Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!

Cygnett PlayBook cases
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jun 2012 08:08 pm EDT

The free cases from Cygnett have been flowing this month, and this weekend we're going to round it out with cases for your BlackBerry PlayBook! These cases are great for keeping your PlayBook safe while still looking stylish, and are versatile enough to allow you to take pictures, watch videos, play games, and generally use your device as you normally would without removing the case.

From the Lavish Earth line we have 3 color choices in earthy tones that are soft to the touch: Black, Sandstone (tan), and Purple. We also have the Ultra Glam black case which comes in a shimmering high-gloss finish. These cases are all well crafted, featuring concealed magnets to hold the cover closed and a velcro tab to ensure a secure fit. You can easily turn the case into a stand with three viewing angles. Cutouts allow for access to the ports and camera, and the bezel is open for gestures. I really like the look of these cases, and the ease-of-use makes it one I know I will use again and again.

Contest: To enter the contest for a free case, leave a comment below. You must indicate which color you'd like (Black, Sandstone, Purple, or Ultra Glam) or your entry doesn't count. We'll keep it short and sweet and wrap this up Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!



You know. That sandstone looks mighty nice. It would make my Playbook look professional. People would see me and my sandstone case and think:

"Wow! Look at him with his cool looking case with that tablet. I wonder what it is? Whatever it is, it must be way better then my iPad because that case looks so cool!"

yep, i want one now.

Black is the colour I would like, it would go nicely with the PlayBook I got my dad for fathers day.

Nice looking cases! I'd have to go with the black NON shiny. I spend enough time already wiping down devices.

Love a Purple case for my Playbook to match her BB sister Curve-she is also Purple :D Good luck everyone....

Love all the Great giveaways!!! You guys rock. Thanks for all the great reading and advice. I always check Crackberry out before anywhere else for all the latest and greatest.I would love the Ultra Glam.

I am currently using an Acase cover. It is awesome. I have a second Playbook without a case. I have not been using it because it doesn't have a cover yet.

I'd reaaaallly love to win the black 1 , I mean the bold 9900 and playbook are the only things that I praise RIM for , enjoy every bit of it !!

The Sandstone is a def must have.
Its simple yet sophisticated. This case is so cool it would keep my PlayBook clean and protected. It also great bcuz it turns into a stand and it allows access to all the ports.

Thanks CB and Cygnett !!!

WOW. I would REALLY love one of these cases. They look fantastic. Crackberry knows how to make their members feel good. Every week there's a chance to win something. PICK ME!!


Cool! Sandstone please! Just what i need for my just fresh out of the box new 32gb pb from radioshack :) a good looking case will help me keep it around me!

Nice looking case. I would like a BLACK one for my BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK......Black just goes with everything.

I would just luv to slip my baby into that glam black she would be just too bad! I already can keep my hands off her no telling what will happen if she was waring that;-)

Ultra Glam... just because it sounds so cool!
Hey what do you have there?
Oh this? Ah this is my ULTRA Glam Playbook cover.

Using a Tool, not a 'Toy'

Hi! Michelle, this contest was so awesome, keep it coming. I'm one of the winner of scrapbook creations last May and Michelle and the whole of crackberry and mobile nations was so accommodating. That's why this Site was so great. I know it will be too much to ask, sandstone please :-)

I'm getting a bit tired of all my black cases on various devices, so I'd prefer the Sandstone, should I happen to win. Thanks for the contest!

ThxCygnett for creating this product. I have the faith that the product will live on. Black is the color of choice.

Make mine PURPLE please, as that would be my wife's favorite color, and she has a Playbook, of course!

Thanks CB and your great partners!


I think that the Sandstone would complement my Black Suits perfectly and look so dazzling in the Board Room. What do you think? If I win I promise to share a picture.

I would love one of these in black! The case would really go well with my new Playbook I got a short time ago.

Thanks Crackberry!

Would be awesome to win a BLACK case to protect my Playbook! Good luck everybody. Thanks Cygnette and CB!

Roz K. If Canadians are eligible, which would be ridiculous if not since BB IS a Canadian company, then I'd love one in Ultra Glam.


Great looking cases for our beloved PlayBook's. I would love Black, it would be a perfect protection and style when toting around my BlackBerry PlayBook
Thanks Crackberry for the opportunity to win such a useful accessory.
Regards. , Gary

I would like a black one...and i hope you can mail it to the Netherlands ;-)
I am crazy about Blackberry, no matter what other people say, i will be here till BB10.

Greets from the Netherlands!

Just to show my company that they are doing the wrong thing by only supporting iOS and Android I feel purple is most suitable for the job.

I'd reaaaallly love to win the black 1 , I mean the bold 9900 and playbook are the only things that I praise RIM for , enjoy every bit of it !!

I could use 1 for my already sexy & naked 64GB PlayBook. Would love the "Sandstone" one. She would look even hotter & sexier than before.

I actually don't need one. I just wanted to say, Thanks for keeping it positive! Some of us, just might need it. :)

Black, Crackberry is awesome for PlayBook owners because most of the other tablet information sites are about the other brands.

Sandstone please

Wow loving the give aways and so it is everyone else by the look of it

Sent using my naked playbook ;)

Black one looks really cool, simple and sassy all at the same time! I'd definitely go for the black! Fingers crossed!

i was going to say ultra glam to up my chances of winning, but who am i kidding, the regular black is really the only way to go.

so yeah, black for me please.