Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epix Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 10:48 am EST

The folks over at Degasis.net reached out to us a few days ago and let us know they were interested in having a contest for the CrackBerry nation wherein they were wanting to give away and Epik case and one screen protector to 15 lucky CrackBerry members. 

What can we say? We're love contests and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible so, lets do it up. Leave your comments here to win 1 if 15 Epik cases and a screen protector from Degasis.net. Supported device are 8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9550, 9630 & 9700. Just let us know any stories or incidents you may have had where a Epik case would have come in handy. Drop your new BlackBerry even before you had a chance to buy a skin? Maybe it fell in a snow bank as you stumbled out the bar? Let us hear it folks. Contest will run until Friday with the winners chosen by Monday, January 25th. Thanks to the folks at Degasis for offering this up. One entry per person folks, all duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to you all

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Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone



I babysit my little sister all of the time because my mom goes to work all the time to pay for us to live. My sister always ends up playing with my blackberry Tour 9630 and I find that she isn't good with phones. she always drops it or slides it across the floor. This case will help with the abuse that my tour suffers.

Lord knows how many times I've dropped my Blackberry. But my incident happened when my daughter was born and I was texting, calling, sending pics, all of that jazz. I was holding my daughter and waiting for incoming messages back from my relatives, friends when my phone started ringing off the hook. Scared the my daughter so bad , that she let out of the most loudest crying sound I've have ever heard. In that process, i drop my phone hits the corner table by my wife's bed in the hospital. Then hits the the railing on my wife's hospital bed. Finally, hits the ground and back panel flying off and my battery comes out. I didn't think all of this could happen. The height from which my phone was dropped wasn't high. wish I had bought a protector for it. I still have the phone today. i send pics of my baby to everyone as she growing. Fun times, but not for my phone.

I had just bought my new 8350i on October 3rd, 2009 and was learning how to use it, found crackberry.com and its forums and loving my new blackberry. Another thing I'm addicted to is cigarettes, day 2 of having my brand new Blackberry 8350i I did not have the screen protector or skin yet. I had it charging on the table next to my bed. I went to put out my cigarette, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to my alarm on the 8350i, when I picked it up to hit SNOOZE again, I saw it. There was a perfect circle burnt into my brand new Blackberry. I seriously thought I was dreaming and had yet to wake up. I tried to rub it off and realized it was deep. This being my 1st BB, I thought the LCD was shot. I was so upset. I have had this problem forever. No matter what it is, whenever I get something new be it a car, shoes or a Blackberry. I always "DING" it somehow.

I have since replaced the screen, LCD was not damaged, and have a screen protector & skin. But they are not Epik.


So far I have been lucky, and all that's happened has been the battery cover pops off and the battery plays a game of hide-and-seek with me.I have been fortunate, thus far. I would LOVE a case to ensure that I continue to be fortunate :)

One of these cases would sure be great on my 9000 as I travel across canada on my Honda Eurosport this summer. I am so scared of wrecking my new Bold in a spill off of my bike.i use my media player a lote. I did drop my Curve a time of two and don't want to have this happen to my Bold.

when i got my phone i went online to order just a plain black case. when it arrive it ended up being a zebra case. I hate taking my phone out to use it cuz the case is ugly.

When I got my new BB, the first thing I asked the Rep for was a skin.... while he and I were looking through what they had my wife was looking at the new phone. As she was doing that she inadvertantly scratched the screen and I have had to live with that major scratch ever since. I would love to be the proud recipient of New Degasis Skin. Thank you for the opportunity to get my curve some new clothes.

Ahhh, week one of of owning my new Storm2 - pulling it out of my jacket to show my buddy as I am getting out of the car and OPPS, dropped it. It landed on the top left corner and now my lock/unlock button barely works - not bad enough for a replacement but certainly bad enough to shed a tear.

Well my last BB took a ride into a sewer! I had it on my lap riding in a buddy's car and he parked right by a sewer in his subdivision. I forgot the BB was on my lap opened the door and got out right by the sewer and flip! Right into the sewer opening. Luckily it had not rained in a long time and I was able to get the lid off and get down to get it! The case it was it was a resin type case and kept the thing from coming apart! It was about a 15ft drop! My trackball did bite the dust though!

Would love to have one of these for my 9700!

EDIT: Guess I should add we had just left the local bar and it was 1AM!

First day I got my Bold 9000, I put it in my pocket and went home, got home and the sides were all scratched up from the coins that were in there too... damn. A case would have been awesome for that.

Yes, its true. I need a good case for my Tour. I work at a tv station and find myself the one that is always nominated to shovel off the roof where the satellites are. Needless to say, I am the butt of many jokes as I have dropped my phone off the roof almost every time I've been up there. Yeah, I know. You'd think I wouldve learned the first time.

I needed to replace the case I bought for my Tour when it was brand new. It was one of those rubbery silicone ones that you get at Verizon. It had stretched out to the point where it wouldn't stay on very well. I LOVE my Epik case - it fits perfectly, gives protection & stays on! I like the "crystal" appearance too - instead of the opaque color of my old one. Would love to have another one (purple maybe?) to rotate them around!

These cases look pretty sweet. I don't have a story though so I'm just going to order one. They're pretty cheap and there is free shipping to Canada - gasp! From the website it looks like it's just one dude who makes and sells them through PayPal.

Epix case and one screen protector for this crackbarian, had my phone on my dashboard once made a horrible sharp turn & my 9700 flew out the window and in the street and bounced in the woods. I pulled over and i went looking for it, finally found it and what a miracle nothing happened no dink, scratch or dent. I was amazed to that fact nothing happened to my phone I feel like a guardian angel was watching over my 9700.

So when my bold sitting in the cup holder of a golf cart when it does bounce up and down, it wont scratch the phone!!!

I had a leather case for my 9550 which actually put minor scratches on the top and bottom of my Blackberry when I took the device out or put it back into the case. I thought the case was meant to protect the devise. I was wrong with this particular case.

how about this: day one with my new 9550. i was checking an email in the car. oops theres a cop. put it on my lap. forgot about the email. when i get to my destination i step out of the car. and my storm 2 got up close and personal with my driveway. now there is a nice gash on the corner of my phone to remind me i shoulda bought a case of some sort at time of purchase.

One time I dropped my Blackberry and as it was falling I tried to catch it and I made it worse because when it hit my hand it I ended up launching it so it slid across the floor instead of just landing on it. OUCH!

I dropped my BOLD 9000 when it was just one month old and still keeping the same bessel with the scratch on it... :(
I wish I had one of these to protect it.

When my dog jumped up on me while i was trying to make a call. the phone flew out of my hand and landed on the driveway. It survived, but it definitely looks the worse for wear.

Using one of these cases would definitely help.

On the next day after I picked up my storm2, a friend with diamond earrings decided to test and "feel" how heavy it is to hold during conversations. You guessed it: deep scratch on the screen.
But the story doesn't end there. Got home and decided to relax, and the phone kept ringing. Still pissed off at the scratched screen, I picked up the phone and it fell on the ground. I was about to pull my hair out when I saw the nick at the corner.
I'm impressed with the sturdiness of the device, but to keep the device looking sharp, I need your case!

On the second day of owning my tour, I got out of my car and forgot my phone was sitting on my lap... Yeah. It hit the pavement hard. It still works fine and stuff it just has the bottom end scuffed up pretty badly now.

A friend of mine has one for her 9700, and I must say, it's a very nice case. It isn't flimsy and loose like the one I threw away for my 8900 not too long ago. After a few heartbreaking drops I sorta realize I'd reaaaly love to have an epix case.

Pick me! Pick me! I need a phone case! When I first got my phone, I used to spin it on the battery case like playing spin the bottle, only it was spin the Blackberry. But I spun it so much that the paint completely rubbed off the spot that it was spinning on. So there is a HUGE black spot of no paint on my red battery door. Very sad.

I really really need a case for my Storm 2. I am a internet manager for a car dealership and my phone is ringing all the time and email going off. Im constantly out showing a car to someone and beep there goes the Blackberry..I fumble in my pockets between all the car keys...and already have dropped it.

Betweeen the car keys scratching the back, dropping it getting in and out... I could really use an Epik case..I would be a great advertisement for it!


P.S... plus my Chihuahua Coco loves to chew on my phones! yuk

Well I'm not sure if the epix case wouldve helped but after a long night of drinking when i did finally get home my BB 9630 @3mnths old took a bath in the toilet .......luckily its still ticking sadly still without a case

I already have one of the original smoked cases and love it, but would love to have one of the new "logo" purple one :) This case has saved my 9700 several times already!

I've been pretty lucky so far. I only use the OEM pocket, but would like something that covered it a little more.

When my Curve 8530 was just a week old, I just dropped my car off at the shop and was standing outside when my phone rang. I had to unzip my coat to pull it out of my front shirt pocket. With my other hand holding my laptop case, I started to fumble my device with the other hand trying to catch it and on the last fumble, I ended up chucking it about 10 feet in the air before it came crashing down onto the concrete screen side down. YIKES!!! The phone did survive but I wish I had a case/protector for it; I still do!!! Good luck everyone!!!

As a VZW Rep in a corporate store I am usually in charge of all of our merchandising. One day, I was switching phones around as well as the Arms the phones are displayed on (weighing about 5 pounds with sharp edges). I had just gotten a text, read it and then put my phone down on the decking under the phones. Well, one of the arms I put back up did not latch onto the wall completely, and it fell down right on top of my Storm2. I didn't even look over for fear of total destruction. After I finished what I was working on I decided to view the damage. I inspected the phone, looking at the screen and silicon case and found a quarter inch gash in the screen. Dissappointed, I decided to take my screen protector off to see the true damage. I could not believe that, after the screen protector was taken off, the screen was perfect. The heavy arm had fallen on the phone but did no true damage. The screen protector had a nasty gash with the hole clean through but nothing on the screen itself at all. I actually saved the screen protector to show customer who do not want to buy one just what they can do to protect the screens.

These cases look really sweet. And, I could use a new screen protector. So, please hook me up.

Drunk me can't seem to keep hold of my 9630. As a result, my body glove is pretty beat up and I'm in need of a new case. Love to win this one.

and yet it has miraculously survived everything (knock on wood now!!). One of these times its gonna fall and not get back up...so i need one please!

OK, so, about 6 weeks after I got my Bold (9000), I'm pulling network wires and up on a 6ft ladder. I get a call from the guy at the other end of the cable drop, 3 floors below me letting me know he had got the pull cord I dropped through the hole in the wall.

I was trying to balance, and put my Bold on the "Tool Tray" on the ladder on Speakerphone so I could talk to him while I worked.

Feeding the Cat 6 down, somewhere it got hung up, and with us pulling up and down trying to dislodge it, my foot sliped, the ladder tipped and my Bold BOUNCED!!

Took a big chunk out of the chrome frame when it hit the ground! :(

A softer skin for my Storm 2 (in lieu of an OtterBox Commuter) would be a nice change of pace. I'd love to use one of these cases! They're getting awesome reviews around the interwebs... ;-)

I ordered a new housing for my 8900 off of eBay, same day I put it on it fell out of my jacket pocket and ruined the bezel =(, a case would definitely cut down the costs of having to buy a new bezel.

and it slipped and dented the top of my bezel! i want to go back to an all around protective case (barely there sucks!) so this would def do the job. thinx!

I keep dropping my phone when I get out of the car because I keep holding too much stuff!

True story, 2 weeks into having my Blackberry Tour, I was moving the lawn and hit the fence with my case, and I ran it over. Needless to say, not sure if this case would protect it from being a bunch of little black pieces, BUT, i'm sure nobody has a story like this

I already have 3 of these spectacular cases but I bought mine before they came out with the Pro line. I'd love a chance to try one of those!! :)

I went down to the Bell Store, bought my first ever BlackBerry, the Bold 9000, soon as I go out to the car it slips out of my hands and falls hard to the cement. MY HEART STOPPED. i quickly picked it up, looked around to see if anyone seen the travesty that just took place, and looked at my baby....it was safe....for now :)

Here's my entry. Gotta say after breaking a 9000 a few months ago, I'm scared to death that I'm going to destroy my nice new 9550... Have been meaning to get a case or skin for it, but keep forgetting. (Not only that, but there's a lot of REALLY bad/ugly looking skins out there)

my phone apparently doesnt like staying in my jacket pocket it would rather fall and scratch itself on the floor

Would love to have this for when my friends and I are all sitting around- there are about 4 83xx berries when we're all together, but I'm the only 8330 on verizon. we all like to keep the same color gel case on our phones and we're too stubborn to give it up, so I've actually taken the wrong phone on a few occasions. allowing me to see through the gel and still have the color would prevent me from grabbing any 8310s or 8320s!!!!

I drop my blackberry all the time, and a Epix skin case would really come in handy for all those times when I'm charging it on a USB cable and it drops off my too cluttered desk.

I would love to try out one of these. I'm a bit of a case freak. I'm using the innocase surface II right now, and am VERY unhappy with it. Im on my 3rd one. they keey breaking. Yea Im hard on my berry.

hese cases are great! Here's our chance to pick one up for free, and if you don't you can always purchase one! Good Luck!

i really could have used this the day my phone flew out of my pocket and bounced off a bmw as i was chasing my stupid dog down the street!!! both the bmw and phone got pretty scratched!!

pick me pick me

Yes 3 days after new Device, what happens your arm gets bumped in a crowded sidewalk. Not only does your precious berry take a nice hard permant dent making bounce on teh sidewalk, but then you are lucky enough to have someone kick it. So it goes for a little skid across the sidewalk before another lost in space walker steps on it, inflicted more lasting pain onto the device.
Yes folks this can happen to you also, wish i would have bought the case at teh store instead of waiting to by it online to get a few dollars off.

I've tried to be as careful as I can be w/ my new Storm 2 (9550) and I've been pretty lucky so far. However, I am anticipating that in the near future I may have my focus on something else. My wife is pregnant w/ our first baby (a girl) and she's due the beginning of March and I can already see when I'm hurrying to get us to the hospital, I may be a little nervous and not be as careful with my storm 2 as I should be. Since it is going to be my only source of communication to spread the word to family & friends, I'd really appreciate an Epik Case so I don't accidentally drop it on the way and not be able to contact everyone! Please save my blackberry!

I really haven't made up my mind on a case that I want, this one looks really cool! I'd love to have this before I make a mistake and drop my berry!!

This case sounds great. It would've helped a ton when my 8530 and I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym last week, and it bounced off at 7 mph :)

9630 Tour. Been a BB user for 2 years, have dropped 2 in toilet, 1 in swimming pool, broke 3 screens, 1 met with a tire attached to a car, scratches and knicks all over all over them from repeated drops. Could always use some help

Would love to have one of these cases. I am all thumbs and am terrified of dropping my Storm 2 everytime I have it in my hand, especially without a case on it. Please pick me!

The battery door on my Berry has a huge chunk out of it as it's skidded across the floor one too many times. The corners show major wear and some cracks in it too. My poor Berry needs a nice case to protect it from me.

went to grab my storm 2 and as i see it falling out of my hands, out of pure reflex, i go to grab it and i end up sending it flying half way across the room...not a good test flight for my storm lol

I had my vertical holster sideways and bumped into a cabinet at work. BAM! My Tour fell out and (luckily) landed on the adjacent tabletop. No major issue, but it would have been 1) more secure in the holster with an Epik case and 2) more protected on impact.

Great giveaway!

My darn comp posted this twice!!!!! How do I delete the double post so I won't be DQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGGAAHHHHHHHH! CRAP!

i dropped my smartphone and broke the speaker a day after I got my first phone. Then it took me and VZW techs two more days to figure out why I had no sound. I need a case to protect my new Storm 2.PLZ!!!

I was extracting a person from a car, and cracked the bezel on my 9700. Not sure if this would have prevented that but either way, i would like one.

Well it had to happen, brand new Tour, no time to get a case, the OEM wasnt appropriate for duty .....called out to multiple MVC and bingo, tour goes sliding down the icy highway ...........sure could use your fabulous case....avoid and unnecessary damage while on the ambulance.

Thanks for the consideration.

My two year old son got a hold of my 9700 and well...you can all imagine what happened to it. What sucks the most is that I declined the insurance when I bought it so had to pony up the full price to pick up a new device!! Crap! Hoping to win one of these cases for my 3 week old 9700 as a plain old skin just won't cut it to protect my device from my two year old demolition expert!

Dropped my bb in the snow on the way to work. Realized it was missing and retraced my steps and found it in the snow! Whew ... managed to get it working thank goodness. Would love this ....

as a corp Sprint retail sales rep you'd think I'd be more carefull. I had my tour THREE days and set my phone down on the hood of my car to unlock the garage door and it slid right off and hit the garage floor. I HAD IT THREE DAYS!! I NEED A GOOD CASE

One week after I got my 9550 I was deer hunting. I set my phone on the spare tire on the outside of my jeep. Loaded up my guns and drove down the trail to my next hunting spot. I had to walk from that spot back to my starting area so I wouldn't run it over. I found it at about the halfway mark face down in the mud! My phone still worked but was scratched up pretty good!

Was on Week Two with my brand new 9630 when the first inccident happen. The phone was on its way into the case when it missed and hit the deck. I tryed to catch it but only slammed it harder into the ground, it bounced three times. Just a couple of nicks and scratches, but could have been avoided with this case here. Thanks goes out to Degasis.net and Crackberry for another great contest.

I need a case for my bold when i bought the bold 9700 i was using it and i put it in my leather case when i was getting it out y dropped into the floor!!Only a few scratches but i need to protect it

i had just gotten my 8520 , a week ago, it was beautiful. i got it to replace my defective 8900 (it kept on deleting people and other stuff) i was walking down the street to go to my doctors office. as i am walking a guy bumps into me and sends my phone flying into the street. THANK GOD no cars ran over it. but when i got to it the screen was cracked and the sides were ruined. i had to pay over 200 dollars to fix it. I STILL DONT HAVE A SKIN FOR IT


I was just coming out of the water at the pool and noticed that I had a missed call. Trying not to get my phone all wet, I picked it up a little gingerly. Unfortunately, that meant not having a good grip on it. It slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. I put my foot down to soften the impact, but it bounced off. I got lucky; it didn't break.

I ordered a case and holster and it was stolen due to UPS being stupid for leaving on my neighbors porch (which is exposed to the street). I had to order a different case so UPS could squeeze it through my mail box slot. PLEASE I would love to get a free case after all of the drama I've had to deal with!!!

I've been a bberry user for 3 years and always had a skin on my pearl because I don't like to wear my bberry.

I just did my first upgrade to a 9630 Tour.. I like this one even more but I still don't want to wear it and I don't like the holsters.

So far I haven't dropped it but it slipped out of my hands a couple times.

love the look especially cuz its a gel and clear!!! i like the purple the most :) it would look killer on my 9700 since i have a snazy purple theme rockin the screen

I had the new BlackBerry Curve 2 from Verizon for a few days before I got my Tour and had what I believe to have been one of the Epik cases for it. I absolutely LOVED that case! It was a beautiful shade of blue, and I loved the way it felt in my hand. Unfortunately, I had an issue with the Curve 2 connecting to my BlackBerry Desktop software for the Mac - the Mac didn't recognize that my BB Curve was connected, so I had to trade it in for the Tour. Of course, I love the Tour as well, but I sure do miss that case that I had for the Curve 2! Would love to have one for my Tour -

I had a Storm and it slipped form my hands one day and the screen cracked, the phone still worked so I still used it, I dropped it again and this time it wasn't so lucky and the phone died completely, now when you put the battery in the LED turns on and cuts out, and repeats until the battery dies. I then decided I couldn't live without a BB so bought another one from eBay, but 2 weeks later, it falls from the sofa, lands face forward and cracks, even though it had a screen protector! I think one of these cases might just save my BB from me if I get one! Its currently away getting fixed and I get it back on Wednesday, I'm going to wrap it in bubblewrap!!!

I had a Storm and it slipped form my hands one day and the screen cracked, the phone still worked so I still used it, I dropped it again and this time it wasn't so lucky and the phone died completely, now when you put the battery in the LED turns on and cuts out, and repeats until the battery dies. I then decided I couldn't live without a BB so bought another one from eBay, but 2 weeks later, it falls from the sofa, lands face forward and cracks, even though it had a screen protector! I think one of these cases might just save my BB from me if I get one! Its currently away getting fixed and I get it back on Wednesday, I'm going to wrap it in bubblewrap!!!

I can't stop looking at it, and all I did was be responsible and put my key in my pocket, same pocket as my BB, and now, its scratched. A case would be nice :) lol.

I've had two instances where having an epik case would have saved me some major cosmetic damage to my BlackBerry. I'm the guy with the luck that when my holster falls in a parking lot, it's going to land right on an unprotected corner. I've had this happen with my 9000 and 9700. I'm not sure if I tried I could get it to land just right so that the corner of the device hits the pavement. I need a sleek epik case to prevent this from happening again!

I'm notorious for dropping my BlackBerry, either it falls out of my pocket or off my lap when I get out of the car, or my son uses it like a football. Some I really need something like this before I have to do an early upgrade (at full price)

A week after I got my new storm I was using it in the car and had it on my lap. When I got out of the car I forgot this and jumped out. My storm whet flying out and scratched the chrome bezel, battery cover fell off, and battery fell out. So my storm has a scar as a reminder not to forget where I leave it.

I'd love to win one of these cases for my Bold 9000. I dropped it the second day I owned it and broke the battery cover. This case would've prevented that!

Recently i purchased a blackberry 9700 after owning almost all the past devices..... Everytime i buy one they never have cool skins or they havent been made.... i always buy OEM Gel skins but theres a problem with them when you drop them they hurt the device. i was in the store bought my 9700 and baammm in the floor the rep was laughing at me because 2nd phone 2nd time but i need one of these to protect my phone!!!!!

I have been known to go for my pocket and miss. Falls right down my leg and onto the floor. Stupid, I know. I'd love to try a case to back me up.

Cool looking skins. I've been lucky enough to not have dropped mine yet. Hopefully I never will but one of these skins should could help my 9700 stay scar-free! :)

I've heard that these cases are really good. I was planning on buying one. I hope i win one, but either one, I will have it soon.

All I have is the case that came with my Tour and I've been looking for one that's different and functional. I would love one of the Epik cases. Thanks.

I been looking for a case for my new 9700 but I couldn't find one until now Epik skins look cool.

Living in the Northeast we get our share of snow. Well, last week we got a good storm. While outside playing with my two 4 yo twins I was taking pics with my tour of one child with a HUGE chunk of snow and ice. While taking a pic she threw this mammoth ice chunk and hit me square in the crotch, sending me to my knees and dropping my tour in the snow and slush. It still works, but took quite a bit of cleaning. I NEED A CASE!!!