Enter to win a free copy of CAMultimate Camera Tools for your OS 6/7 BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 8 Feb 2013 04:43 am EST

We know the blogs have been pretty saturated with news, tips & tricks, and how-tos for the new BlackBerry 10 OS and the BlackBerry Z10, and some of you that haven't upgraded yet or don't plan to are feeling a little left out. (I can't blame you for feeling that way. As of this writing I don't have my Z10 either!) To show that you guys aren't forgotten, the great developers over at Prettyfang have decided to give non-BlackBerry 10 owners some love by giving away 30 copies of their super cool app, CAMultimate Camera Tools. If you're not familiar with it, keep reading to find out what it's all about, and if you'd like to try to win a free copy, check out how to enter below.

CAMultimate Camera Tools is a multi-purpose utility camera app for BlackBerry OS 6/7 that includes a camera burst mode, camera timer mode, camera effects mode for new and existing photos, qr code reader, qr code maker, photo cropper, silent screen capture and a whole load more. CAMultimate Camera Tools has recently been updated to v1.25. New features include:

  • Sending photos direct to Twitter and Facebook (OS7+devices only)
  • BBM connected
  • Additional Burst Options
  • Additional Timer Options
  • Specific app feature on launch, allowing you to set a default mode

The Pro Edition of the CAMultimate Camera Tools runs a reasonable $2.99, and Prettyfang has just released a trial version that will give you 3 days to try out some of the most popular features. Each version and more information about each can be found at their respective links below. 

More information/download CAMultimate Camera Tools (trial)
More information/purchase CAMultimate Camera Tools (Pro Edition)

As we mentioned, we have 30 copies of the Pro Edition to give away to our fantastic readers that are still on OS 6-7. If you have already upgraded to BlackBerry 10, this contest is not for you as the app won't work. To enter leave a comment below letting us know why you want to try out this app. If you have Facebook, show our friends at Prettyfang a bit of love for their generosity and head on over and give their page a 'like' as well. The contest will end this Sunday at midnight, so don't delay and enter now!

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Reader comments

Enter to win a free copy of CAMultimate Camera Tools for your OS 6/7 BlackBerry!


I like to share my pictures on Facebook, Twitter and via BBM so that I wanna a copy of CAMultimate Camera Tools. Thanks CrackBerry!

Yeah! Excited about bb10 but bummed about the wait here in America :/ thanks for keeping us with 7 devices in mind! Here's to winning!! :)

When trips for pleasure and work overseas, space is frequently a premium and I find myself having only one camera being the one on my BB-9900. Recent trips to Tokyo and Paris revealed how useful my BB-9900 has become. Now am using the camera more and more, in all kinds of light and conditions. Planning to get more involved in geeting proper photos, as some of them are with engineering articles with publications having several requirements. Looking forward to learn some more while using my BB-9900 (having long term Carrier contract so will not get the new BB-10 yet). Next scheduled trips include Washington (Cheery blossom in April) and Innsbruck (Conference in October) and looking to have great photos.

Burst mode, timer mode and QR abilities are the reasons why I'd like this app. This sounds like the Swiss Army knife of camera apps. Maybe one day they'll make a silent picture taking ability too for BB 7. I know it has silent screen capture...Do WANT! Please and thank you.

what can i say since they've said all but on thing they forgot to say is BB no size
what would the world do without BB, just come to think of it, BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-SUB In-Vehicle Charger,BlackBerry Music Gateway and many more BB moves the world

Why I wanna win ? It might be better then some other apps I tried, which while trying to work on a single image, were leaking the memory to zero...

I like the burst mode, timer mode and QR abilities. Nice app for camera and I would defenetly need it so please pick me cause I need to post some nice pics. Thanks!!!

To shorten the waiting time for BB10 in France it will be great. Thanks, very much and unfortunately I don't have FB!

I would love to win a copy for use with my camera. I'm hoping Sprint will answer the call and change their minds by deciding to carry the z10. Until then am still hanging in there with my trusty Bold and os7!

I could so use a great camera app for my 9900/ it's getting old always digging out my iPhone whenever I have pictures to take

I'm suppose to upgrade to an OS7 blackberry early next month, this would be a great app to have as it can do the work of 5+ apps, that's always better for the phone and for me! Simply awesome! Give me a copy!

I'm suppose to upgrade to an OS7 blackberry early next month, this would be a great app to have as it can do the work of 5+ apps, that's always better for the phone and for me! Simply awesome! Give me a copy!

Just bought a new digital SLR and want to get into photography in a big way. Getting a copy of CAMultimate camera tools would be icing on the cake!

Umm...Michelle...posting at 4:43am? Your a MONSTER! LOL.

would love to have the ability for multishots... and to be able to stave off the BB10 hunger a little more!

Nice we still think about us OS 7 folks still. Put my name on please. Still waiting to see other developments in BB10 before a buy.

What to say... I would like the explore the full potential of Blackberry bold camera... and it's always nice to win something. :)

Excellent! This would increase the functionality of my phone camera and enable me to post pictures to more clients than are presently supported. Thank you in advance.

More power to Crackberry Nation!!!

I would love to win this app so I can take pictures of myself being disappointed about the late launch of BB10 in the US and send them to my friends across the pond.

This app is exactly what I'm looking for! I hate that I can't take silent pictures on my 9900. This app would be perfect!

This is great for keeping me distracted until I can get my hands on a Z10. The QR code abilities have my interest.

I use my camera a lot with auto zoom my 9790 is a big advantage to me in many ways; I would like very much to win this app to add to my phone, thank you...

Hey sure i'll take one of those. When I go to pick up my new bb10 next month, i'll have a good app to sell my phone with.

I have two young children so I am always taking pictures to preserve the memories. Silent shutter would be very welcomed so I can get more natural shots of them as well as the other features. I still have a year before I'm eleigible for upgrade and this app would get used daily!

Looks pretty good for me since I use my 9810's camera to record daily life. Been quite q while since I won anything, so here's hoping!

An app like this sounds like a great tool to enhance my photo options on my Torch 9850 with OS7. I'm particularly interested in this apps options with Twitter, which is where I place most of my photos now. Thanks CB!


Been searching for years a good app to take self pictures on bb but have not been able to get one that rly works i would rly like to have camultimate to solve that problem and of course to actually be able to upload more pics of me, fam, friends and hobbies to the social sites but sometimes u want to give a pic a special angle and because you dont have the timer option or you want to take a silent shot so that no one can hear it and that's when a great app like camultimate comes in handy thanks crackberry

The reason I would like to use this app is for the purpose of having a Torch than any other 'Berry. This camera takes great pictures and I would love to have built-in editing software that goes along with my Walgreens app! :D.

Always looking for a good camera app for my torch. It takes fantastic picture and an app like this would kick it up a notch!

Having two pre-10 Blackberry phones, this is a must. I'm always looking for more camera options.

I would love this app as I am still with OS 7 til at least april or may. Waiting waiting waiting for Q10 or when my contract expires, whichever comes first.


I really would love to use the burst mode cause I'm a champion at always missing the exact moment when I take a picture of my 1.5year old running around. Besides that the app simply seems awesome with all of its features.
*FB LIKE* done! :D

I want to try out this application because CAMultimate Camera Tools is a multi-purpose utility camera application for BlackBerry OS 6/7 that includes a camera burst mode, camera timer mode, camera effects mode for new and existing photos, qr code reader, qr code maker, photo cropper, silent screen capture and a whole load more.

I would love to win a copy of this app as I would use the photo cropper, silent screen capture, camera timer mode, qr code reader and the qr code maker. I also like to send photos through BBM so the fact it is BBM connected is a huge plus for me.

Seeing as though I suck at taking pictures even with the best of devices I could use all the help with all the features this app provides. :-)

Looks like you've reached your 30 but if you still have a copy left I would love to check it out on my 9930, especially since I'll have to wait for big red to get their act together and bring BB10 to the states

Pround User of Bold 9930 and 64GB Playbook

I like sharing my pictures on Facebook, Twitter, I would love a copy of CAMultimate Camera Tools, especially using the burst feature. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

I absolutely love taking pictures of myself! The burst and timer options would really come in handy for that! I want the CAMultimate Camera Tools Pro for my absolutely lovely Bold 9900!

I'd like to be able to take more "on the fly" shots of my family. As the saying goes...they grow up so fast and I realize that I've been remiss in capturing those candid memorable moments. I don't always have a camera but I'm never far from my BB :)
I'd like to not only take the pics but be able to put the camera on a timer and just snap away!
thanks for the contest PrettyFang!

think a camera app that is BBM connected, and does the send to facebook and twitter easily is worth a try. I love using my phone for taking pictures, having been someone who used to carry around a 35mm camera everywhere, then a digital point and shoot.So would give this app a twirl. Of course, I'm hoping to get a Z10 soon, but til then am still using my 9860.