Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epix Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 10:48 am EST

The folks over at Degasis.net reached out to us a few days ago and let us know they were interested in having a contest for the CrackBerry nation wherein they were wanting to give away and Epik case and one screen protector to 15 lucky CrackBerry members. 

What can we say? We're love contests and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible so, lets do it up. Leave your comments here to win 1 if 15 Epik cases and a screen protector from Degasis.net. Supported device are 8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9550, 9630 & 9700. Just let us know any stories or incidents you may have had where a Epik case would have come in handy. Drop your new BlackBerry even before you had a chance to buy a skin? Maybe it fell in a snow bank as you stumbled out the bar? Let us hear it folks. Contest will run until Friday with the winners chosen by Monday, January 25th. Thanks to the folks at Degasis for offering this up. One entry per person folks, all duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to you all

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Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone



I have a Tour. with only one minor scratch on the bezel. You can barely see it. Most of the time my phone is naked, and I only use the OEM case. My girlfriend has the 8330 curve, with scratches all over. She is the one who always uses a case, or some sort of cover. I would like to get an epik case, just so I can show it off, and rub it in her face. Yes I am a little evil. Just a little.

About 3 weeks ago, when pulling my phone out to pull the battery, I dropped it and shattered the case I had into about 10 pieces. Having a nice case is a MUST, and these cases are awesome. Currently my phone is naked/unprotected, so it would be great to have a durable case!

It's very easy to drop the BB when you look at it 100 times or more a day...I need the protection of the case.


i feel that an epik case would come in handy 24/7. having that kind of protection would give u that extra sense of security against drops and scratches. not picking up dirt and lint from your pockets is an even greater added bonus

I would love one! my 9700 is awesome but is getting dinged pretty bad! so please please please give me one!

Just today I dropped my 9550 all the way down the stairs and my dog grabbed it before I got there, now it has teeth marks on it.

I wouldn't have to worry about it getting all scratched up when the dog pulls on his leash and it goes flying out of my hand!! This would be great!

I've seen these cases on other smartphones. I think it'd work better than the silicone-type case I currently have on my 9550!

So I just got a Bold 9700 before Christmas. It is replacing my poor Pearl 8130. The Pearl served me well, especially for the abuse and punishment it took. From sliding off my lap and hitting the ice as I opened the door, to having it get drenched when the sprinkler systems went off in a plant I was working on an install at, and everything in between. It's been soaked, squished, tossed, turned, used and abused every which way from here to Calcutta and still it worked as though new. But alas, it was time for a change (and the new fast network helps as well). I'm going to try and better to my Bold then I was to my Pearl, and this case would definitely start that process off well!

I could use an Epik case for my blackberry 9700. Whenever I wear a hoodie, the bb seems to find a way to jump out the front pocket. Any protection would help!

Im a PE teacher and i would love to have one of these to protect my 9000 from the gym floor and kids running up to my desk...Enter me Please!!! ROO!!

I dropped my Bold as I was getting out of the car. Then as I went to pick it up I end up kicking it and it skips along under another car. If I had this case my bezel would still look new.

I have been using one of those 'skin' covers and while I like the naked look, it offers no bump/drop/oops protection. Hate to have my shiny Tour get a ding.

my original Blackberry for 3 days and was in my weekly staff meeting trying to text under the table without being caught. The store manager slammed his hand down on the table and scared me and I dropped the phone. The screen cracked diagonally from top to bottom. Not only was I caught and humiliated, my brand new Berry was busted! Took a while to live that one down. Help me avoid a similar humiliating situation! ;)

Perfect timing CrackBerry/Epik. I dropped my Tour 9630 on the way into the house tonight. Cracked my case not the phone, thank goodness. Was just settling in with the super glue when I spied this contest. Now the glue only has to hold for a week or so, hows that for wishful thinking!


Right when I bought my phone, I specifically told the guy I wanted to keep the original screen protector on until I can buy a permanent one, and he goes "okay" and peels it off RIGHT after and habitually throws it away?? I'm very "OCD" when it comes to new and shiny things, so this really itched a spot on me. Then to make things worse, I guess he got embarrassed and shaky and drops the phone while turning it on. Sure, it's a TINY scratch on the bottom, but it's enough for me to say FML.

My cat hid that niffty little case my curve came with. From the time I lost it, until the time I replaced it with another case, I dropped my blackberry SIX TIMES. (Three times in one day.) I actually put a little crack in my screen. It would be awesome to win one of these cases! Thanks for the great contests.

If I leave it sit on the end table my schnauzer licks the screen of my phone. Any protection I can provide would be useful. I guess she just likes the smooth surface of the touchscreen.

man i was gettin dressed for pe and my phone slippped right out of my pants pocket and im thinking i hope it didnt crack the screen but right then somebody kicked and you know what it cracked the screen. an epik case would help me from sad things.

The design is nicely transparent with some interesting design. Kind of wish they had more selection though.

I just had gotten my Bold 9000 from the att store. Then as I went out to my car trying to get things sorted out from my Curve 8300. I got to my car and went to open the door when I accidently hit my blackberry with the car door and my phone fell straight into the pavment. I picked it up and it now has a big dent right underneath the att symbol on the bezel. My once sexy phone was now damaged and looked horrible. After cursing loudly for everyone to hear I closed my car door and went back into the mall to see what kind of cases to buy. But ended up getting nothing. My phones naked and ugly but I still love it more then pretty much anything I own.

I just had gotten my Bold 9000 from the att store. Then as I went out to my car trying to get things sorted out from my Curve 8300. I got to my car and went to open the door when I accidently hit my blackberry with the car door and my phone fell straight into the pavment. I picked it up and it now has a big dent right underneath the att symbol on the bezel. My once sexy phone was now damaged and looked horrible. After cursing loudly for everyone to hear I closed my car door and went back into the mall to see what kind of cases to buy. But ended up getting nothing. My phones naked and ugly but I still love it more then pretty much anything I own.

I have live in the frigid temperatures of Laramie, Wyoming and it snows about 12 months out of the year. I am constantly dropping my phone in the snow then hurrying to uncover it and wipe it off....

help me out!

One of these would have came in handy when my Tour flew out of my pocket, bounced twice and then skidded across my parking lot when I was taking out the trash.

Sign me up!

I haven't had any incidents with my new BB Bold 9700 (knock on wood) but I'm so scared that I'm going to drop it and break it. I know I will cry if that happens and everyday the odds of that happening are increasing! Oh CrackBerry, please save a grown man the embarrassment of crying in front of everyone if I ever drop my beloved BlackBerry! I just want to be able to just pick the phone up, dust the phone off, and say "My BlackBerry was protected by an awesome new case that I won in a contest!"

I hate the rim skin cases. They attract everything from your pocket or desk it makes me happy to see new non fuzzy cases.

We all know water damage is bad, but sometimes a phone with a case around it can protect it from swimming! I could use a case to make sure my Berry is protected this time! Who doesn't love floaties?

I couldn't think of a better time for this contest. I had dropped my phone a few times. The last one was the straw that broke the camel's back. I am currently missing the key that sits between z and c. Looked at your qwerty? Eggsactly. That one. I am hoping my refurb arrives on wednesday. So an epic case for my "new" tour woould be great. Might give me a little egstra protection for my keyboard. Pick me!

Epix case would have greatly help when I opened my car door and the storm2 fell out and landed on its corner, luckily I got away with a dent but its still painful to see it.
The screen protector would have been nice to have since my 2 year old son loves to play the bubble pop game but gets creative and try to pop them using toys and has resulted in a visible scratch on the top right side. O well, kids will be kids :)

This case would be much better than the one I bought at the mall at one of those kiosks. The damn hard case scratched my phone! Those were the days before I was a crackberry member. Bet I could have gotten a better case off of the reviews here! ;)

I need one that will protect but be flexible enough not to scratch like my old hard case.

would have been handy to have this case for my BB....juggling drinks purse and BB at the bar...BB didnt make it :(

Please let me win one!!

My oh so wonderful kitten knocked my9550 off of the table on to the carpet, then decided it made a great toy on the carpet. I will also be looking for a new battery door cover as well. One of there would look great over it when it gets here!! :)


I would absolutely love a new case for my Blackberry!
I keep getting random scratches on my phone, and I have no idea where they come from.

i have fancyshake on my storm and my old hard case doesnt connect around my phone anymore. Just the other day i shook my phone out of my hand right into the backseat of my car. I need a better grip on my phone! Epik case please!

I would love one of these! I always set my BB on my lap in the car and forget about it being there when I get out. I've already had to replace two scratched up bezels.

I know even with the case it wouldn't help, but thats the worst thing that has happened with me...

Other than that just dropped several times on the street when trying to take something out of my pocket!

I have a Tour by the way.

I constantly drop my BB and now have scratches around the edge which would have been prevented if I had a beautiful case like one of these!

Let's face it: Any Crackberry abuser has their Blackberry in hand for the majority of the day. Accidents happen. I am constantly on my BB sending text messages, checking email, listening to music, checking out the CB forums... and then I drop it. Please, please, please pick me for a free case? It would be greatly appreciated!

Literally, I skipped two of my classes to get my 9550 only to get back to campus and drop it because someone bumped into me. I cried and still tear up when I look at the scratches and dents in my phone.

i'd love to win one of these cases. I went to niagara falls with my friend and wanted to show her an app on my phone. Once I took it out of my pocket I fumbled it and the phone dropped a couple feet down Clifton Hill. Great Luck I had the day. Please help me out!!

I set my new (less than 1 month old) Curve in a "safe" and out of the way place in the basement as I was digging out some holiday decorations. It was like a bad, slow-motion shot as I watched my elbow knock a box that knocked an exercise ball that bounced off a box and over a pipe right into the tower of boxes holding my precious phone. CRASH! Scratches & a nice 1" crack in the screen.

My 9700 would love a new case =] I've always been clumsy with my old phones, haven't dropped this one yet, and hopefully I don't. An Epik case would be a great addition to my new berry.

First day I got my Storm my nephew knocked it off the patio table and into a pot of dirt/mud. Made me :'( a little bit.

Please pick me!!

i work as a mechanic, so i'm always rought on my poor 9550, the first week i had it i dropped it and cracked the screen across the end and back button. Luckily it still works so I haven't had to use my insurance yet, but if i get the case i won't have to worry about any more damage to my precious berry!

Like most people, I used to keep my phone in my pants or jacket pocket. My pockets are normally very baggy and tend to let things drop out easily when I stand. I had my brand new Storm 2 in my jacket pocket when I was driving home from the Verizon store and when I got home and stood up out of my car I heard something drop onto the ground and saw my brand new phone on the ground with some brand new scratches. Needless to say I was a little upset. Since then I bought a holster for it and try to keep it clipped to me rather than loose in my pockets.

A new case for it would be awesome!

Slips out of my hands all the time. My phones pretty dinged up. Luckily I have a skin to hide the scratches.

I need one of these for sure, I remember a time when my wife picked up my storm and threw it at me because she was mad at me and put a huge ding in the bottom of it. We were outside at the time and it landed in some gravel. One of these cases would have definitely protected it and if she would have hit me with it, then it would have cushioned the blow also!!! LOL! Anyways, all that to say I really need one of those!!

Yes very sad. I was really going to buy a case for my blackberry... Because over the week I dropped my blackberry 3 times. It was to it's credit still working. The last straw came when I dropped it off my table right onto a wooden board. Screen first. At first I thought it wasn't bad... Then i found I cracked the screen... :( Again to it's credit it kept working even without the screen.... But I should take care of my berry buddy and I would love to use your case.

John :)

I need this case! Two days ago my poor Tour fell out of my lap as I got out of my car. I didn't realize my baby was missing until a 20 minute car ride later. I turned around and raced back to find it directly behind an SUV's front tire, an inch from a puddle!! Obviously this case is crucial to my Tour's survival. Please Please help! :-)
Oh...and I love you Crackberry.com!!!!

I need this case! Two days ago my poor Tour fell out of my lap as I got out of my car. I didn't realize my baby was missing until a 20 minute car ride later. I turned around and raced back to find it directly behind an SUV's front tire, an inch from a puddle!! Obviously this case is crucial to my Tour's survival. Please Please help! :-)
Oh...and I love you Crackberry.com!!!!


Winning is'nt everything its the ONLY thing!!!!!! My bold is way to conservertive to be running around naked she's no hoe!!!

dropped my 9700 the first day :( why didn't i buy a case? oh ya i was lazy. serves me right.

choose me please.

I work in a bar and had to throw a guy out. He then tried to throw a few swings at me and I managed to basically throw/ body slam the guy to the ground...Unfortunately I also landed on my brand new 9550. Crack. Luckily the phone held up! Just a few scuffs on the sides. But sturdy phone still. Would be nice to have a case!

I could def use a new Epik case! I like to change my cases and have dropped it naked and I freak! I could use a sweet new case!

I recently bought a 9700 so a new case for it would be awesome. I had a 8900 before the upgrade and it would always fall due to human error lol. Fortunately I had ghost armor and a silicone case, which really kept it alive.

Bought the phone right after having that embarrassing recycled Motorola, so I was no longer embarrassed to show off my phone when approaching a female, so I seen this pretty girl sitting outside the TELUS store in Scarborough Town Centre and I said “hey let try to be smooth with my FIRST blackberry and tell this girl to PIN me” so as I’m walking and the box against my stomach with the left hand and the phone in my younger cousin who was with me asks to see my phone and reaches for it before she finishes her sentence. The phone goes flying out my hands, takes a bounce on the top corner and slides for about two seconds and stops right in front of the girl. Not only was I embarrassed but the top left corner a nice dent but also the screen had a couple scratches from the slide on the ground, all of this happening after owning my first blackberry (9700) no less than 10 minutes.

I work in a warehouse, and have a incredible knack for dropping my phone and kicking it across the floor. Having an epic case and screen protector would really be helpful! I've had my new phone just over a week and still don't use it at work unless I absolutely have to!

I sure could have used one of these when I bought my 8900. I literally walked out of the T-Mobile store and dropped my brand new phone as I got into my truck! Did enough damage that I had to file an insurance claim!

I've had a few close calls where I almost dropped my phone into the snow - an Epix case would have put my mind at ease.

i had my brand new storm 2 and had ordered a silicone case. it hadnt arrived. I put my storm in my in car mount i used for my old curve.

i opened the door to go scrape ice from the windshield and i heard a smash.

looked and found my storm on the ground screen smashed to pieces.


To make matters worse, my case came that day.

If i had a case it might have survived.

I've been fortunate enough to not have a dropped my BB, but I've had a close call or two. Anything that can help me minimize damaging my BB is a step in the right direction. :)

I had a Bold (9000) that is now in the great tech scrapyard in the sky ever since my dog decided to, not only chew on it, but also leave it right on top of a very unstable tool box, where it fell with many other objects that just murdered it on the fall...

Now, with my Bold (9700), i dont want this to happen again... well, at least i hope for my phone to survive this... ahha

I get up at 4am and work at 5am.. well some days (including today.) I fall asleep, problem is I'm holding my blackberry when i do & today I dropped it straight down from about 3 plus feet up onto the hardwood floor, needless to say I woke up. ;(

blackberry is my virtual office. With hectic work and two small toddlers, truly need a light protector for my busy on the move schedule and cool one to keep my chic (eventhough i am a mom).

I had one of these and I need a new one. Best cases hands down; all the good parts of a silicon and a hard case and none of the bulk or stickiness.

My phone needs some protection from the weather! The metal battery door gets so cold when I'm driving to and fro. Won't you consider helping my under privlaged storm 9530.

im one of those guys that be forgetting the phone is in my lap when im in the car and you already know the rest. Even though I have a case an Epik case sounds even nicer. endo story.

So. The other day my 6 month old baby was her momma when all of a sudden she pooped. My wife told me to change her while she checked on dinner. Well it so happened that I just gotten home from work and had my berry in my front pocket of my t shirt. As I was changing her diaper. My trusty berry decided to jump outta my pocket and guess where it landed. Yup right in the dirty diaper. I was bad. Poop got into my storm and I had to try and clean it as best as I could. Of course my wife laughed at the situation and my daughter coo'ed. I couldn't help it by laugh and cry. lol. So in this case if I had me one of these cases I cloud have just cleaned the case and not get any in my screen. Some story huh. Anyways good luck to all and thanx for another great contest crackberry.

I took my lunch break and was walking down to Subway, answered the phone and as I put it back into my pocket it fell and bounced across the concrete. The battery came off and it never worked after that. I had to get a warranty replacement. Definitely could have used an Epik case!

When i unboxed the 8520 i offered to my brother i forget to tell to my little sister to doesn't play with it.
I found the phone in this toy box with scratch on the screen and the contour...ouch

Like Adam and Eve, my Blackberry Tour has been sinful by slipping out of my hands. I need a little fig leaf for my tour as it is embarrassed to be naked around me ever since. Please help my Tour for it's sake.

would have loved to have one on my first trip out to the car when i took my new bold 9700 out of my pocket and fumbling out of my hands to my foot and across the parking lot it was shuffled. so it doesnt look so new ...;ove my phone just wish i would of had your case

...and the sim card.

All on the NY Penn Station platform during rush hour.

The BB is sooo addicting. Why, oh why can't we just wait until a good time (you know..when your not getting herded to the the escalator) to check our BB? It's not as if the messages go away after point 5 milliseconds! But yet there I was (and I wasn't alone in doing this) checking the BB as I'm stepping off a crowded train. Well, a jostle here and a push there..and BAM! Somehow the darn thing POPPED outta my hands!! (ok, at that moment I WAS alone because everyone else seemed to have kept a grip on their BB :-(

An Epik case would have certainly helped. Oh, and magic BB pieces that come back to you on command so that if you don't have an Epik case you aren't taking a risk getting your fingers stepped on by fellow BB owners who are too busy checking their email to notice the woman scrambling around on the platform looking for a sim card :)

I could have used some protection when I was holding my wife's 8330 at a social gathering and dropped her phone in to some dip sitting on the table! UGH! Got it cleaned up and it still works, but, like I said, some covering would have been nice! Thanks for the chance to win this! Maybe NEXT time.... :)

I would love one of these, for the simple reason, the first day of my new device ownership, it tumbled out of my hand, down my leg and onto the ground where the back scratched up.

If I had this case, I KNOW it would have prevented it, as I owned one for a previous device.

Here's hoping.

I have a clear on for my 8900 but havin problems with it just bought it in cellphone shope but I dont think its of the same quality. Please I want one, Im new with this bberry thing actually just got my 8900 last december but I've been inlove with this phone forever even if it was not available here in the philippines yet

I hope to win ~cross-finger~

The current case I have just doesn't cut it. It's subject to falling out and has on quite a few occasions. The Epik case would do the trick.

my story is a bit "sick" you might say. since i have had my Storm2 over the last 4 months, i have been sick off and on due to the weather changes in Kansas, so I carry kleenex in my pocket alot. well then I forget and put my Storm2 in the same pocket, and,well...you can see how bad that can get. so I could really use one.


working as an apartment maintenance man, this could come in handy, especially while working on water heaters. It may prevent me from getting calcium and dirty from my phone when I get called at the most in-opportune times.

My husband and I both got Storm2's the same day. He's rough on phones so we bought him a case right away. I begged him to be careful! "PLEASE don't break your phone" I said. I didn't buy a case for mine, since I'm the "careful" one. The next day, I gave myself a heart attack when I dropped MY phone and did the cartoon dance trying to keep it from hitting the floor. I saved it, but barely. Now I have a case I hate and want an Epik!

Man i need a new case for my blackberry, i had one of the rubber ones for mine, but didn't like it so i gave it to my stepbrother (who has the same phone). Been going naked for a couple of months now, and this would take a load off my mind.

They look good, I'll like to see and use them and maybe become a customer of theirs. Thanx Crackberry and Degasis.net.