Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone

Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epix Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 10:48 am EST

The folks over at Degasis.net reached out to us a few days ago and let us know they were interested in having a contest for the CrackBerry nation wherein they were wanting to give away and Epik case and one screen protector to 15 lucky CrackBerry members. 

What can we say? We're love contests and enjoy giving back to the community whenever possible so, lets do it up. Leave your comments here to win 1 if 15 Epik cases and a screen protector from Degasis.net. Supported device are 8300, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9550, 9630 & 9700. Just let us know any stories or incidents you may have had where a Epik case would have come in handy. Drop your new BlackBerry even before you had a chance to buy a skin? Maybe it fell in a snow bank as you stumbled out the bar? Let us hear it folks. Contest will run until Friday with the winners chosen by Monday, January 25th. Thanks to the folks at Degasis for offering this up. One entry per person folks, all duplicate entries will be ignored. Good luck to you all

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Enter To Win 1 Of 15 Epik Cases For Your BlackBerry Smartphone



Would love to have one of these. My problem is I am "spinning" my BB ALL the time. What I do when I am bored at work while sitting at my desk (or other locations if there is a flat surface) I will spin my BB on the desk. Sometimes I find myself doing it and didn't even know I had started. What I do is lay it on its back and just spin it. This has definitely been putting a hurtin' on the back face plate. I have scratch marks on the back in circular shapes. Looks kind of like the "alien crop circles" on my BB. This (or any case I imagine) will help keep my BB from any more damage and I would really like the "intervention". My name is rgharwell and I have a "spinning" problem.........

luckily the only time i've dropped it was on a carpet in my own house so one of these cases would really come in handy

I'm currently using a brand-new 8530, but previously owned and loved an 8830.

A few months ago I was driving on the interstate and as usual speaking on my BB. I noticed that one of my tires might be low and decided to pull over to the shoulder. I forgot my BB was on my lap and as I jumped out of the car my BB flew in the air and landed right in the lane with on-coming traffic at 3G speeds.

The battery ejected and landed a few inches from the phone itself. I placed one foot out and was able to bring both to the shoulder. The phone was fine but had a few new scratches. If it was protected, the battery might have stayed with the phone and avoided the dents and nicks. Maybe it would have even bounced to the shoulder....?

I'll let you know when I win the new "black or blue" case from Degasis :)


Dropped my first Blackberry and chipped the corner, I just got a Tour and have yet to find a case...this looks like it would fit the bill perfectly!.

So imy husband gets all frothy at the mouth when he realizes he gets an early upgrade and orders his prized Storm 2. I on the other hand wish I would mysteriously go deaf before it arrives. You see,while he is an excellent father and husband, his BB often questions his loyalty. It arrived and I lovingly unpacked and activated it and was excited for him to have it. He got home that day and I guess over excitement kicked in and down it went. Poor Betty Berry got into a scuffle with the end table and came out the loser. Back in the box it went and got shipped out for a replacement. Now the replacement (Bernice Berry) sits in her box refusing to come out until she has the latest, greatest new case to cover herself. PLEASE get her out of that box. If I have to listen 1 more day to him moan about wanting to use it, I might find a way to crawl into that box myself! Thank you!

This is one hell good cases for your blackberry and it comes with lot of color.....

Must Have item

While sitting at my desk, my 9700 fell out of my pocket and landed flat on it's back. No visible damage at all. Of course, the screen connector was completely effed. 2.5" drop rendered it unusable. This was 5 days into owning it. WEAK. I've been looking for a quality case for my new one ever since. Can't find anything I like, but this Epix case looks appropriate.

Walking out of the garage hands full of stuff so excited about my new 3 hour old BB and all of a sudden it slips out of my hand hits the ground and skids across the ice. So pissed.

Awesome ... I could used one of these case.. My 15 month old baby lilikes to get my phone and run off with it..

My old phone got ran over by an 18 wheeler. I'm sure it would have survived with one of this cases. Awesome, pick me, I need one.

My old phone got ran over by an 18 wheeler. I'm sure it would have survived with one of this cases. Awesome, pick me, I need one.

I had my brand new blackberry, I used it as a light to check my mailbox, and yep you guessed it...dropped it:( my bb now has a boo-boo, and wouldn't have one had it had protection. Please send me a new epix case to protect my bb from anymore boo-boos

omh when i had my older storm 9530 i remember i was texting someone outside and i left it on the top of my car and drove off. it fell down and broke into a whole bunch of piece's so after that incident i always get cases if i had one i'd be the happiest person since i got my storm 2 recently and still havent found a case for it :)
9550 Supported YAYYY and thanks

One of my dogs is a Weimaraner rescue; turned into a real gumshoe dog (sticks to you like gum on your shoe)...I left my new Tour 9630 on the TV stand and went into the kitchen to make dinner...A few seconds later she follows me into the kitchen...carrying my Tour in her mouth...lol...

No real damage...It's just real...sticky...lol...

Cool!! I can finally dress up my Bold 9700 in this very cold canadian winter lol. If dogs have there own little shoes and clothes, well my Blackberry bold will get the same treatment :)

My cat, yes cat was caught chewing on the corners of my fiancee's Tour. She left teeth marks. She also fetches. Sometimes I think she thinks she is a dog and even Human sometimes. I'll bet a case would have helped.

I love my Tour, but it gets a lot of abuse. You can always pick out my Berry from the crowd because it always looks the most battlefield worn. My heart's skipped a beat a few times when it slipped out of my hands and taken two or three bounces off the ground. So far, it takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

dropped my curve the day I got a new housing put on it...bounced off my foot and slid across the parking lot under my car, throw a puddle...FAIL

Thanks Crackberry, hope to win for my girlfriend's new blackberry tour she got 2 weeks ago, she dont have any case and I advise her to buy one but let hope to win this one!

I regularly work out with my 9550 in my pocket naked... I hit my 9530 with a dumbbell and ruined the phone. I guess I am the dumbbell for not having a case.... Help me out please...

If only i had an epix case after the second day of having my blackberry 8530 i would not have scratches all over on the back. After waking up that morning and having a decent breakfast i thought today was gonna be a good day, but i was so wrong. When i got out of the shower and got dressed i realized i was late for work. So I started speeding on the LIE until i got a nice ticket from a wonderful police officer (being sarcastic), But anyways when i finally arrive at work 40 mins late i hopped out of my car not realizing my blackberry was on my lap. In a matter of seconds my blackberry flew out of my lap into the air and boom landed on the hard concrete parking lot. The whole back was full of scratches and still is until this day. Honestly that had to be my worst day so far in the new year for me. If i was able to win a cool epix case it be much appreciated so i can hide the ugly scratches on the back of my phone thank you.

My first case chipped and scratched the back of my phone. Thanks for the opportunity to receive a new one!

Got the rubber surround skin. Works if you only drop from 3 feet or below. Since I am 6'5" - a drop from this height could do considerable damage to my little buddy. Help a brother out.

I live in Buffalo NY and dropped my 9000 into some snow/ice this weekend. No lie! I have never had a case for it, but realize I could use one. I had hands full of grocery bags and of course still had my phone in my hand instead of my pocket. Dropped it at my front door when trying to unlock it. Its a little scratched up but seems to be fine other than that. Would love a new case. Thanks!

I'd totally like a epik case to keep my awesome blackberry tour from being harmed by my slight clumsiness :-)

I can never find a case that feels as good as not having any case at all. My phone is new and I wanna keep it that way, and I think that this case would totally help that cause.

I was getting out of my car one day with both my hands filled, and as I was walking up the driveway, my Bold decided it wanted to be free. Unfortunately that meant it hit the pavement pretty hard. Works fine, but a case would have saved me the indent in the bezel!

I used to have a BB Bold with ATT. One time, whilst at work (also worked for ATT) I was demoing the phone to a perspective client and they asked to see it. After looking it over and playing with it a bit, they proceeded to hand it bback to me. While doing so, they dropped it on the edge of a table and put a massive gash in the bezel. My BB Bold was never the same again.......

Please pick me!

I've had my phone for over a year and it's taken it's fair share of beatings. It's been dropped, slobbered on (by my dogs), and splashed on (with soda). I'm currently unemployed and want to keep this phone in prime condition for as long as possible. With an Epix case, I'm hoping to make it last at least another year.

I have this weird occourance, everytime I get a new smartphone without fail I go to put it in my Leather case and I somehow miss the case completely and the phone falls to the ground. It only happens once with each phone and has never rendered the phone inoperable but always is on rough asphalt etc. and mars the corner or edge of the phone. Luckily I just got my Tour replaced once again due to the infamous trackball issues so it is blemish free. Please EPIK save me from myself!

My Javelin turned 1 last week and I haven't got a gift for him yet. He has an all over clear protector on right now, but its starting to peel and fall off in places. Javvy would really appreciate a companion to be close to all the time that would protect him and look past his rough spots. Epik case, can you help?

I use a pouch for my 9550 but once it's out there's no protection if it's dropped. I've been lucky so far. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. One of these cases would be a great alternative!

Blackberry in my pocket getting out of the car hitting the ground hurts, If i win a epix my strom would be well protected. Pick me please.

currently im deployed overseas and being out here makes it hard to replace objects only found in the US; one be Verizon stores. my story goes as like this, we have certain drills we must go through monthly. well during on of these drills i was in one of our vehicles. driving full speed i managed to drop my phone out the window. keep in mind that i just recieved my phone through the mail not even 2 weeks ago. my luck was that it had been raining the last few days and the ground was soft. drove back only to find my phone stuck in muddy ground. i was lucky that the area that it did fall in was not soaked in water but just soft sand. who knows, if it hadnt been soft i wouldnt have my phone today =(

I work at a school for troubled teens. They are all great kids except for some poor choices in the past. Occasionally, though, one goes crazy for a little while and I have to pin him down while he is struggling. When I see a kid getting antsy I try to put my Storm2 up but the last time it happened too fast. Luckily no one or no phones were hurt but the piece of mind would be great.

I was travelling home from a conference in Ohio and it was bitter cold. My hands were tingly numb and dropped my Tour. I have a nice nick in the top right corner as a reminder to get a cover. This would help!

It was a bright and sunny day, I was enjoying a libation on the patio. Usually, my Storm is in a protective skin, but not that day, it was in the pocket of my cargo shorts. To keep this from being an epik tale, I kicked my legs up on the table to relax with my beer and out slides my Storm onto the concrete patio, garnishing scratches of epik proportions. Those scratches haunt me to this day. Let's not have the same fate for my nice shiny new Storm 2. I can protect my Storm 2 a fancy new Epik case! P.S. My b-day is 1/28!

For all those times when the BB falls out of your hands and you attempt to catch but miss and time slows down watching it tumble down a set a stairs... A Epix case would make this inevitable experience would make this even more manageable!

this couldn't have come at a better time as i just got my new bold. i haven't had time to order a skin yet and of course i was excited to use the phone so i took the risk to have it out naked. so last night (sunday night) my buddies and i go out to the bar as a bunch of us have monday off for MLK day. i live in boston so a lot of students have it off too so the place was absolutely packed. as we hung out by the bar people had to squeeze by and as i was texting this very, and i mean very, busty girl tries to pass by but her huge DDs knocked my phone out of my hands and everything turned into slow-mo as i tried to catch it. i got 1 hand on it before it fell to minimize the impact but i had my first drop courtesy of DDs! my buddies thought it was worth but i didnt think so! anyway i got a few dances in because of the whole incident and got her cuter friend's #. i need one of these to keep my bold safe from big chests!

...the more your Crackberry will slip through your fingers.
It happens without fail, I'll buy my Blackberry at VZW and of course I don't want to pay the crazy store prices for accessories so I'll shop around. No matter how quickly I find an acceptable case and no matter how tight i hold on to it, I will drop the dang thing at least twice before I can properly shield it from my clumsiness.
An Epik case would be swell for my 9550!

I always tend to drop my 9700, guess you can say I'm clumsy. I just swapped on a new black bezel on would like an EPIK? to protect it!


I have two kids (4 and 7) that are fascinated with phones. Everytime I turn around that have one in there hands. Those hands are not as safe as mine and my phone hits the floor too much. With not case on my Storm2, I have been luck so far! Please pick me so I can protect against those accidental drops!


I dropped my 2 month old, Tour that is, not my daughter, after babying it for that long. Now she is a little scratched, but otherwise fine. Would be nice to prevent further damage if I ever drop her again.

I would love to have a case for my blackberry. Something to keep it safe and protected. Since I really never win to much of anything..

Its nice to get a chance to win a free one. My BOLD is always looking for a way to "hit the ground". This skin could pro-long its life.

Within a week of getting my 9550 a door knocked it out of my hands and it fell and dinged up the top buy the mute button.

Now i have to live with that blemish for the next 2 years.

It sucks.

I think everyone has had a time where they've been careless or unlucky Mine isn't special or over dramatic just unlucky, lol.

I picked up my storm 2 from Telus,well from Best Buys Telus' kiosk, I had it all set up and was asked if I wanted to purchase a case with it. I said,

"Nawh, I'm just going to leave it naked for now," as I just spent like under 700.00 for this phone I couldnt spend a penny more ATM.

Lmao, so upon leaving the store I whip it out of my pocket as my BlackBerry emails are sifting through, only to have it land face first on the best buy parking lot. To top it off it slid in a nice slow month fashion too.

I was lucky, it had no damage what so ever. But I went into best buy and picked up a red silicone sleeve. Lmao. I think its fate, but maybe this contest is a sign of what's to come for my storm and a possible prevention aid.

Thanks forReading. Lol.

I had a hard case but it broke when i was removing it to pull my battery. I need a new case! My BB is in jeopardy right now!

Try handing your 9700 to your 13 year son so he can check it out and maybe play a game. Then get it back covered in 'something' sticky!! Still getting the junk out of the 'creases' for that mistake.

Ha, I scratched the screen on my 9700 about 10 minutes after taking it out of its box:-) one of these would have come in very handy!!!

A month ago, I bought myself a brand new BB Bold 9700. 3 days after I bought the 9700 I was making a phonecall holding the 9700 between mij head and shoulders while I was taking a pee... Now when I was almost done my little daughter sneaked up to me to scare me, and I accidentally dropped the 9700 in to the toilet :p....... The fun thing is that the 9700 still worked :) !! Now you can tell that I really need a skin for my 9700 before I realy break it lol...

The day I got my new 8900 in the mail, I took it to the AT&T store to get a new SIM card, handed it to the employee, and as he was taking the battery door off, managed to throw it about 5 feet past me onto the tile floor. FAIL! LOL

Last week I cracked the left corner of my Storm 1 last week. I love my Storm. Now because I order my blackberrys through procurment at my job its taking 3 -4 weeks to get Storm 2. I wish I had Degasis case I would have been fine with my Storm

Before I had even put in the battery. Srsly, my 8900 had been out of the box for all of 3 seconds. I got lucky once, a case would help.

My 8900 currently has no skin and I just dropped it this morning. I fell asleep with my BB besides me and when I woke up it was on the floor. :(

You can always count me for a case. I've dropped my phone so many times that I need a new case almost every month.

I often drive with my BB on the passenger seat. If I brake hard for some reason, oops, off the seat she slides. I can use all the extra protection I can get!

I bought by case from epikphonecases.com... they sell them for only $6 with free shipping and if you use coupon code "CB10" you'll get 10% off!

This would be really handy for my 9700. I needed a case because i found myself really scratching up my BBerry when I would toss it down on the desk or have it bouncing around in my pocket.

I bought an OEM branded silicon case and it is not good quality so one of these degasis resin cases would be really nice to get!

I had my Blackberry in my hand the other day and swung my hands because I was getting going on my longboard and accidentally threw it across a parking structure. I am in desperate need of a higher quality case.

Absolutely love to have one of these cases for my 9630. I've had my eye on one for a while now. I have the black skin from Verizon and hate it. Its to big and just attracts dust and dirt. Please pick me!

The other day while I was running throw a parking lot I had my 8330 which I keep in the leather pouch that was provided in my hand cause I thought it would be secure. While running like the wind the blackberry shot out of the pouch which is normally pretty secure and skidded along the pavement popping out both the battery and trackball. It was a tense situation while I waited for the phone to boot back up to make sure it still functioned properly

i could really use one. dropped my blackberry tour 9630 off a ski lift. good thing the snow was soft.

im sure an epix case would have helped!

Oh. I drop my phone when i get out of my car all the time. I put it on my lap and forget its there, stand up, and cringe when my phone drops onto the ground.

Just got my new blackberry 8530 (curve), love it already. really looking forward to learning what all i can do with it. looking to get some accessories for it, especially a new case... don't want to get it all scratched up.

Dropped my Storm yesterday and dented/scuffed the chrome. This contest conveniently solves my dillema. I hope I win

I recently purchases a new BlackBerry Bold 9700 and I new BlackBerry has been caught "naked" since I purchased it. I hope I win one of these cool cases so I don't risk any damage to my precious new BlackBerry.

Ugh! On the bus, I thought I felt my phone vibrating, went to take it out and the bus jerked. My phone gets thrown halfway across the bus. Thank goodness it landed on someone's lap!

Doesn't seem like a quality company. From their website - "There is a slight alignment issue with the Charger & Headphone Jack holes on these 9630 cases. Cases protect fine, You just have to take the case off to charge the phone or use the headphone jack."
So, even though the case doesn't fit the phone properly, it's still the same price as a properly fitting 9700 case? I hope no one buys a case for the tour without noticing this.

I need one of these, I had the factory skin case. Which is fine a good except for I have a Storm 9530, which at one time required upwards of 5 battery pulls a day everyday. All that removing and replacing of the skin wore it out and yesterday it finally ripped around the camera opening, So right now my Storm is naked and unprotected.

I was actually in the process of looking for a new case to buy when I seen this contest. The factory silicone skin only lasted 6 months. I would like to try a different one now. If I don't win this contest I might buy one anyway. But please don't see that as a reason not to help me out, haha.

Thanks for the cool contest!

This past Saturday night, I was outside a bar in New York City and using my Blackberry Storm. My Storm had one of those thin, hard Incipio cases on it. I may not have been 100% sober, and my Blackberry slipped out of my hands and hit the sidewalk. It must have fallen just right because the case basically shattered and could not be put back on. So now my Storm is naked and unprotected. If only I had a case that would protect my phone without being so fragile. So please pick me, I could really use an Epix Case. Thanks.

i want one... i dropped my new BB at a bar while trying to carry a few beers. it wouldve been saved by this case

I would love one of these cases since Im in Law Enforcement. I had the Verizon silicone case and they suck because of the material used, too flexible and cant go into pocket without binding . Thanks

This case would have came in handy when I accidentaly dropped the handset from the roof when I was removing Xmas decorations.

K. So I have the 8330 & storm. My storm is fine but the poor curve :( its been abused so bad. Not by me but other people. This would save me the frustration of gettin mad at them for being careless :]

Wish I had this when I got my phone. Had phone less than a week when I dropped it on the sidewalk not good had to get replacement. Would love to win one of these.

This would be a great start to my New Year. Me & My BB Tour 9630 would just LOVE CRACKBERRY.COM FOREVER, if we were too win one of these cases:)Keeping my fingers crossed!!

This would've saved my 9700 when I dropped it out of my truck onto the concrete. Now my chrome bezel has a few scratches :-( I hope I win one!!!!!!

Where I work (inside a Costco) there is nothing but cement floors. One day at work, I pulled out my storm to show it to a client who was interested in a Storm. When I pulled out of my crappy Blackberry Leather Case, it flew up and out of my hand, bounced onto a 45 degree angle display table on my Kiosk, and started to slide. Now this part was a sight out of the movies. I dove. I managed to catch it under a foot from hitting the cement floor, fully exposed. I think back now and I know that if it hit that cement, my poor storm would be no more. :( I've been wanting something to protect it, but OtterBox and Tuff Skins by Roots are so ugly! Black Rubber! I have a skin on my phone *The vynal ones from Decalgirl.com* and I love showing it off! One of those cases would just cover it. Epic has a transparent shell so I can continue to show off my awesome looking phone, and prevent unwanted scary-ass drops.

So please Crackberry,


I'm pretty new with thƺ blackberry experience since about 5 months ñøw and ñøw I'm pretty much on top of things. But wƺñ I first got mý berry with in thƺ first 30 min from walking õút thƺ at&t store i forgot it w㧠on mý lap getting õút thƺ car and b4 I realized wãt w㧠sliding down mý lap I heard mý brand new 8900 hit Ðã ground. Mý heart dropped n I have this reaction tht if I pick it up fast enough thƺ damage won't be as bad. Thƺ damage waznt ®ƺ@llý bad but ñøw I have æ scratch on Ðã top left corner since day one. If I had æ skin mý berry would pretty much be still in gøøð condition.

I haven't yet found a case which I like that makes my berry look and feel good to make it my daily casing! I love the way my phone looks without a case but i dont want to risk damaging my phone, this is my number one fear. Sometimes I even get bad dreams about such lol..sounds strange but its true.

i had just purchased my bb bold 9700. called my service provider to change my voicemail password, and someone walks by me and knocks it out of my hand. The phone was fresh out of the box! I'd love to have an Epix case.

I had dropped my BlackBerry Bold 9000 many times, if I had this Epix Case that wouldn't let my BB scratch like it is now. I'd love to win one of this. Thank you!