Enter now to win a gold BlackBerry Bold 9900 from BlackBerry UK!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2012 08:47 am EDT

Gold Bold 9900

If you want to get your hands on a very limited edition Gold BlackBerry Bold 9900, you only have a few hours left. BlackBerry UK is giving away this sweet device, and all you have to do it tweet them a photo of your "golden moment" to be entered to win.

For a chance to win this super bling prize, all you have to do is tweet us a photo of your golden moment of this summer! #GoldBold 

I know I would LOVE to have one of these to show off, so whoever wins certainly is a lucky BlackBerry fan. You'll be right up there with Kim Kardashian who just got her very own gold Bold 9900 as well (she's apparently using two phones now, but as long as one is a BlackBerry we'll let her slide). Check out the link below for more info and official rules (sadly it's UK residents only). Remember, you only have a few hours left - the contest ends today at 4pm GMT!

BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Gold Promotion details 

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Reader comments

Enter now to win a gold BlackBerry Bold 9900 from BlackBerry UK!


Not a resident of the UK, sadly, but I think it's pretty cool way to honor the 2012 Summer Olympics/Olympians. On the topic of Kim Kardashian, well actually celebrities in general, RIM should make a Special Edition Bold BB10 that it would give out to celebrities spotted using a BlackBerry phone. I don't think it should be the Gold Bold as shown here, it should remain special to the UK Olympics, but something special that would stand out in a celebrities hands. I'm just think it might be an easy way to raise the profile of the new BB10 phones when they come out.

Wow! Very nice. What a beauty. I'll donate it to my be customer at my business to promote BlackBerry.

Wow...you'll let Kim K slide because one of her phones is a BlackBerry?? Isn't that magnanimous of you. She doesn't write for a BlackBerry site. Your own #1 fanboi uses a plethora of phones.. He exempt?

Some people can only Dream about certain things but can't afford them ever. What a magnificent piece of creation. I am in LOVE with this BB Gold BOLD but I know I can Nevr afford it... Wish u all d LUCK my Fellow Mates... :) :)

I'd be interested, at the end of this contest, to see how many of you clearly didn't/don't/won't take two minutes to read the basic contest rules and regulations.

i think the 32nd contest entry will be the lucky one! Then I will have the same Gold as Canada in the olypmics!

Ooooo Goldddddd...Omgosh I want this !!! This is why I never won any of the others....the luck of the draw for me was waiting for this one :)

I don't get the point of having a phone like this... This will have the exact same stone age web browsing experience as the regular Bold 9900 :)

Seriously? What stone-age? Unless you meant gold age, I would agree.

Show some positive, or just... Forget it.

Esta BlackBerry tiene que ser para alguien como yo al que mis amigos con iPhones y Nexus me llaman PebBerry.

Please Kevin, I don't just want the phone, I need the phone....and if I win this you will keep this man off of iPhone 5!

Switching to Verizon Friday w son and hubby getting the IPhone5. This means I have to give up my BB Tour and use an old Palm Pixi until the BB 10- slider comes out. This gold bold would suit me just fine.