In light of Russian cyber attacks, Enpass drops price on their password manager

By James Richardson on 8 Aug 2014 01:05 pm EDT

We've mentioned Enpass for BlackBerry 10 a few times now - partly because it's my password keeper of choice but also because its been updated on a fairly regular basis.

If you liked the look of the 'secure' app but were put off by the price, now may be the time to think about investing as Enpass is currently running a 50% price sale. (You will see in BlackBerry World that the app is free but for the full experience it requires an in-app purchase)

So what do you get for your money? Well, the top features for me are that it's a native BlackBerry 10 app so it looks great and is simple to use. It's impossible to access without knowing a password and if you leave the app open it soon times out. But the best feature by far is its cloud syncing abilities. I'm a big Dropbox fan and the two apps together works like magic.

If I switch BlackBerry devices, all I need to do on the new one is select that I wish to restore my backup from Dropbox - enter the login details and everything is retrieved - sweet.

As you'll see from the following press release where a cyber attack hit Russia, Enpass could be a life saver if you use a bunch of different passwords.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and go grab yourself a bargain?

Press Release

A new and biggest Security Breach hit the cyber world and have given our security inspectors a jaw dropping experience.'Russian Gang Steals 1.2B Passwords from 420k Websites'. Luckily, the hackers didn't sell this information but are using them to spam the social media networks of the website owners.

How Enpass is a saviour?

1) Enpass stores your data on your device not on any of our servers, that's why there is no probability that hackers can inject that bad sql and can steal away your data as they did in this attack because we respect your security and our solution doesn't rely on online storage and procedures.

2) With the strong password generator, Enpass gives you the benefit to generate strong, hard to guess, unique passwords for every website, that significantly reduces the chances of password theft of multiple websites (using the same passwords) at a time.

Enpass is always there to help you!
For the moment, we have put Enpass on 50% sale across all the mobile platforms and full featured desktop version stays FREE.
 So hurry up because it's a time for a better and safer password management.

More information/Download Enpass for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

In light of Russian cyber attacks, Enpass drops price on their password manager


BlackBerry password keeper. Why would you want anything else? BlackBerry has NEVER been hacked and that's the MAIN Reason I use it. Day after day Twitter Facebook American Express PlayStation all have been hacked what makes you think enpass will be any different. BlackBerry will be holding my passwords because security is the beating heart of BlackBerry

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Agreed! It would be nice if BlackBerry offered backup options and desktop version for password keeper. Nevertheless, I trust BlackBerry much more, so I'm sticking with it.

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

Blackberry Password Keeper does offer a backup option (swipe down from the top in the app > Settings > scroll down to Export Password) however you would need to be careful with the resultant backup file as it is saved on your device or SD card and could be copied and opened on another device by someone with evil intentions who physically handles your device.
Unfortunately, there is no desktop option...

You have a choice to encrypt or not I believe

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Why you wouldn't encrypt your backup is beyond me but I suppose you can't discriminate where you should and should not have choice.

~ TheRealFixxxer 

Yes, you all are correct. People are meant to encrypt their backup files, however there may be a small percentage who fail to do so either through ignorance or omission.
Hopefully this serves as a reminder of sorts...

I don't think un-encrypted backups should be an option.
I liked BB password, but I really need my pw manager to be cross platform and synced to something like Dropbox. I use it so often, for so many things that I don't want to risk losing everything if my device is lost or broken. So I use Keepass on my BB, PC's, Laptop and iPad, all linked to Dropbox. Seems Enpass offers much the same thing.

The unencrypted export results in a csv file you can transfer to any other device (such as via a secure channel like usb, isolated secured wifi, media card, the recently mentioned Tresorit). You can then read the file plainly with, say, a spreadsheet program on a PC.

The encrypted export restricts it to Blackberry devices. Unless I missed somewhere where the encryption method is commonly known, you need a Blackberry with the app to do the decryption.

This is a bit problematic, as copies of the passwords in csv/xls files will remain in temporary files and the deleted, but not overwritten files all over your hard disk.

Get Recuva (from Piriform) or another tool, undelete the ~temp files after finishing editing and wipe them with Eraser...

Also, SDelete from Sysinternals will take care of empty space. On Linux, it's BleachBit...

For the really paranoid....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I understand what you are getting at. There is no panacea. You have to understand what you doing and evaluate the risks and take steps to mitigate potential problems and sources of attack.

otoh, if someone can gain read access to your hard drive physically or remotely to read your temp files, you've already been thoroughly owned.

I'd still rather have the option to export to an unencrypted file that I can handle securely with procedure than a master password protected file that is device restricted or a 3rd party, closed source, non-validated application that syncs and spreads data into the cloud. But to each their own.

Keepass is open source with AES 256 bit encryption, free has some good third party apps for mobile and an awesome desktop client... if blackberry had a desktop client or if I can access it through BlackBerry Blend I would be right there with ya!!

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Good point.....but it's so pretty.

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I'm a big fan of BlackBerry Password Keeper. I back up the encrypted file to my preferred cloud storage service and/or media card if desired.

Frosty white Q10/

Because you are then tied to a password system on your phone only. I use Keepass conveniently and instantly synchronized through Dropbox so can I can manage my passwords on my PC, Mac, BlackBerry, my wife's iPhone and my work android phone or on the cloud wherever I am... The app for BB is a port but works really well. I have literally hundreds of passwords, if I had to check passwords on my phone without bring able to copy/paste when accessing a system from my PC it would be a nightmare...

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^^THIS! (Although in my case I use Ilium eWallet--simply because I've been using it since the early PDA days and have never heard of any security breaches.)

A few questions about KeePass on Android.

1. How safe is it? Is the password encrypted while it's in memory?
2. Which client do you use? I used to use KeePassDroid, but I'm not sure if KPD encrypts the password while it's in memory, so I stopped.
3. How good is syncing? KPD is clunky with its Dropbox (or maybe it's Dropbox that's clunky) in that I would not see changes I had made on my PC in KPD (i.e. I would see an older version of the file.)

Don't know how many can answer this for you on this forum. KeePassB is what I use on my Z30 and that works fine. Copy/Paste memory auto wipes after a time you specify. As Lumute reported above, Dropbox sync works well. Whatever I add to the database on my Phone gets synced quickly, and vice versa.
I cannot answer your question about encryption while in memory, sorry.

Can't tell you about the password encryption while in memory but the developer (Andrei) is active in the forums so you can ask there.
The sync through Dropbox work flawlessly for me.
I use KeepassB and thanks to this article I checked the description and found the developer has a native version in BETA (KeepassB 2), only reads at the moment but after trying it I'm impressed, works quite well. Thanks Andrei!

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Exactly! BlackBerry Password Keeper!
Password lock
Lock on screen lock
Lock on minimize
Lock on password Lock
Random password generator
Import/Export + Encryption
Nice to hear Enpass is trying to catch up, but when you have the best you don't need the rest. ☺

^Lol. So true. They may be cross-platform, but not free for each platform. This is where IMO BB should step in and make a cross-platform Password Keeper so that BB10 users can open their files anywhere. Don't even bother to provide cloud space, just make the encrypted file work with Dropbox, etc. for multi-device syncing.

Yes and no. The desktop clients are free of charge. PC client free, Mac client Free, iPhone client, purchased license, BlackBerry, purchased license, Android client, purchased license. I myself have a license for Android and BlackBerry. Why you ask, because I am not tied to a single platform. I actually use my PC and all my passwords are random generated 20 characters for the most part. Try typing that in on the desktop while reading your BlackBerry. Fun times huh......

"In light of Russian cyber attacks" LOL, I hope crackberry isn't going down that tired old propaganda road.

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Works great and it's on all devices. I personally miss BlackBerry wallet but this does everything great.

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Real....thanks....i just upgraded to the pro version of Enpass. want to be able to back it up to Dropbox.

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BlackBerry Password Keeper...
Does it open sites in its own browser and auto fill the fields?
Or does it use the default browser?
And if so, does it auto fill the fields? Or offer the info to click that will fill the fields?

Or do I have to go backwards and forwards copying and pasting?

Enpass auto fills the info in it's built in browser so no copy and paste is needed.

If BlackBerry password keeper does auto fill fields then it's the way to go in my books

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That's just what I don't want. Something coping my password into a browser.. enpass I'll pass. really have we gotten that lazy that we have to copy and paste our own passwords?. On top of that our BlackBerrys ask us if we want to save the password once we 1st type it in the browser. Like I said security over bells and whistles

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Not sure what you're objecting to--copying and pasting, or doing it automatically? If you're advocating typing passwords in manually, that creates a real disincentive for complex passwords, and also opens up a keylogger vulnerability. If the objection is to doing it automatically, well, I don't know if it's a matter of being lazy or just finding cutting and pasting inconvenient. Plus you don't have to use that feature if you dont want.

Well, the whole concept of a password keeper is "bells and whistles" in the first place. Why can't you just memorize all usernames and passwords?

As long as the passwords are encrypted while they're made available in memory and/or clipboard, I'm fine with being able to copy paste.

I've used Last pass Pro for years.... nothing but good things to say about it.

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the best app on all my devices Q10-mac-iphone
Everything syncs perfect between them
Enpass also includes a built in-browser that fills your login pasword details automaticaly .
Must have

Uhm, alright so it's very safe? But what about the backup. Someone can 'hack' your dropbox account and they have all your passwords. They just have to load the backup to their phone, right? Can someone clarify?

I don't know for sure as I do not have have Enpass yet, but I would assume the backup file is encrypted.

Syncing is where I'm concerned about. If it syncs using Dropbox is there no vulnerability there that could be exploited?

~ TheRealFixxxer 

Does anyone know how much it costs? It's not mentioned in the article and even in Enpass before you choose to press the purchase button for upgrading.

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Carl....I just got it in sale for $4.99....$9.99 regular price

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it is still full price I have no idea why you are posting that is not true , here in the UK it's a great app but the cost is three pound fifty ,

How much is it? Why should I install it to find out?

How is it different / better than BlackBerry Password Keeper?

Really wish Dashlane would make BB10 version, I have the android one running well. Its by far the best password manager.


Great app. Was developed quicker and with more options then BlackBerrys own PW app, that's why I got it and I keep it cause I like it.

Another case where BlackBerry was slow to develop their own app and a better product beat them out.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

SplashID is way better, especially for desktop experience. There BlackBerry port could be more smooth, but works and is able to sync multiple devices. There cloud sync works perfectly.

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Sorry, I would not trust some small little company in India with something as critically important as passwords. Not if they paid me.

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LOL so true! They're probably just like Zoho. Very broken down ways of doing things.

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Sinew software systems is a well known name in the market since 2006. It's name shines in the list of Top Ten Developers in Asia-Pacific Region for Symbian platform. After exploring Symbian thoroughly it entered into other platforms under productivity.
Enpass is a cross platform productivity app, which has already won the Nokia Create Master Mission under Work life Master Mission. It's was also showcased MWC 2014 Barcelona. Moreover it, Enpass has been already featured several times by BlackBerry on the Home Page of App World.
So its an app that received appreciations because of its features & customer centric approach.

Sounds good, but Password Keeper is just as good in my opinion. It's one of those 'unsung hero' BlackBerry apps. Solid, stable, secure. It has kept many of my passwords transferred from 4 different handsets over a period of 6 years. Sure it doesn't have Dropbox integration. But unless your utilising DB features internally, then it doesn't seem as if the alternative app is doing anything that Password Keeper can't do. It's had cloud integration from day one.

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Yes, because many apps have permission to access your files. I presume that could include reading encrypted SD card or flash storage via the BB system.

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My computers are all protected by Kaspersky I wish they had a mobile version for BlackBerry Z10. I would install it instantly.

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Does the Android one work?

Kaspersky usually offers a 30 day trial, at least on the desktop...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I use LastPass premium as it supports ALL my devices and PCs including my PlayBook ;-)

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Enpass is my tool of choice for BB10, very handy, nice backup features and a free Windows client, perfect.

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You can get it for free in BlackBerry App World. It must just not have been installed by default.

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"If you liked the look of the 'secure' app but were put off by the price, now may be the time to think about investing as Enpass is currently running a 50% price sale."

That is the complete BS. 50% sale ???? Where is it? The in-app purchase price is still the same (EUR4.50/GBP3.50)

Well, that's actually not a question to ask James.
He just cited their bloody stupid Press Release.
In fact, it was already published on Aug 7, so it was enough time to populate the discount price across different BB AppWorld countries.
This fact simply implies that the company is lying and cheating, and tries to get profit using an ungrounded hysteria.

Russian cyber robbery, came into light on August 6 and on August 7 Enpass dropped the prices to $4.99. Infact its price is dropped before publishing this blog post. The main motive behind this sale is just to help the people in safeguarding their life essential credentials.
Sinew Software is a well known name in Black berry with its two products Enpass & FastTube which are always appreciated by their users.

Yes, it's not on discount. =.=. I'm a user, but using the free version. I tried to upgrade to pro, but.. the price is not halved. Lol. I asked here to mention this but apparently some people have also realized this.

Kaspersky Android app won't stop initializing after install. So I encrypted myZ10. I downloaded Black Berry's password app, will try it later. Sounds good, we'll see. I am very impressed with my Z10, does way more than I expected.

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Another option to store an encrypted backup from BlackBerry Password Keeper or other system is encrypted cloud storage from They say that only you have the password to your data, which is stored encrypted on their servers. I haven't used it, but it sounds promising.

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Been using Enpass for awhile now and was a great fan of BlackBerry password keeper but I really like the templates available and being able to access it from my desktop and laptop computers. Great app. Great piece of mind.

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

+20 I've been using Enpass for a while now and I do like it. I found BlackBerry Password a little awkward and I do like the fact that if I did lose my phone I could access my passwords from my desktop which I do fin very handy at work.

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The only problem with enpass is its a pain to use you need to remember to put the passwords in. I would prefer that it gives you an option to save the login info for each manual login to a site or what ever

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I use Blackberry Password keeper, I've attempted to use this app. Let me be the first to tell you it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
Blackberry password for the win!


Love BB Password Keeper when it was in the OS and would reload with the OS. Enpass is fully encrypted and does not store any info. It uses Password-Based Key Derivation Function. This product is secure, syncs across all devices and the desktop version can be loaded on any machine you use. Sorry I bought it a week too soon. At 4.99 you shouldn't miss this one. Auto loading credentials into websites is not my bag so I don't need that "bell or whistle" that others propose. I am extremely happy with enpass and just changed many of my credentials in light of the password grab. (something I should probably have done sooner anyway). This is good. You should give it a go.

So where I see a possible fit is with Enpass with Tresorit. The two would be a better password and encryption system than with Dropbox being the backup. I don't think Enpass works with any Encrypted cloud does it? Does encrypt files?

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I took a look at enpass, and it makes me a little nervous. Just something about how it beckons for banking information. The look is very nice but I just don't feel confident. BlackBerry is know for its amazing encryption. Plus you can encrypt a backup and add it to Dropbox if you like. I will stick with BlackBerry Password Keeper.

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Это очень по русский.. я люблю Блакберй!

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