Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epix Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 10:48 am EST

The folks over at Degasis.net reached out to us a few days ago and let us know they were interested in having a contest for the CrackBerry nation wherein they were wanting to give away and Epik case and one screen protector to 15 lucky CrackBerry members. 

What can we say? We're love contests and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible so, lets do it up. Leave your comments here to win 1 if 15 Epik cases and a screen protector from Degasis.net. Supported device are 8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9550, 9630 & 9700. Just let us know any stories or incidents you may have had where a Epik case would have come in handy. Drop your new BlackBerry even before you had a chance to buy a skin? Maybe it fell in a snow bank as you stumbled out the bar? Let us hear it folks. Contest will run until Friday with the winners chosen by Monday, January 25th. Thanks to the folks at Degasis for offering this up. One entry per person folks, all duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to you all

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Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone



Man i have been needing a case for my tour for a while. I got the rubber one when my it first came out but didn't like it that much, so i gave it to my step-brother who just got the tour. Been going naked for a couple of months now and this would take a load off my mind. (also if i double posted this sorry i don't think i posted my first comment lol)

I have dropped my 8330 many times. I have replaced the case a few times, have had a otterbox for it, but too bulky, have a silicon cover on it now, but that seesm to pull everything out with it, when I pull it out of my pocket. Need something better, so maybe this will do it, thanks for the shot at it.

I had just purchased my phone and didn't have a case for it yet. Was actually on the way to the store to look at a case. I had my phone in my lap and as I got out of the I forgot it was there and basically flung across two parking spots. It bounced quite nicely and didn't very new and shiny after that. I now have a Blackberry Tour 9630 (sprint) and do my best to keep it away from the ground. ;)

I had previously owned a hard case but, it seemed to pop off with ease. So I was leaving the bank one day and slipped on the wet pavement. My blackberry went flying out of my hand and continued to its doom onto the pavement. To my dismay the case broke open and my blackberry then continued its painful trip across the pavement on its scren. It was like I was watching in slow motion :-(

these cases would be a perfect fit for me, I tend to drop my phone getting out of my truck at least once a week!

I am constantly multi-tasking and have dropped my blackberry more times than I can count....my phone is in desperate need of a case to help protect it....Help!

I was doing a warranty exchange for my Bold and right as I was about to mail it off, I dropped it on the ground and left a giant dent in the corner. Had to frantically drive around to an official AT&T store to verify that the phone wouldn't be rejected because of "physical damage." Turned out okay but it would have been nice had I just had the case to begin with.

i would love some of those cases, the see through colors kinda look cool and i'm getting tired of only seeing solid colored cases for my tour

I was walking out the the US Cellular store with my brand new Tour in hand and someone bumped into me going through the door and it fell on to the sidewalk. I had the phone for 1 minute and it was scraped up. An epik case sure would have helped then.

Here's my story, 1 day after i got my bb 9700 in the mail it was the saturday before the snow blizzard, the first snow storm in New york. I was excited to get my phone. The very next day sunday, I had to shover my car the snow. I got a phone called from my sister, I pick up the phone call, put the phone on my ear, talking to my sister, had the phone against my shower without holding the phone because I was shovering my car out the snow. All of a sudden, my new new bb 9700 fell right on 2 feet of snow behind my car. I couldn't find my phone. It took me a good 5 minutes looking for my phone in the snow. All of sudden my friend found my phone when he was shovering the snow from my tire. My phone was so wet, cold and naked, I was so happy to get my phone back. I wish I had a cover for it, because now my letter e on my phone. Sometimes it doesn't work. But I could deal with that.

I saw the video somewhere about this and also hearing people raving about the product.
it would be nice to have one!

As soon as I get a new phone the first thing I do is get an invisascreen, but of course, the FIRST day I had my 8330 I dropped it getting out of my jeep. I had to go and get a full case just to cover up the scratches! But, the case is super old and worn out now and I am in the market for something different.

i know that i am late but please please please...i need all the help i can get...already sunk the bb in a bowl of water but still alive and kicking...PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

my cat thinks its fun to play with my blackberry curve like a toy when its sitting on our table, and he always manages to knock it off onto the TILE floor! i really need one of these!!!

So two weeks ago while at the gym i was listening to music on my blackberry storm. Everything was going great. Great gym, great workout, great music app (aka: Slacker Radio).

I got to a song a didnt want to listen to so I took my phone out of my holster to skip the song, but next thing i know, I drop my phone on a 45 pound iron weight. Yikes!!!!
I pick up my phone and see that the bottom edge of my phone is chipped.

So now my phone looks pretty beat up and this could have been prevented had a had a one of those sweet cases that Epik makes.

got a brand new bb 9700...went to look for a case for it...store didn't have any. i walked out side and just as i got out of the store my phoen fell out of my pocket and got dented.

Right at the store...I had just got my 9000 in my hands, sales rep was walking me out, I got bumbed by someone walking by me and I dropped my brand spanken new 9000 that gave it a nice scratch on the bottom corner and the rep looked at me and basically shrugged his shoulders and said, "that sucks bro, have a good day" and walked back inside the store.

My husband accidently tossed my 9700 to the far back of the car when he was teasing me... This case would have definitely saved any scratches!

I dropped my Bold 9000 so many times and now the bezel is all scratched up. With one of these cases my new 9700 will stay looking new.

I once dropped my unprotected BB down a series of steps on an escalator. I watched in horror as it bounced down the steps and landed at the bottom with a cracked screen. Should have bought a case for it!

It did still power on though :)

I slipped and fell on a patch of ice, causing my BlackBerry to go flying out of my hand. It landed a few feet away from me on it's back. Thankfully I had my Epix case on it and it was saved from any scratches or dents.

I perform in Musical Theater productions, and often play games or read ebooks in between scenes. I need a way to make my Blackberry "backstage proof." Thanks!

I need a case to protect my BlackBerry that I recently bought. I would NEVER want it to get scratched! NEVER!

I almost never drop my 9530, but I was training in Shilo and the clothing chest was a lot higher than I was used to (about 5ft high). I had it charging on the chest while I was sleeping. Someone had sent me a text and I pulled onto the wire by accident and dropped my Storm onto the ground, denting one of the corners =(

Would have been nice to have an Epik case in that... case.

I own a tree service one day out on the job my clip twisted an fell off my hip some how I stepped rite on the screen it cracked didn't break the case the lcd did though. I fixed it. a good case would be nice in the treacherous world of tree work

Brand spanking new 9700. Three days old. Pulled the slippery thing out of its holster and it hit the ground face first. Result? Cracked screen. A case like this woulda kept it from slipping for sure! Please pick me!!!

My dog jumped in my car the other day and I had my phone in my hand.. When she jumped out, she took my phone with her!!!! It survived thankfully!!! No scratches on the screen but a few around the ear and mouth piece.. I NEED A CASE AND SCREEN PROTECTOR PLEASE!!! BLACK OR GREEN PREFERRED!!!!

I dropped my curve 8520 in a 10 lbs birthday cake while lighting the candles on my little brothers birthday...

When I walked out of the store with my new tour my daughter ask for it (3 year old) and guess what down on the pavement it goes. How was I suppose to get mad at her but now my new phone was scratched !!!!!! A new skin would surely help next time I lend it to her . May I please be chosen to get one please ?

My 9700 was sitting on the counter. It rang and I went to pick it up but I lost my grip and it slipped out of my hand down to the hardwood floor. Now my lock button makes an audible click whenever I press it. An Epic case definitely would have protected it from that fall and probably would have prevented it from escaping my grip in the first place!

i drop my blackberry bold 9000 like everyday =[ ive through a couple already and in desperate need of one of these!! thank you!

Crackberry I would really love to win this contest based on being out at a trade show and just the constant putting in my bag and going out with the guys with a non-covered blackberry when everyone has a cover for there blackberry's so I really hope I can go to my next trade show sporting this great case

unfortunately I have had many phones that have had a rough life due to my carelessness. my first blackberry pearl was kept safe using a similar case. I would love a new case for my new curve 8530!

We have all had our share of mishaps with our BlackBerry at one time or another. I was visiting friends out of state and was preparing to return home that day. I had loaded all the luggage in the car except was for one last piece. I was on a long distance call as I was going out the front door to the car. This screen door has a tight spring so when you open it I found out it slams back on you. The door slammed back on my arm and slapped my BlackBerry out of my hand and it hit the ground screen first. My heart was truly broken because I had only had my phone a few months.
Please save me from this ever happening again.

protect my blackberry with an epik case!
i went to mammoth and dropped my phone in the snow. Don't worry its ok but i could have used an epik case!

I am in a desperate measure of needing an Epik Case for my Blackberry Curve 8520 because I am just flat-out clumsy and my case is very LOOSE. When I first got my Blackberry, I went to the Verizon Wireless store at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego to purchase a case for my Curve 8520 and when the salesmen put the case onto my Blackberry, he accidentally dropped my phone on the floor!!! And now, my G button doesn't work as properly as it should. If I had the Epik Case for my Blackberry, then there wouldn't be any damaged on my phone whatsoever. Judging by the picture above with 8 different cases, I noticed how good it actually looks and with this case it will help improve the life of my Blackberry smartphone until a new upgrade is needed.


I am in a desperate measure of needing an Epik Case for my Blackberry Curve 8520 because I am just flat-out clumsy and my case is very LOOSE. When I first got my Blackberry, I went to the Verizon Wireless store at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego to purchase a case for my Curve 8520 and when the salesmen put the case onto my Blackberry, he accidentally dropped my phone on the floor!!! And now, my G button doesn't work as properly as it should. If I had the Epik Case for my Blackberry, then there wouldn't be any damaged on my phone whatsoever. Judging by the picture above with 8 different cases, I noticed how good it actually looks and with this case it will help improve the life of my Blackberry smartphone until a new upgrade is needed.


was holding my bold 9000 on the sholder/right ear and was talking to a friend lifted my shoulder and dropped the phone. Got 2 nice big scratches on the bezal ahhhhh.

.....need a case! I'm a cop and leave my Storm on my console next to my seat. It only takes one quick "turn" on a passing speeder and my phone goes a flyin!!!! Not good!

I have the same problem with my screen as me previous phones.
I delicately put it in my bag all the time but somehow it just keep scratching it.

I'm in the dark here :(

Maybe my phone wouldn't get wrecked from my trips to the bar- and the dropping that follows.

Ok..so i have a BB 8900 and i havent purchased a skin/case yet...I only had the 8900 for like 3months now and i always forget to buy one..but anyway..i am always nervous of picking my smartphone up because I am afraid i will drop it like i did my previous phone's. I'm even nervous to talk on it, and when i do i hold the phone far away from my face(i guess thats why they made bluetooth). But anyway i would love to have one of those cases..because if u could see my other phones and my many times i have dropped them..u would want me to work for the Epik company..LOL

I've hit my curve a few times on the door, this would be awesome and look funky @ parties too

I left my Bold on the knee-wall at the top of my stairs. I got a message and it vibrated off and tumbled down the stairs. I was vacuuming out my car and had put it on top of the post where you put your money in the machine and the vibrations from the motor knocked it onto the concrete. It's been dropped on other occasions too. Now the battery cover won't stay on all the time because the latch is bent...

i dropped my 9700 TWICE on the bus and my whole back cover is very scratched. :( where are you epik case when i need you.

So I dropped my phone in the kitchen a couple months back and my previous case borke. :( I probably coulda just gotten another for my bday this sunday but it is more fun to try to win items from crackberry!

A must have for my 9700. My BB was pushed off the kitchen table by our cat. She thought it was a toy. I saw it happening and was able to grab it in mid-air before it hit the floor. I must have looked like an NFL receiver diving for the winning pass in the end zone. I need it badly!!! Beware of cats. My BB is my toy, not the cat's.

One off situation: I was walking the sidewalk, BBMing like crazy and I hear tires squeeling, thuds, and as I look up I have a car heading right for me. My first move is to attempt to coddle my new 9700 which fails in the chaos and I end up tossing it somehow towards the car coming at me. It gets knicked by the edge of the tire and goes flying towards a concrete wall. Needless to say, I have pretty much rebuilt my entire phone, including Chrome (+ surrounding with the side buttons), top and bottom plates and battery cover. for some reason my screen only has one minor scratch on it and the phone still works.
I picked up one of those "condom" style silicone cases for now, would love to win this for the better protection.
Bold 9700
"Circles" Design
Smoked Black

Thanks CB and Epik!

Until now my berry has been covered but the cover was to thick for my new case. Now I need one of these slim protectors. Thanks

Since I do a lot of automotive work, my storm gets nasty filthy all the time. A good case and screen protector would come in handy more than just occasionally.

The day after I got my 9700 I went jogging & I tripped & there went mmy new 9700 sliding down the road...scratched badly :( :(

I got my 9700 for xmas after being without a beloved bb for 2 months (torture!!!!!!!) ....I would GREATLY appreciate A case for my new love lol :-)

had my tour on face down on the bar, finished my beer n slammed the mug down on my bb. needless to say the battery cover is not as solid as it looks.

It probably would have come in handy when I had my Blackberry hooked up to the radio at work and one of the guys I work with grabbed the radio to put up on the shelf and flung my phone across the shop...

Wouldnt it be cool to win something. :-)
What better to win then a cool case. I am good at crudding up phones without covers.

no stories yet, i protect my bb likes its my kid, wipping it off hourly, making sure it gets its daily juice, and always having fun with it. Would be awesome to have a new case to make it part of the "cool click" here in the community

OK, It's 2 weeks and I haven't demolished my 8530 as yet.
I believe in preventative medicine, the Epic case appears to be the perfect "prescription" for my Blackberry.
Thanks CrackBerry and Degassis!

I had my new storm2 for only like a week and went go-karting and had it in my pocket. Ended up breaking the phone. At least I learned my lesson.

have been disappointed with cases i have bought in the past, and this looks like one that could actually work quite well.

I tried to buy one before but they were on back order, now I've dropped my phone and nicked it so I really need a case for my tour.

Didn't make it out of store dropped my 9550 storm lucky it was on carpet need a case really bad might not be so lucky next time

i recently became a new BB user. Last week I was taking my grandson out in his stroller while his mom was at the doctor. As i am a jogger, I was pushing him in front of me. I had placed my BB in the one of the pockets of the cart, and as we passed the stairs leading down to the parking lot my joyous little bundle tossed my new BB out of the cart. I watched in horror as it careened down the stairs and came to rest at the bottom. I got to the phone just as the phone started to ring, the tone for my daughter, "You are my sunshine" The case was pretty banged up but the phone still worked. I immediately went on line and purchased a new back and it would be great to have a new EPIK case so that this never happens again. If I don't win I might just have to purchase an EPIK case anyway...

The first week I had my bb even though it was in the holster I scratched the top corner against the side of the house. Wish I had an epik case.

i dropped my previous Curve when i was trying to take a picture in Arizona hiking the Bright Angel Trail. It got a little dusty and the the side was banged up. Now that i have my Tour i try not to use it when i'm hiking. i'd love one of these cases so that i could safely utilize my 9630 while hiking or canoeing!

Yep! I dropped my blackberry Curve and scratched the screen. I was lucky that's all I did. It must have landed just right to keep it from breaking. Case and Screen Protector will coem in VERY handy!

Okay, no one will probably believe this one but I had my phone lying on my kitchen counter, just finished making buffalo chicken wing dip (yummy) with my food processor. Do you know where this is going yet. Bet not, my cat jumps on the counter as I am removing the lid, I jump, she jumps and the blade jumps, problem was it jumped into my blackberry. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I guess it was better that then my cat but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hope I win won before the cat and I cause more trouble

I want one of these. It would save my phone. my puppy has a tendency of standing on my phone no matter where i put it, i try to keep it out of the line of fire and she still manages to land on it.