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Enpass for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with some clever autofill options

By James Richardson on 4 Jan 2014 06:02 am EST

It was back in September 2013 that we first took a look at Enpass - Password & Personal Information Manager for BlackBerry 10 and since that day it has been the place where I store my important passwords. The native BlackBerry 10 app has just been updated with some nice enhancements, as you'll see listed below, which are most welcome. 

There are two reasons I choose Enpass as my password keeper of choice. The first is that it has the ability to sync with Dropbox - meaning if that if I change devices I can reload the application and re-sync the information I need. Want desktop support too? That can be found here

The second reason is its user interface. It just oozes BlackBerry 10 in all its glory. With both a light and dark theme, things are kept clean and simple and it's just a great feeling app to use. 

New in this latest version: 

  • Item detail view font enlarged
  • New built-in Enpass Browser with autofill.
  • Directly open a website in Enpass with login details automatically filled in

Give the free version a whirl if you haven't already. If you like what you see you can upgrade to the pro edition for full features. 

More information/Download Enpass (free) for BlackBerry 10



Am I.... ?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10STL100-1/



Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


Yes. Congrats.

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp


Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


Great PW managing app and now there is a Desktop version for Win and Mac


A question to James, is the data encrypted when syncing with dropbox? If so what type of encryption?

Dropbox was in the news not so long ago because allegedly scans user data.

I would like to see apps that deal with sensitive data using Bittorrent Sync instead.

Posted via CB10


It can backup to your PC if you are connected to wifi. I haven't tried it. But I'm curious if you could use the PC backup feature then use the phones browser to back up to your phone. I'll try when I get home.

Posted via CB10


Sync actually happens locally, so decryption is done on phone. To sync with Dropbox the latest copy of encrypted file is downloaded on phone and then decrypted for sync (if any changes found). After Sync done, the whole encrypted file is uploaded to Dropbox. So in this way your data is not vulnerable at any point of time.


I see, it's similar to using a tool like TrueCrypt to encrypt the data and them upload the whole chunk.

Posted via CB10

James Richardson

Hit up @hemant1210 on Twitter for all your answers.

Posted via CB10


I downloaded the free Mac Desktop Version and paid for the BB10 App.

Very impressed with the Dropbox syncing. Everything works great and the user interface is clean and uncluttered. Love that's it's a native BB10 App as well.

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

I'm liking the autofill feature.
I'd like the option that when I chose to save a password in the browser, it opens my password keeper of choice - Enpass.

This a great app and showcases the power of BB10.


All my passwords are stored here. Very user friendly interface.

Posted via CB10


I might use this if there was a linux app. At the moment I use Keepass for that reason, however the Keepass blackberry apps are pretty abysmal.


Yeah. I'm a Keepass user on my Windows and Linux boxes... wish the BlackBerry apps for Keepass were taken up a notch.

Posted via CB10


So James, do you prefer this to Password Keeper? I currently use password keeper but I'm open to trying this


Great app james, ive been using it since your first review and its great :-)


I've been using Lastpass for over a year. Awesome application, only downside is no native bb10 application which is why I'm not using it on my z10.

I love the browser plugins and auto login and auto fill features...also use two factor authentication.

Anyone concerned though that Enpass site seems to be hosted in India?

Posted via CB10


Enpass hq is in India...compared to Lastpass who is headquartered in the US.

Lastpass usage seems to be more widespread and highly praised and endorsed by many.

Posted via CB10


I use last pass, their bookmarklets for for filling and logins work beautifully on the bb10 browser. They also do provide their ported android app in BlackBerry World now.

The app is useful for looking up and editing data but not for browsing. That's not just on BB10 though, it's the same experience on ios.

Posted via CB10


Does the browser autofill feature work as good as Lastpass? Anyone tried it? Yes like others I've been using Password Keeper but am very curious about Enpass and willing to give it a go!

Go Black and Never Go Back.


Good app. The Wifi to PC backup is what I wanted. Nice and secure. No info on a third party server somewhere.

CB10 via Verizon Z10.


It's my password app of choice. Great native app, and also good that it's available on (almost) every platform. Just in case I should decide to jump ship :P
I even published it in our company app store via BES10.
The only feature I'd like to see added is Box Sync. Not really a Dropbox fan....


Does Enpass autofill Username and Password in the Native BB10 Browser and on my Windows PC? Dow I have to open Enpass first and then go browsing? This is the bit I have not found information so far.

Thanks for your help


On your BB10 device: you have to open Enpass first, then go into a saved username/password. (you need to add a URL next to the username and password, obviously). When you tap the URL, the website will open and your credentials will be automatically filled in. One remark though: by default, Enpass opens links in the default BB10 browser, and autofill doesn't work in that scenario. You have to change this to "Enpass browser" in the Enpass settings if you want autofill to work.

I don't know about the Windows version, I don't really use that.

PS: About my first post: Box sync has been added in the meantime!


Thanks, I'll give them a try.


The perfect became after the update perfect +
This was the only thing missing.
Thank you very much

 From My Sexy Q10...


How much is the pro version?

Posted via CB10


This app is awesome! Great update!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!


Does the autotype work in app only or can also be invoked from other apps?

Posted via CB10


Did you get an answer to that question or did you found out something?


this seem an amazing apps, must be tryed, thank you


Anyway to sync RoboForm content to Enpass? I need to use Roboform on my laptop but they have yet to release a client for the Z10. They had a simple client for the old BBOS, it synced the content and let you look it up. It was sufficient but not great.


I downloaded this app last week and moved everything over. Works like a charm so far. Did the update yesterday but haven't tried any of the auto fill so far. Good review.

Posted via CB10


The open source and free Keepass is another one to consider, with Dropbox sync.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Ahhh, remember the OG BlackBerry Protect? It had some sweet features that are missing with BlackBerry 10. I wish they would bring back that 'cloud' service and incorporate Password Keeper with it.

Posted via CB10


I use KeepassX on my laptop and Keepass for BlackBerry on my Q10.

Why would I want anything else?

Posted via CB10


Good stuff!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


If I upgrade on BlackBerry 10 do I have to pay again to upgrade on my iPad etc?

Posted from my bangin Q10


I can't find any information on the differences between the paid and free versions in the developer's website or in BlackBerry World.

What am I missing?


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