is a great color and would be great protection for my Playbook.

Unfortunately not available at Amazon Germany, so please set me upon the sandstone group. Thanks a thousand times!

Black, of course.
Black, as in Blackberry.
Black as night.
Black is beautiful.
Black is black......(I want my baby back??!)
In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall....

Well well finally a PlayBook case, I would love to see my sexy PlayBook in the purple :)! Fingers crossed so harddd.


My wife would love an ultra glam black, here birthday is in 2 weeks. This would be a great gift for her.

I would enjoy sporting my blackberry playbook in the sandstone case, and would love it if you would send me one.

I have been using my PlayBook naked because it looks more sleeker that way but I'd definitely would take the black for protection and on the go!

Sandstone, to shuffle the sandwiches and sell the service which selects us all to win!

IDK what I said above, but yes, I would love a Sandstone Cygnette Case. Go Team Blackberry!

in preferential order: 1) Black; 2) Sandstone; 3) Ultra Glam, then; 4) Purple. I'm easy. ;-)

I want in. I bought a case from local seller, and not good as I wanted. In my country, there is not much option for Playbook cases.

I think that sandstone would be the perfect color. I wish there was more retail support for BlackBerry. There are iPad and Kindle cases everywhere, Rock on Cygnett!

I'd love to give my wife the purple one!! She's reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy on her Playbook right now!! :)

Please send me one of these awsome looking playbook cases, any color would be appreciated but I really like the Sandstone.

Thanks Crackberry and Cygnett for making this happen and congrats to who ever wins one of these great looking cases.

Crackberry you rock!

Wow pretty awesome looking case, think I would be looking dam sharp walking around with a tan one. Funtastic times at crackberry should have joined earlier

As my playbook goes everywhere this case looks like the answer to protecting it. Love the contests CB. Sandstone would be awesome.

Purple for me please - or rather for my playbook! You can never have too many cases, and such a velvety purple will cause people to wonder - "What cool device is being sported under cover there?"