Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epix Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 10:48 am EST

The folks over at Degasis.net reached out to us a few days ago and let us know they were interested in having a contest for the CrackBerry nation wherein they were wanting to give away and Epik case and one screen protector to 15 lucky CrackBerry members. 

What can we say? We're love contests and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible so, lets do it up. Leave your comments here to win 1 if 15 Epik cases and a screen protector from Degasis.net. Supported device are 8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9550, 9630 & 9700. Just let us know any stories or incidents you may have had where a Epik case would have come in handy. Drop your new BlackBerry even before you had a chance to buy a skin? Maybe it fell in a snow bank as you stumbled out the bar? Let us hear it folks. Contest will run until Friday with the winners chosen by Monday, January 25th. Thanks to the folks at Degasis for offering this up. One entry per person folks, all duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to you all

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Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone



Oh man! I carry my device where ever i go and i dont know how many times this would come in handy! As a DJ/Producer I do a lot of traveling and going to parties, which in one case got caught in a scrap when i wasnt involved... long story short i fell to the ground berry went through the air (braking the hard case on my phone apart, unusable).. and thats just one!

Im kinda surprised im still on my first Storm!! (reason 2 lol)

I fell asleepp in the car with my phone on my lap. When I woke up I got out of the car forgetting I had my new storm2 on my lap and it fell on the sidewalk and got all scratched up!!

I'm carrying my new bb s2 in coat pockets these days w/lots of snow on the ground here in Idaho. Got out of my car the other day and guess where my phone ended up - in the slush of the parking lot!

My Curve 8330 was scratched up within a week of receiving it. As a repoter, I often have to go out and about, and ended up juggling a notebook, my camera, my blackberry and other things. Unfortunately, I've dropped my blackberry quite a few times! I even noticed a nick in the case that I have no clue how it got there!
I recently purchased the 8530 in violet. My aim is to keep it in great condition. Right now, it is in a holster I had purchased for my 8330 so I'd love an Epik Case. I've been looking for clear casaes that don't look like it will take a lot of effort to remove from the phone and make me fear damaging it! These look great!

I purchased an Epik case for my Bold 9700 and it is a wonderful fantastic product protecting my mobile from minor scratches, my Bold 9700 which is protected by the skin one day accidentally fell out of my shirt pocket and landed head on, good thing upon closer inspection, there isn't any scratches or dents on my mobile. Great Product, I highly recommended to all my friends and would-be users, besides it does not collects dust or fibres unlike other similar skins.

Now if I could win this for my other mobile Storm II 9550, that would be perfect.

Thumbs up for Crackberry.Forum and Degasis.Net !!!

I work in landscaping, on the mower the phone slides out of my pocket a lot and rattles around in the floor board and it would be much more safe with this case than the one I have now!

i have a 9530 i've droped it actualy this is my 2nd one cause i dropes the other one tomany times, please i could and would love a case for my storm.

I would love to get a case for my bb tour , I love this phone and would like to have a new look for it

Im constantly dropping mine on the train. So afraid it really is going to break one of these days, or worse, fall into the "gap". gasp!!!

I won I won I won I won I won!!!!

Thank you Crackberry and Degasis! Now maybe my Storm won't get destroyed the next time I drop it!

I went ahead and purchased one and I'm EXTREMELY happy I did!

This case is pretty sweet. It's slightly rubberized, so it'll sit on my desk and not slide around - but not so much that it won't slide in my pocket.

The screen protector it comes with is easy to slide on and protects the complete viewing surface of the phone.

The case is not as flimsy as your regular basic cases, but it's not as form fitting as say, a "barely there" case. It slides on with a minor bit of squeeze and wiggle- but protects the phone perfectly.

My only complaint is that the case doesn't FULLY cover the "Telus" branding on my phone - which isn't that big of a deal, but esthetically, it would be nice to see it cover to the bottom of the "send and end" buttons.

Overall....4/5 for this phone. More colours and a complete aesthetic look would've completed its' perfection. PLUS for the $9 total you can't beat it! With it only taking 9 business days to ship to Ontario, Canada - I can't complain.