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Keep your passwords safe with Enpass for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 19 Sep 2013 05:41 am EDT

Enpass is a native BlackBerry 10 application that is purely designed to store your passwords and important information. The reason I like this one over some of the others we have looked at is down to two reasons. The first being that is is native - rather than an Android port. And secondly, that it allows for two cloud syncing options. 

I realize that for many people, cloud storage is somewhat frowned upon and this clearly comes down to trust. As well as Enpass having a backup and restore feature using the web, you can also sync your passwords with Dropbox which sounds pretty darn sweet if you ask me. Of course, you don't have to sync at all, but just bear in mind that if you were change to a new BlackBerry you would lose your saved information.

Once you launch the application you will need to create a password to enable you to access the app each time. Within the settings you can alter the auto-lock time - just in case you leave your BlackBerry unattended. 

Creating a new entry is simple - just tap the + tab at the base of the display. You'll then be prompted to select from a category. These range from credit cards to travel. Within each are sub categories, so for example if you were going to enter a computer password you would then have the choice of choosing from a further eight options. Once you fill in the boxes and press save the entry will be created. Up at the top of the display there is a star icon. Tap this if you want to add it to your favorites. 

Jumping into the main menu you'll have shortcuts to not only the different categories, but also your favorites, folders and all items. The user interface is typical BlackBerry 10 - which means for easy and friendly navigation. 

Enpass is cross platform so if you do use another phone as well as your BlackBerry you'll be able to access all your saved passwords there too. There is a desktop version of the app coming real soon for both PC and Mac and this will certainly make the whole Enpass experience much better. 

Enpass is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices but the features are limited. You can pick up the Pro edition from within the app. This cost me £3.50 which isn't cheap, but I'm seriously considering using the service long term so it will actually be pretty good value for money. 

As I said, this won't be for everyone, but if you are happy to store your information in the cloud then Enpass is a great choice. 

More information/Download Enpass for BlackBerry 10


Craig Perkel

Check out lastpass.com also. Best password keeper I've come across. Apps for IE, Chrome, etc and iOS, Android and BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Lastpass is a slow Android port with horrible Gingerbread UI. Enpass is way way modern and clean and works in so many OS with 256-bit encryption. Im sold the moment I launched it and also checkout their sweet Windows Phone OS. saying goodbye to the crappy 1password android port!

Posted via CB10


Lastpass has password sync with most browsers and platforms, and has arguably better security (2 factor login) and encryption compared to this unknown application. Lastpass may be an Android port, but it truly is a different league of password service (overkill for some, perfect for many).

That being said, any application or service that encourages people to use strong unique passwords is great, especially given the amount of security breaches every day!


Best password app is BlackBerry Password keeper.

As soon as you transmit stuff over the net. There is a big risk!

No thank you

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.


Yes! Password keeper is great - it's all I use.

Ruslan Botsyurko

Well I've been using the Password Keeper for years, but I've always missed the cloud sync function, so Iˇm buying Enpass right now and might move my passwords there. I'm more afraid of losing my passwords than that someone will actually crack through the 256bit encryption of the app and steal my passwords.


Got it 2days back must say it's really good for a free app like the UI aswell!

Posted via CB10


What about the Password Keeper by RIM?

Posted via CB10


As far as I'm aware, password keeper doesn't sync. So manual backup is required which is a shame as I use it all the time. Hopefully they will address this as would be great if it synced with bbid

Posted from my Z10 with CB10


This woukd be an awesome feature. Hope blackberry are listening and put it in a future update to the os or the app itself.

Posted via Z10


Didn't know, thank you for your reply.

Posted via CB10


With all these amazing hackers these days like the ones who breach playstation, visa, Mastercard and all the other "secure websites" I choose not to sync with anything on the Web, just to risky for me. I'll stick with the good old fashioned password keeper

Sent from the Amazing Z10


I wish it had a Backup to sd Card option...


Another question is "can you port your passwords from Password Keeper to this one? "
Or do you have to manually retype them all?

Swiped on my Z10


You're probably going to have to retype them all. I don't think this application would have access to Password Keeper's files, and they'd be encrypted anyway.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on


Yes you can port over...please see here. crackberry.com/export-your-secret-information-blackberry-password-keeper -enpass-version-400


Yes I think I will stick to the good old BlackBerry Security with password keeper

Sent from the Amazing Z10


I first bought Vault last Thursday & quickly realized what a completely lousy sluggish POS it was. This app was released Friday & I quickly downloaded it when I realized it was made by the same Devs who brought us 'FastTube'. I was sold on it in a matter of minutes. I bought the full app in under ten minutes & migrated all my saved passwords over. Eff the rest, I'm sticking with this one! :D

Posted via CB10


£3.50 is steep and being native brings nothing to the table since BlackBerry doesn't let apps fill in browser forms.


Password keeper is all you need. Trust it

Posted via CB10


not if you need to install leaked OS every 2 weeks with clean install.

Posted via CB10


+1 i like to Start from Scratch and there is no Backup to sd option


I'm sticking with password keeper too!

Posted via CB10


Same. Password keeper is the only app I've used for years. Love the new feature where it can generate passwords for you.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Luis Torres2

Check out keepassb, this sync with Keepass desktop software and drop box
Easy to maintenance your passwords with the desktop version and sync with your BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10


+1 on this one.

Keepass is awesome, Desktop client allows for creation of long secure passwords, supports a number of plugins and encryption schemes, allows to navigate to the login section of websites if you provided it from within the app. Native BB10 app allows syncing with the desktop database from the cloud...best one ever and it's absolutely free.

+ Dark theme :)

This should be reviewed....

Pete The Penguin

I like Keepass, didn't know they had a Native BB10 app.


Keepassb is an Android port. Not for me.

Posted via CB10


Look up Keepass in blackberry world... keepassb is a paid app and a port but they have a free native app with cloud support.


There is a native Built for Blackberry KeePassB now.

John de Gelder

Is this anybetter then Password Keeper? Of so, how?

Posted via CB10


I really want dashlane on BB10

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

Enpass looks good, Password Keeper needs some of these options.
Really wish you could buy the "Pro" version direct from BlackBerry World rather than in-app. Especially for a security app.


Password keeper for me all the way

Posted via CB10


Oh Blackberry Blackberry.. I remember these great days when BB Protect was the perfect (and free) solution to keep my passwords and all my PIM data safe with a secure cloud environment.
These days when I was able to switch devices and transfer my precious data without using a desktop computer, 100% OTA.
Now we need to trust in third party (and paid) solutions, because we, loyal BB10 users, do not deserve anything else better.


I use Ascendo's DataVault. Unfortunately it's an Android port and sorta laggy, but it's enough to access to access my info. The PC interface is key for me too. The tree structure on both the PC and device is so clean easy to find things.


I also use Ascendo's Datavault, since I start with BB devices (7 years or so). It is an excelent option, altough for BB10 is an android port. The PC interface is very good and syncs perfectly over WiFi. I use to backup on Box. Totally recomended.


I thought maybe I was "old fashioned" by only using/trusting password keeper. Nice to see that I'm not alone in that :)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

R Field

Why the hell would I use this and pay money when password keeper is free, native and built by BlackBerry?


Lastpass for me. Password Keeper is great if you never use passwords on PC or other device and will use a BlackBerry for the rest of your life.

Posted via CB10


RIM's Password keeper for the peace of mind.

Posted via CB10


I was using Lastpass but as soon as i discovered Enpass on BB World, i say good bye to LP & that was the last time i had used LP. LP was very slow in comparison to Enpass as it is a android port. While Enpass is native and fast as described.

RIM password only stores passwords but Enpass is storing much more than passwords. It also prove cloud support.
Love this app and hats off to the developers.....Keep going we are with you.