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BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects - Neil Gaiman episode 3

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Enter the 'BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving with Alicia Keys' sweepstakes to win a trip to London or a BlackBerry Z10!

Alicia Keys Contest
By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2013 10:03 am EST

We've heard all about Alicia Keys and the BlackBerry Keep Moving Projects, and now AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have teamed up in the BlackBerry Z10 Keep Moving with Alicia Keys sweepstakes. As her tour kicks off today, fans across the globe can enter to win the "Alicia Keys VIP Experience" where they'll be flown to London to see a live performance, meet Alicia in person and walk away with a new BlackBerry Z10.

A total of 12 grand-prize winners will be chosen (four per carrier) to attend the London concert on May 30 or 31 and will receive two new BlackBerry Z10 phones. 600 first-place winners will also win a new BlackBerry Z10.

All you need to do to enter is fill out the entry form for your carrier below between now and March 20th. A random draw to pick the winners will take place on or around March 27th - that's all there is to it!

Enter now at Verzion
Enter now at AT&T
Enter now at T-Mobile 



Is it allowed to enter for multiple carriers? ;)


What about Carriers in Canada


"Limit of one (1) Entry per person and per email address. Any attempt by any person to obtain more than the stated number of Entries by using multiple/different email accounts, or any other methods will void all of that person’s Entries and that person will be disqualified. "

So, no point in going to all 3 carriers.


I'd just like to say, before all the whining and bitching starts, that this is great news and a great promotion no matter how you slice it. Most of these concerts on her tour are and will be sold out and the BlackBerry logo and name will be front row.

Enter the whiners...

I Bleed Black & Berry


Ahahahaha thanks for pointing that out.


Boo, only good for the US.. Oh well, at least Canada has the Z10 :)


Think of it as appeasement for the late release ;)


Well T-Mobile and VZW have the right page up...ATT as usually is WAY behind and it only takes you to the "coming soon" page they have....go figure...unless the links are wrong...but I have a lot more faith in CrackBerry than I do in ATT...if ANY other carrier had decent coverage at my house I would have switched YEARS ago...


AT&T only require an email. You enter your email on the "coming soon" page and it enters you into the contest.


How will AT&T get information such as name, address,and such? Or will their drawing be by email only? Any reason they do not have an actual entry form? My roommate entered through AT&T and only got a response saying " thank you for entering your email" or something of the sort
Also is it just me or is the tmobile link not responsive. I put my email address in and clicked enter but nothing happened. Has anyone successfully entered through tmobile?
I cannot find a detailed terms and conditions page online anywhere


600 Z10s on or around March 27th sounds nice..I wonder if that points to a likely availability date for the 3 carriers.


Drawing on or about March 27, could that be the drop date?


Great 2 days before my b-day.


The AT&T page looks no different from the previous registration page, I had to real search the page the to notice the difference.


How was the AT&T page entry page any diferent? From what I've heard from those who registered through AT&T all they had to do was enter an email address and nothing more


Must be 21? Bull shitauky mushrooms. A 19 year old BlackBerry fan can't get any love? Whatever I will enter my mom I'm sure she will be nice enough to give me the phone I don't care all that much about the concert.


BTW, if you win the trip to London, you get 2 Z10s

Four (4) Grand Prizes are available to be won. Each Grand Prize consists of an “Alicia Keys VIP Experience,” which includes: (A) two (2) tickets to an Alicia Keys concert in London, England on May 30, 2013 or May 31, 2013 (as determined by Sponsor in their sole discretion) (the “Event”); (B) Meet and Greet with Alicia Keys; (C) Round trip coach class airfare on a major carrier of Sponsor’s choice to London, England from the major U.S. gateway closest to the winner’s home, for each Grand Prize Winner and a guest; (D) three (3) days and two (2) nights hotel accommodations (standard room, double occupancy) at a hotel selected by Sponsor; (E) roundtrip transfers between airport and hotel; (F) £500.00 spending money; and two (2) BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. Approximate Retail Value (ARV) of Grand Prize: $8,350US each based on sample Los Angeles, CA departure. Actual value will vary depending on location of winners’ residence. Winner is not entitled to any difference between actual and stated value.


Can we Canadian enter the contest?


doesn't seem so, unless you're going to fly out from the US. Also seem like you'll have to use a US address.


Would love to win the trip or just the Z10's! Can't wait until the are released in the US!


Well "First Prizes (200): 1 BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. ARV $600 US ea. Total ARV: $133,600". I am no expert but does this possibly reveal the price of the Z10 in the US as $600? I would have no problem with that sign me up.


Are you surprised that the Z10 would be $600....

anyway, who wants to go with me!


No I am not surprised, I am simply stating that this is the first peep we have heard about an off-contract price of the Z10 in America. I was unaware we all knew what the price would be like your comment implies.


I will go with you!!! PLEASE????


Thank you for entering The BlackBerry®‎ Z10 Keep Moving with Alicia Keys Sweepstakes! We will contact winners by email after the sweepstakes closes on March 21, 2013.

Must be close to the release date I would assume.


I didn't see this message after entering with AT&T.


What carrier did you enter with to receive this confirmation?


So will this also be the release date for the USA.


Can she just send me the dang phone instead?


I live on Gantua. Unfortunelly, I need more BEANS to reached you over there. By the way, I'm happy with you on that way..


Can I get then phone before the concert? I'm sure the Time Shift will help take some awesome pics during the concert!


Wow all Canadians got was a few weeks earlier release and the US gets awesome contests. That bites.


Concert or Z10 it's a win win situation!


Concert + 2 Z10s or Z10.... still win win, if you win.


I'm entered! I'm already trying to see here when she hits Jersey/Philly area...but if I can get a flight to London, two free Z10s, and 500 bucks in spending money..sign me the hell up!


£500.00 is roughly $750 right now so even more money than you thought!


I enrolled from my BlackBerry PlayBook with keyboard hoping that helps me win a Z10, i can pass on the Alicia Keys concert.


Was this through the tmobile network?


Great, I'm excluded because I live in Puerto Rico... :@



Now I'm smiling, things are looking up in the US. Soon I will have my Z10, and who knows maybe even a trip to London, a concert to see Alicia Keys, and a free Z10 to boot! Keeping it movin!!!


This is a crazy contest, I'm definitely entering

Living Bold-ly!


Why Is Florida EXCLUDED?


Yeah i live in Florida also....this SUCKS :(

Adam Zeis

I think Florida has dumb contest rules for anything over $5k. So if the prize exceeds that, it has to be separately registered and is a pain and costs more $. Sucks, but so it goes. 


Well that sucks for Florida residents. Thanks for the info Adam.


Because it is Florida.


Awesome contest for those to whom it applies.

Date speculation is insane. So does anyone know the tally now?

I've heard 3.15, 3.20, 3.25, 3.27, 3.28 & 3.31.

I didn't mention the April ones because I'm still going by what BlackBerry has officially stated.


Again, sprint is nowhere to be found.


Sprint decided not to carry the Z10.


Considering the US carriers have huge commitments to sell iphones, I am actually a bit surprised that this contest is even going down. This is like a little BlackBerry pie in the Apple Eye no? Are the US carriers banking on a BlackBerry comeback? I think they are. I cannot believe the love the z10 is getting at Rogers, Bell etc


Would be nice if we could post comments from the crackberry App instead of having to go to the browser.


"A random draw to pick the winners will take place on or around March 27th - that's all there is to it!"

Release date huh.


Damn Sprint. Ima tell everyone I know on those carriers to sign up. But if they win the concert, they have to take me. Lol

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.


OK, let's see if this works, my wife is expecting our 2nd child on May 20th, and this concert is 10 days later. i'll probably win only because there's no possible way i could go to it... wonder if they could just ship me the phones and give me cash value on the rest? or even just the phones, forget the rest...


Verizon is misspelled as Verzion.


Draw is on my birthday, hope I win :D :D



We didn't get these types of contest in Canada! :-(

Keep Moving! BB10


Never going to have something as cool as this =(

But oh well cheers for BlackBerry z10!!!!


"As her tour kicks off today, fans across the globe can enter to win the "Alicia Keys VIP Experience""

How is it fans around the globe can enter when it's limited to US carriers only?


Maybe there will be a separate contest with non-U.S. carriers too?

I'm entering! Have a good a chance as any! :-)


congrats now, to the (in future) winners !!

according to ver' site, not just non-us residents shut-out; "...excl. FL, PR, and U.S. territories and possessions..."

Good luck, ehhhhh !

...Proudly Canadian :)

Jimmy Tian

I am a BBer(Bold 9900 on hand now) from Chinese,
I am not sure if I have the opportunity to join this, whatever, Keep Moving, BlackBerry & CB!

Rasec Blanca

How come not for us north of the US border? Doesn't Blackberry originate up here in Canada?

Posted via CB10

Jimmy Tian

BlackBerry, Keep Moving!


Has anyone received an email?


My boss just receive a winning notification for a Z10. Almost looks like spam though. :p