Enter RIM's #BerryHoliday contest December 12-22 on Twitter

By Michelle Haag on 11 Dec 2011 11:49 am EST
BlackBerry Christmas

Research In Motion is holding a huge contest starting Monday to make the holiday season Berry merry for a ton of lucky winners. To enter, you must be a US or Canadian citizen, follow @BlackBerry on Twitter, and successfully answer BlackBerry related questions via tweets with the hashtag #BerryHoliday. Every 10th correct answer that follows the rules of entry will win a prize! And the prizes are pretty awesome including BlackBerry PlayBooks, BlackBerry Torch 9850/60s and Bold 9900/30s, PlayBook and BlackBerry cases, t-shirts, bags, beanies and gloves! 

The contest starts December 12th and ends December 22nd, so make sure you head over to the link below and check out the full details and rules, and keep an eye on Twitter for the questions to answer from @BlackBerry! And while you're busy following @BlackBerry, be sure to go ahead and follow @crackberry on twitter too!

Research In Motion's BerryHoliday Contest rules

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Reader comments

Enter RIM's #BerryHoliday contest December 12-22 on Twitter


You know what, thats a great contest...
Except the part where it says you can only enter if your a US / Canadian citizen.
Sucks that im 5000 miles away in UK :(
Good luck everyone though!

If your province would drop its doofy rules about making contest sponsors pay a license fee, you'd be in too.

If I recall it right, for a contest to be valid in Quebec as well, RIM would have to pay the licensing fee up front whether anyone from the province actually won or not.

I didn't know Quebec was not part of Canada.
What's with Quebec always being excluded from those contests??

it's something to do with Quebec law which I don't understand that prevents people from entering these contests.

They're still part of Canada no matter what some Quebec politicians think.

It's a tax rule. Anybody who wants to run a contest in Quebec has to put up money. I think it's a percentage of the total prize value (no matter how much of it is actually won by Quebeckers).

I'm not even a Quebecker myself, but I think it sucks and I wish they'd dump it.

I'd play, but I never understood how Twitter works. I mean, I have an account, and I use to follow people (usually actors, musicians and comedians). None of my friends "tweet". I tried responding to things before, but I just didn't know how to do it right.


Can just see RIM Marketing department meeting for this. Right we are moving in to new markets and making good progress in many markets worldwide but the US and Canada. I know we will have a Contest which will be in the two markets we are failing in using the @blackberry twitter tag that probably is followed by our users from all over the world.

Wake up Rim as the world main market moves away from the west you need to embrace all the nations in competions you promote on worldwide communication tools otherwise..

You are saying you must be a citizen of the US or Canada and that is incorrect.

The elegibility for the contest: "Contest is open to legal residents of Canada (excluding the Province of Quebec) and of the United States who have reached the age of majority in their respective province/state of residence and who are registered Twitter users"