Enter to win a free theme from ProThemeDesigns and a shot at a completely custom design!

By Michelle Haag on 11 Oct 2011 11:57 am EDT
ProThemeDesigns is brand new on the theme scene, and was created with one purpose: the creation of slick, stream lined themes for all BlackBerry users. Since its creation, ProThemeDesigns has launched its first 3 themes on App World and Mobihand - PurpleHaze, SilverTide and SilverTide w/BB7 Icons. All 3 of these themes are designed with the professional BlackBerry user in mind. No crazy colors or animations, just classy, timeless themes that you can use in the boardroom and your living room.

Have you ever installed a new theme, you like it but its just not 100% what you wanted? ProThemeDesigns is giving you a chance to win your "Dream Theme"!  Using the hands of their designer as your own, you will be able to design a completely custom theme (to the ability of the designer).  A theme the way you want it. To enter to win this custom theme, all you have to do is follow @ProThemeDesigns on Twitter, and send them a tweet letting them know you saw the contest on CrackBerry and what device you have. Even if you have upgraded to a BB7 device, you can enter, the only catch being you'll have to wait until the updated Theme Studio is released by RIM to get your theme made. ProThemeDesigns will pick a winner from their new followers to win this awesome prize.

On top of this, ProThemeDesigns has given us 25 copies of each of their current themes to pass on to you guys! To enter to win one of these, check them out at the links below, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which theme you want. They are each compatible with BlackBerry 8330/50i, 85xx, 91xx, 9300/30, 95xx, 9650/70, 97xx, and 9800 so you'll need to have one of these devices. This contest ends Sunday at midnight PST! One entry per person please. Good luck!

More information/screenshots and to purchase PurpleHaze ($2.99)
More information/screenshots and to purchase SilverTide ($.99)
More information/screenshots and to purchase SilverTide w/ OS7 icons ($1.99)
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Enter to win a free theme from ProThemeDesigns and a shot at a completely custom design!


Good luck to everyone who joins the contest. Remember to follow us @ProThemeDesigns, to have a chance and complete custom theme of your liking. Hope you all enjoy the themes!!

For anyone who does not win or wishes not to wait to see if they win or not, feel free to use this 50% off coupon in the CrackBerry store! The code is good till the end of the month and will work on any of our 3 themes.


Gorgeous themes -- very classy!

The custom elements of SilverTide with OS7 make it my first choice for my 9800, please.

EDIT - I just used your generous coupon so I want to please change my choice to PURPLE HAZE.

Thank you and CB as always for the opportunity to enter these cool contests!!!

This would be another one for the wifey if "we" won!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and ProThemeDesigns!

Thanks again to ProThemeDesigns for giving away copies. I would like a purple haze theme for my 9850 Torch please, thanks for running these awesome contests.

Sorry but this theme in not available on any BlackBerry7 devices. This is because BlackBerry Theme Builder 7 software is not out yet. As soon as that software is launched by RIM we will port all these themes to BB7. For now you would be able to win a copy, however you are more then welcome to enter in the Custom Theme part of the contest. See the instructions above and enter your name in the hat.


Are you saying - enter if you have an os7 device - and if you win - hold it til they are compatible - or don't enter?

SilverTide w/OS7 icons would be good for my new 9800 which i bought after watching the reviews on your youtube channel which i subscribed and i liked your video too:)

Well all of these themes look great, but I'm lovin' that Purple Haze. Great debut of this developer and I look forward to seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Make sure you are following us on Twitter @ProThemeDesigns for all our latest news and theme announcements. We currently have 6 new themes in Beta and will start design on 4 holiday themes in a few weeks. There is much excitement to come, so make sure your following us.