Enpass for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with fixes and a selection of new languages

By James Richardson on 21 Jul 2014 05:46 am EDT

We've featured Enpass before here on CrackBerry as it's my password keeper or choice. Why I use this app comes down to three reasons. First up is its ability to sync with Dropbox, Box and OneDrive - meaning you're never going to lose your passwords. Secondly is the fact that there is a desktop version too so you don't have to use your BlackBerry to find or enter passwords. Last but not least - I just love the whole user experience and UI. It looks good and feels safe.

The app has this week received an update bringing the following changes:

  • Sync error with Box fixed

  • UI fixes for 10.3

  • New languages - Hebrew,Czech, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese

Enpass is free to download and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

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Reader comments

Enpass for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with fixes and a selection of new languages


Agree. Excellent app.. used it for months now with no issues. UI is great.. cross platform is also very handy, especially on Mavericks osx.

How does this compare to LastPass for cross platform and device use such as on tablets, computers and non-blackberry smartphones?

Posted via CB10

Best cross platform password keeper I've used...desktop versions for Windows and OSX as well as mobile apps for all the ecosystems and broad selection of cloud back-up destination all for only $5 one time purchase. It's a bargain! Great UI and innovative "custom folder" feature for organizing all your entries.

Posted via CB10

The native BB10 app is "smooth as silk" to use as compared to the various other Android password-keeper apps.

Cross-platform operation with other Android devices, your Windows PC and a single cloud database appears to work smoothly. Many cloud storage providers are supported on various platforms, but note that Dropbox is the only presently-supported cloud storage provider that works across all of the platforms that enPass provides clients for. They claim that Box support for Android is coming soon.

Manual synchronization of a single database between devices via WiFi is a clunky operation, but is possible.

Both the native BB10 app and the Windows application are easy to use but yet highly configurable in terms of adding fields and categories. The "10 record limit" on the free version is a great way to see if enPass meets your needs. If it does, then their asking price for paid version with unlimited records is well worth it.

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Use it all the time. Great as it works for both my BlackBerry and the wife's Droid.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

I think this app is worth going pro and paying for, considering the desktop version is free and all can be synced together. Nice. Plus they always improve and update on BB10. If you are looking for a free app, there are alternatives.

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Software engineers need to make a living too you know. No need to be cheapskate.

At least they let you try it for free. If it works for you buy it for the cost of a fancy coffee.

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Yeow! I'm not saying the app is not worth it. I'm saying don't promote it as free when it's really not. Whew!

Am a fan of using BlackBerry Password Keeper and exporting that file to a cloud service for backup and the memory card as well.
No need for a cross platform password manager, but Enpass seems like a good solution for those that need that.

Frosty white Q10/

I do the same, although this has me thinking I only have 1 BB10 device...... What if my device dies? I will be scrambling to find another BB10...... hmmmm.....

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Back it up encrypted to your SD card and copy it to your computer or cloud services

Posted from my awesome HUB enabled  Z10

If your BlackBerry 10 device dies and that's all you have you have no further need for passwords...other than bank cards

I'm loving it. I was a long time user of Ascendo Datavault and decided to give Enpass a try. It's native. The sync from desktop to Z10 is seamless. And its just a really smooth, powerful but simple app. Also love the up-to-date choices of icons.

I prefer Keepass: free, open source, apps for all platforms, desktop client with great browser integration and sync via WLAN between multiple desktop clients and mobile app. It's just great.

Not sure if I wanted to store my passwords in the cloud, encrypted or not.

Takes one bug in the software and all your passwords are compromised. Heartbleed anyone?

Put all you digital eggs in one baskets?

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