Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!

Cygnett PlayBook cases
By Michelle Haag on 30 Jun 2012 08:08 pm EDT

The free cases from Cygnett have been flowing this month, and this weekend we're going to round it out with cases for your BlackBerry PlayBook! These cases are great for keeping your PlayBook safe while still looking stylish, and are versatile enough to allow you to take pictures, watch videos, play games, and generally use your device as you normally would without removing the case.

From the Lavish Earth line we have 3 color choices in earthy tones that are soft to the touch: Black, Sandstone (tan), and Purple. We also have the Ultra Glam black case which comes in a shimmering high-gloss finish. These cases are all well crafted, featuring concealed magnets to hold the cover closed and a velcro tab to ensure a secure fit. You can easily turn the case into a stand with three viewing angles. Cutouts allow for access to the ports and camera, and the bezel is open for gestures. I really like the look of these cases, and the ease-of-use makes it one I know I will use again and again.

Contest: To enter the contest for a free case, leave a comment below. You must indicate which color you'd like (Black, Sandstone, Purple, or Ultra Glam) or your entry doesn't count. We'll keep it short and sweet and wrap this up Sunday night at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Enter to win a hot case for your PlayBook from Cygnett!



I was just looking at this case on Cygnett's website. I'm going to be getting the Boston iPhone from there. But a matching case on my playbook would be pretty amazing!

I would love the Tan one, my old BlackBerry Convertible case is all warped after more than a years use. Thanks CrackBerry.

Great looking case. I'm still using the OEM one, and it is filthy! I use my PlayBook daily and take it with me everywhere I go!

I would love one of these cases, black please! Thanks

This case would look amazing for my BlackBerry Playbook. I really want to win one in black because my Playbook currently doesn't have a protective case yet.

I would love to have the Sandstone case !!!
Thanks so much for the great contests, Crackberry.
RIMpire will strike back for sure, and so will Crackberry nation!

My son-in-law could use a sandstone case. It would blend in well in Afghanistan were he is deployed.

I would love a black case for my naked Blackberry Playbook I have faith in RIM god bless the people at Cygnett!

I would to get a black convertible case so that I can show off my playbook with an awesome looking convertible case. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I was going to say black but sandstone would look pretty regal. Yea I said regal. I'd take a sandstone one if I had the choice.

I'd love a Sandstone case. Please?

Also... May I suggest. Adding the line of Cygnet cases to the Crackberry store? I missed out on the Cygnet Frost cases for the 9900's. No biggie - I thought I'd just pick one up from the CC store, but no luck. Couldn't find it on Amazon either. I could. Guarantee at least one sale! ~ecm

woah these look nice...if i were to win one id like the black one in the middle of the picture with the white-ish stitches

Hook me up with the shinny black case so I can enjoy my tennis streamed live right from my BB Playbook. BB10 to win the Smartphone Olympics!!!!!!

Still hoping for my FIRST WIN on CrackBerry! Would love to have the BLACK case, looks great! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

I would love my PlayBook (Peggy) to sport this case. I would Love to Have Sandstone. Thanks!!!!!

I recently got a Playbook for my birthday and a brand new case for it would be nice! I would prefer the color black for it. Thank you!

I would lovea black one, my case is all worn out and nasty... It is 14 months old(we need new hardware rim)

Sorry, I had to say it

Awesomeeee!! I was just going to start lookingfor a new case, this one looks very neat. :D please send me a black one....

Oooh...if i win a purple case i'll give it to my sweetie to match the case i just won for her 8520...winning twice in a row is pretty unlikely, but i'm gonna try anyway...i'm not greedy! Honest!