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Enter to win a BlackBerry Q5 courtesy of CrackBerry and Fido!

Calling all Canadians!

By Michelle Haag on 5 Sep 2013 07:23 pm EDT

What's that? You want another shot at winning a BlackBerry Q5? Alright Canadians, here is another chance, just for you. This time around we have a BlackBerry Q5 from Fido, waiting to find a new home with one of our lucky readers! If you're not familiar with the BlackBerry Q5, it's a BlackBerry 10 device with a QWERTY keyboard, reminiscent of the Curve line of legacy BlackBerry devices. As this device has a lower cost, it's perfect for those looking for a less expensive option while not sacrificing any great BlackBerry 10 features.

Entering is easy, as always! First, make sure you are Canadian, then just log in and leave a comment below. Tell us your favorite feature of BlackBerry 10, or why you want the Q5. We'll choose a winner next week and post it on the blogs. Please only one entry per person. If we catch you spamming, you'll be banned from this and future contests. Good luck!

Topics: Contest Contests

Michelle Haag Michelle Haag "@_Miche11e_ and C0001B3B5" 1191 (articles) 1683 (forum posts)


I'm not Canadian, but i'll take my chances!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Ah yes. Best feature for me is having the trilingual keyboard. J'adore savoir que yo puedo cambiar de lengua sin tener que leave my original message :)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


Bad comment. Shoulda stopped at french?

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Best feature of the BlackBerry 10 OS for me personally is small, but important. If you type in "bb" on your Z10, it automatically changes it to BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


Need please! Girlfriend needs to let go of her IPhone. Thanks in advance!

Posted via CB10


I would love to give my mom the Q5 as her first phone. She tried my Q10 and just like me wants a physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

Jane Li

Need a Q5 for my daughter in love everything about the 10

From my white zed 10


I want to try that keyboard! :D


I'm Canadian! I really want that device. Furthermore, Fido is my current provider so all I'll need to do is a quick SIM switch.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way!


I love the flow of bb10. It truly is a multitasking beast! I'd love to put the q5 through its paces.

Posted via CB10

Pedro Rios1

I'm not Canadian, but i'll take my chances! ²
I want this device soooooo bad, and maybe I will never see one ....



Posted via CB10


It's all about that hub!! Teamblackberry 4 life!

Posted via CB10


Yes please! Thanks CB!

Wants a Qwerty device for work instead of the shitty iPhone!


I love the HUB...soo easy...plus when I win this Q5 I will be the envy of all my friends

Posted via CB10

The Me

Because I want a to try keyboards. Because I can. Because I love my Z10. Because BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


I want the q5 because of its unique look and physical keyboard :)

Posted Via CB on my Z10


Sign me up, love the gestures!

Posted Via CB10 - Q10



Posted via CB10


I am not Canadian. But I live in new York. Good look to the would be winner.

Posted via CB10

Greg Woitzik

Best feature of BlackBerry, it's not an iPhone!!!

Posted via CB10


If you weren't Canuck, I'd Laugh Out Loud.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense


Best feature of BB10 is the HUB. Hands down.

Posted via CB10


I never win anything.

Posted via CB10


I love the hub! I dream about the hub...........hubba, hubba, hub..


BlackBerry rocks!

Posted via CB10

Tariq Nasir

I want the Q5 because it presents a unique typing experience, and i believe that the BlackBerry 10 experience complements the device well.

Posted via CB10


My turn to shineeeee baby. Q5 come to papa

Posted via CB10

Vilaysouk Manisy

I love blackberry

Posted via CB10


I want a Q5 to give to my mother, she has been wanting a BlackBerry ever since I showed her my Q10

From Q10/HTC One aka Batman & Robin

BB Super Junior

I'm just a student who wants his qwerty back. Mum can have the Z10 and we'll all win!

Posted via CB10


I need a present for my mom, this would be perfect!


Because keyboard and bigger bottom bezel for gestures.


Best feature is the HUB

Posted via CB10


My favorite thing about bb10 is the hub because it shows all my important notifications in one place

Posted via CB10


Yeeeeeee boiiiii

Posted via CB10


My favorite thing of bb10 is the gestures, definitely the gestures.

Posted via BlackBerry Zed 10, Eh?


I want to win a Q5 because I am still stuck on a legacy platform ! Please and thank you!


My favourite feature on BlackBerry 10 is the Gesture based UI, and I'd like a Q5 to pass along to my mum.

Posted via CB10

Upreti Saroj

I want one

Posted via CB10

Jeff Lima

I need a q5 I am already with Fido and the majority of my past phones were curves so this is as close to a curve on bb10 as I'll get plzzzzz!!!!

Posted via CB10


I like all the swipey swiping all day!

Posted via CB10 on Z10


I'm Canadian and love Bacon!

Posted via CB10


Q5 please, need a qwerty device in addition to my Zed10 :)


Have the Q10 and keyboard and shortcuts are awesome. Son is ready for a phone and have to start him off with a BB.

Posted via CB10


Hub, peek and flow. Need I say more

Typed from my awesome Z10

Posted via CB10


Pick me pick me.

Posted via CB10 using my Zed10


i would love to win a Q5.

BlackBerry for life!


Pick me, Eh!

Posted via CB10


Toronto woo!!! I want the sexy q5 it's actually really nice in person and I want to experience bb10!!


Best thing about BlackBerry 10.. how fast this os is! And the fact that you can get in and out of apps with such ease! Best os out there!

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the contest and my favourite feature of bb10 is flow).

Posted via CB10


Best feature is the virtual keyboard on my z10 I prefer it to my work q10 and really want this q5 for my mother in law

Posted via CB10


Between myself and my girlfriend, have 3 Bold 9900's, and a Z10 (2 work phones) . She desperately needs an upgrade to BB10 - bbm video chat with a newborn when I'm away for work is a wayyyyyy better option than Skype that's barely cutting it right now.

Posted via CB10


I would like the physical keyboard. I love lamp.

Straight from the Z10 in my hands.


Peek and flow hub and typing on the beautiful keyboard :-)

Posted via CB10


I have a z10 now and always a fan of keyboard

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10


Love the swipe action

Cathy Notnac

I love the keyboard on the BBQ5 I would love a chance to try one of the new blackberries I loved my old one. I know not a answer but a true one! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kris Simundson

Hmm another Q device would be awesome, I actually like the Q5.

Posted via CB10


I would like to win this phone!

Posted via CB10


I'd love a Q5 for BB10 and that keyboard!

Daniel Delgado1

I really love the keyboard!!!

Posted via CB10


Applying from Ontario- my favourite feature of BlackBerry 10 is the HUB of course. Not needing to open the app to check my texts, emails, BBM, Twitter or FourSquare is amazing. Thanks for putting another contest for us.

Posted via CB10


I'm born and Raised in Toronto, Ontario. I love the HUB on blackberry 10, Q5 would be perfect. Especially with the qwerty keyboard

Posted via CB10


The best feature is the keyboard hands down

Posted via CB10


My favorite feature has to be the ability to peek at new notifications. Helps me to be more productive and to keep moving!

Posted via CB10


Me me me!

Posted via CB10


I'm not entering this for me but for my girlfriend has she needs a desperate upgrade from her 9700...

Posted via CB10


I AM CANADIAN! This should be BlackBerry's new slogan...just took a look at the Q5 today via A Target Store. love the feel and smaller style

Courtesy of my unreal Z10 with my Q10 at my side!

Posted via CB10


My fav feature on bb10 OS is definitely the peek feature. I love it. Also i also think the keyboard on the Q5 is awesome.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.


I have a z10 and the q5 would be *perfect* for my mum, who lives far away - then we can bbm voice and talk more often!
Hard to pick a favourite feature of bb10.. the hub and the multitasking/flow have got to be near the top.

Posted via CB10


Personally I love the dark theme on my q10, but I've lost a bunch with the new update and bbm channels so maybe the q5 will take my mind off the boring white theme...

Posted via CB10


Birth certificate, Check ; Passport, Check ; In Canada, yup!


Would love the Q5. My Q10 doesn't come in Red... Love the integrated messaging in BB10.


Why I want a Q5. To add it to the collection.


Would want for the wife! Love everything about bb10

Posted via CB10


The best feature - ITSELF - qnx rocks!

Send it down this way and let's update daddy's phone for him!

Posted via CB10


I like the keyboard !

Posted via CB10

Jean Morales

I love q5 I need it :)

Posted via CB10


I would like to have it to give it to my girlfriend so she can use it instead of her Android

Posted via CB10


Fingers crossed. Maybe Fido will be worth using after all.


Definitely the hub…



Why I want the Q5? Because the battery is amazing


Help a student with a new phone


Please oh please pick me or I will never get a new blackberry

Posted via CB10


My new favorite feature of bb10 is the reply mode for toast notifications. It rocks!

Posted via CB10


I miss my qwerty and need that Q5 fix oh so bad! Nothing beats the HUB on BB10 mixed in with that great qwerty experience.

Posted via CB10


Peek is my favorite feature because I use it virtually every time I unlock my phone and it saves me time whenever I use it. I need a q5 because I require my correspondence to be grammatically correct and I know that a physical keyboard will help me accomplish that feat.

Posted via CB10


I've got the Q10, my wife has the Z10, and my daughter could really use a Q5, her PlayBook just doesn't cut it anymore.

Posted via CB10


Happy wife happy life

Posted via CB10


Qwerty please!

Posted via CB10


Love to win a Q5. Favourite feature? Has to be the fantastic multitasking!


For me it has to be the HUB that is my favorite feature of Blackberry 10,it just works for me

Posted via Z10


I always wanted a q5 it's a realy good phone from what I hear

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Hub is the best. And love the keyboard and word predictions ;)

Posted via CB10


I'd be happy to upgrade to BB10 :)


I want to win it because its a Blackberry and Canadian.

BB Z10 Rocks!


Q5 keyboard is great!

Posted via CB10


I would love a Q5.

Posted via CB10


Have to say, same reason I wanted the Q5 from the other giveaway :D

Posted via CB10


I want the Q5 because I didn't win the Z30! I'm Canadian, with Fido, and absolutely need more BB10 in my life! Want want want want want want waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Posted via CB10


Love my BlackBerry smartphones with physical keyboards!

Shawn Hunter

Keyboard baby!!!!

Posted via CB10


I love the Hub, and the multi task features on blackberry 10. By far the greatest operating system ever!

Posted via CB10


Hello! I want a new BB because my 9700 its too old


I would love to win the Q5 so my girls leave my Z10 alone!

Posted via CB10

Harrison Cole

I love too many features to just pick one. I hope I win though!

Posted via CB10


Enter me in please!

Posted via CB10


I'd love to have a q5 - nothing like the Hub on bb10!

Posted via CB10


The Q5 would a great 2nd device to continue to flow with BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Cooper Griffin

I need an upgrade from my 9700

Posted via CB10


Canadian, check. Love BB10, check. Really want a Q5 check, check, check!

Mitchell Cooper

Definitely the featured qwerty

Johnny Crack

C'man!!! Pick me this time! Haha



hey, i want a Q5 i'm still a qwerty user and the contract for my 9810 is expiring! thanks


Girlfriend. New phone. Go.

Posted via CB10


Favorite feature is definitely they predictive keyboard.


I miss my keyboard and I don't want to live without BlackBerry 10...

Johnny Crack

It's gotta be the cool looking colors for the Q5



Need a phone to replace the one that went through the washer. Thanks


I would love the integrated visual voicemail that I'm currently paying Fido for...since I'm not receiving that, the phone will do.

Posted via CB10


Yes! Just in time to replace my kid's 9900 that was stolen from a locker room! Very exciting indeed!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


Have a Q10 but have always loved the curve style keyboard. Ever since my 8900. Would love this one.


Favorite thing about BlackBerry 10 is Peek for sure.

Posted via CB10


Would live to have the Q5, but not for myself, I would use it to promote BB10 to a skeptical friend. Gotta love the flow of BB10!

Posted via CB10


I love the hub, great idea!! I really need a BlackBerry for my GF. She needs to know the blackberry flow. The truth is "if you go black, you never go back " !!

Posted via CB10


The keyboard looks SICK!

Posted via CB10


Tried other devices and the z pulled me right back in. The hub is the only way for me.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo


Favorite feature is the hub. Want the Q5 to try the physical keyboard with the new OS.

Posted via CB10


I want one! I've always wanted one but I got the z10 instead

Posted via CB10


I'm a Canadian and I'd love a new Q5 !!

Posted via CB10


I'm a loyal Fido customer for 10 years. This Q5 should go to my pocket now:)

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10

Alex Keb

I'm on fido, I want!

Posted via CB10


Fav feature has gotta be da Hub.

Posted via CB10


Would love to have another BB10 Device for family

Posted via CB10


I want the Q5 so I can give it away to a friend / family member that currently uses an iPhone or feature phone.

Posted via CB10


I want the Q5 because of the hub and flow!


Thumbs need some love. Pick me, pick me!

Babar Kamran

I like the fact bb10 makes multitasking seem like a very singular thing

Posted via CB10


My favorite feature is the hub and physical keyboard

Posted via CB10


Hands down, gotta have that keyboard!!!

Posted via CB10


My favorite features of the blackberry 10 is the swipe to type

Posted via CB10


I need a new phone for my wife. this would be really sweet.

Favorite feature is the keyboard. Nothing touches it.

Posted via CB10


Nothing beats physical keyboards when it comes to getting some serious work done when pounding out endless emails and the Q5 is the best device to get those tasks done. The keys on the Q5 resemble the looks and feel of the Curve lines and various colours are very appealing to younger generations as well as those who are still young at heart =)

Posted via CB10


Count me in and I'd love to have a physical BlackBerry to go with my Z10.

Posted via CB10


I want both a keyboard and a red phone!!

Posted via CB10


I would love a new device! My fave feature of bb10 is the flow of the hub.

Posted via CB10


Christmas is early

Posted via CB10


Peek and flow!

Posted via CB10


Best feature of BB10 for me is the Hub! All the emails, txts, notifications, BBM messages, etc. are in one place! Very convenient to access as well when in an opened app!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


And yes, I'm a Canadian. Born and raised in the GTA and a fan of the Leafs (yeh, they have yet to win the Stanley Cup since 1967...but who cares? Go Toronto! :D

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Would love the chance to experience the Q5 and all its bb10 features currently have a bold 9900 and want an upgrade to go with the playbook update.


i am a lover of blackberry and always been from since 2004 its the only phone i been using since then....so an upgrade from my bold will be great and the features that i have seen it work will make life much easier for me so please pick me crackberry and yes ....I AM CANADIAN


My preteen needs BlackBerry then hackable iPhone lol team BlackBerry family :)

Posted via CB10


Has to be the hub.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41


How about an honorary Canadian?

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


I'd love to get my son started with a physical keyboard, and swiping at the same time.

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10


Can't wait to get my fingers on that keyboard!


the best feature of bb10 for me is the Hub.


Remote access to my home PC wherever I go! Saving files right to my desktop. Streaming movies from my PC while I'm on the bus. Amazing. Be the cloud.

Q&A with an Ex-Mormon/LDS. Subscribe to Channel: C00121BDD


Is this payback for the KeyboardLove USA contest.

Posted via CB10


I'm looking at changing providers. This would go a long way to convincing me that Fido is the right choice.

Posted via CB10


I'd love to win one to give to my younger sister because she lives far away from me. This will allow us to stay in better contact and video chat!

Also favorite feature of bb10 is the Hub.

Posted via CB10


After using the z10 since launch I have to say the keyboard is my favorite. But a part of me still misses the physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10


The BB10 OS is amazing. I love my Z10 but I really want to experience the keyboard on a BB10 device!

Posted via CB10


Would love one and I'm Canadian! :)


Fido all the way!

Posted via CB10

Brooklin McConnell1

Cause my Z10 and Q10 need a little sibling:)

Posted via CB10


Love the Keyboard on my Z10. Would love to try the physical Keyboard on the Q5.


Q5 - Quintessential quality. I'd be showing that bad boy off every chance I could get.

Posted via CB10

patrice jnj

Love the ease of typing on z10 keyboard...now can I please win that Q5?

Posted via CB10


I wish a could complete the family of BlackBerry 10 devices with a Q5 didn't get lucky with either the Z10 Q10 or Z30 contest. Hopefully this one will be the one!

Posted via CB10


I really miss my physical keyboard and would love to get a hold of the sexy Q5...

Posted via CB10


Awesome! I'd still live the chance to try out a BlackBerry 10 qwerty!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


All Canadian, and totally willing to win!!

Posted via CB10


I want a Q5 because it's awesome!

Posted via CB10


I love how easy it is to close apps on the new blackberry 10's

Posted via CB10


Would very much like to win in order to get my non tech brother on board with BlackBerry he lives three hours from me and would love to keep in touch with him via the awesome BBM! Maybe a voice call maybe a video call.

BlackBerry 4 life - I like a good captain will go down with my ship - But truly hope BlackBerry pulls out!

**Posted via CB10 via my ass kickin Z10**


Z10's big screen in one pocket, Q5's instant actions in another is why I want Q5!

Posted via CB 10 app on my Q10!


I want it cause of the BB10 OS!!!

Posted via CB10


Love the hub! I want some Q5 keyboard love

Posted via CB10

Lance Penner

The Hub or Keyboard can't decide...

Posted on a Z10 via CB10 app!


I come from a BlackBerry family and want it to keep growing!!!

Posted via CB10


Would love to give my daughter a shiny new Q5 to start off the new school year, so she finally ditch that nasty little purple curve...#bestdadever. :)

Posted via CB10

young guy

I want to convert my wife, need the Q5 to do it.

Posted via CB10


would be so cool would love to add it to my z10 and flip between them


Uh uh uh pick me pick me. Love the new 10.2 features and would live a Q5 for my kid.... he would love to have one.

Posted with a Zee10 on 10.2.XxXx steroids


Gotta get a keyboard

Posted via CB10


I checked and it turns out I am Canadian!
I love any device that runs BlackBerry 10 eh!

Long live BlackBerry!!!


I really want to win this device!!!!


I love how everything flows into the Hub

Posted via CB10


Best feature of BlackBerry 10 is the toast notifications in 10.2. Close second is interactive notifications in lock screen.

Tapped out on Halle (Black)Berry aka Z10 running


I love side loading android apps

Posted via CB10


I am Canadian, I love the way the Q5 looks and the check keyboard and hub is amazing

Posted via CB10


The best feature of the BlackBerry 10 is that we are the underdog when it comes to smart phones and I am sure there are surprises yet to come to bring us closer to the forefront!


I want the Q5 because it's so fly


I would like to see how good BlackBerry physical keyboards are, because I've never owned an BlackBerry device till now.

Posted via CB10



And I support BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Hope to be lucky this time

Posted via CB10


Super Q5 ! Best compromise ever !

Posted via CB10


I love the hub! I want the Q5 because my girlfriend wants a new phone but can't get one with her contract until next year :(


Best feature of bb10 is the swipe gestures that makes the phone not need a home button!!

Posted via CB10


Wow, another great prize from crackberry.


Keyboard is my favorite style on the q5, and it's cool simple design is why i want it.

Posted via CB10


I don't want to beg but................. please let me win this phone so I can stay connected with my 16 year old son who wants an i-phone... this could save our father son relationship :)

Posted via CB10


I'll take one please for the quality for a low price!

Posted via CB10


Hmm, favourite feature of BlackBerry 10? DEFINITELY the active frames! And I love swiping up to minimize an app :)


The keyboard is a feature my wife would love. She would get this phone should I win.

Flicked via Z10


I'm in

Posted via CB10


I AM CANADIAN! My favorite feature of the Q5 is the keyboard, or should I say my wife's favorite feature, she will steal it if I win.

Posted via CB10


Favourite feature has got to be the Hub.

Posted via CB10


I would love a Q10! Why? Because it's BlackBerry and because it's Blackberry!

Posted via CB10


Gestures! Would love the Q5 for an iPhone convert thats waiting!!

Posted via CB10


I love the bbm video and calling. It's great to keep in touch with family when I'm not close to home (I'm military)
And having a Q5 I would be able to give it to a family member so we could keep close


Loving my Z10 so far. The Hub is awesome, and the no-home-button is so sweet. Would be great to win a Q5 and give it to my daughter!


What a great add on to my Z10!

Posted via CB10


Best feature from BB10? Probably the buttery smoothness of everything. No phones I've ever used have come close to running as smoothly as BB10. Second best would be the battery. That thing is bloody insane. Never had a phone that lasts this long.

As far as the Q5 goes, I've been interested in a keyboard BB10 device, though I'd really prefer a red one.

Already with Fido though, so no unlocking required!

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."


Love the basic flow of BB10. I can move around so easily. Would love to win this phone.

Posted via CB10


Didn't win the last one so this time pick me plsm would love to replace my BB Bolt with this one


Need to get my teenager a smartphone. I'd like it to be the Q5 and not an iPhone. Hope to win this one.

Posted via CB10

Korry Frew

Love how light it is!

Posted via CB10


Would love a chance to test the keyboard out on the Q5. Haven't played with any keyboard blackberries in a long time.

Posted via CB10


Hey guys,
Best feature is the task-management; no going back!
Hoping to convert as many friends/family as possible :)

Posted via Q10


If i win I would give the device to my mom as an upgraded to her curve.

Posted via CB10


Best feature of BB10 are the swipe gestures that make a "home button" obsolete.
And the reason I'd like to win a Q5 is to give to my wonderful wife so she stays on blackberry since her plan is due for renewal and is considering another platform since being on OS6.

Posted via CB10


My favorite feature of BB10 is the Hub and I would really like the Q5 due to the keyboard. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Best keyboards ever!

Posted via CB10


My wife wants my z10 and I don't want to share.. simple as that :)

Posted via CB10


Strikes the right balance for me.


Daughter needs a BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


FavoUrite feature is definitely the multitasking ability! Good luck everyone!

Posted from my Z10


I like the HUB.

Posted via CB10


BlackBerry Story Maker is fun! Made some cool vids!

Posted via CB10


Easy. What sold me on BB10 was the hub.

Posted via CB10


I am Canadian

via CB10 on ZED10


Oh I missed the part about favorite BB10 feature. Mine is the Z10 keyboard. I find myself sending more messages just so I can use the keyboard.

via CB10 on ZED10


Oh no. I should have read the whole thing. Is it spamming when you comment on your own comments?

via CB10 on ZED10


Hmm now that I think about it I'm not sure why I'm even entering this. My favorite feature was the Z10 keyboard and the Q5 doesn't have it

via CB10 on ZED10


Well if I won I would give it to my wife to keep her on BlackBerry when it's time to renew her contract in November.

via CB10 on ZED10


I need a new work phone! Miss the real QWERTY experience !

Posted via CB10

blackberry artichoke

Love the Qwerty Keyboard!

Posted via CB10

Krzysztof Patyna

I'm not Canadian. I'm Polish...but I love this phone and the BlackBerry brand to bits!!! My favourite feature is the keyboard. Simple. ..and I'd love to have that phone because I've never owned BlackBerry before. I'm not Canadian however so if I happen to be chosen, can you please give that phone to somebody at random and make their day? Thanks;)


I have sold my mom on bb10 but she likes a keyboard. This would be perfect for her

Posted via CB10

Te Lin

Leave a comment and wait for lucky to come.

Posted via CB10